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Presentation given at PubCon Internet Marketing Conference in November 2010. You can use analytics within a mobile app to track goals and conversions as in a normal website. With additional effort, you can also get keyword referrals from the Android Market to track which keywords are most valuable.

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  • Hi. I’m Nathan Mellor. I’m an Android Developer
  • We want to use analytics in apps for some of the same reasons that we want to use analytics on our website.
  • [twitter]Options for Mobile Analytics #pubcon[/twitter]
  • [tweet]Android Analytics SDK has a memory leak if used as directed #pubcon[/tweet]
  • [tweet]You can track your Android or iPhone App through Analytics much as you would a site #pubcon [/tweet]
  • [tweet]You define your own page views when using Mobile Analytics in apps #pubcon[/tweet]
  • [tweet]Android app search can be tracked as an Analytics event much like a site search #pubcon[/tweet]
  • [tweet]Tag direct referrals to Android Market to be tracked #pubcon[/tweet]
  • Referral tracking on my first attempt was rather boring.
    Here we can see referrals from a website directly to an Android app.
    But you are missing probably your biggest source of organic traffic
    How many would rather see what keywords people are using to find your app?
    [tweet]Do you want to know keywords from the Android Market? #pubcon[/tweet]
  • I also was very curious about the keywords used in App Discovery.
    [tweet]I *do* know my keywords from the Android Market [/tweet]
  • Mobile App Analytics and Keywords

    1. 1. Analytics in a Mobile App Presented by: Nathan Mellor CritterMap Software
    2. 2. Why do Analytics in Apps? • Track conversion goals for various business models – Paid Apps, Ads, Subscriptions, Affiliate programs, Traffic to website(s). • Check usability and user Acceptance of App • Track discovery of app and who uses it • Get ideas for more content, features, and other apps.
    3. 3. Mobile Analytics Options • Website For High End Devices – High End device like Android, Iphone, Palm Pre – Can be tracked as a normal website with Google Analytics • Website for Low End devices – No javascript – Needs Server side code. • Interaction with a native IPhone or Android Application – Can be tracked as if the app were a website – Requires the Google Analytics SDK for that platform
    4. 4. Strengths and limitations • Tracks Page Views (custom pages) • Tracks tagged referrals (through Android Market only) • Tracks Events and event data • Can track Map Overlay, languages, and networks. • Doesn’t allow custom user attributes – This *would* be really useful • Referrals from your own website often untracked • No search keywords from Android Market ( without additional work)
    5. 5. Implementation Android SDK     tracker = GoogleAnalyticsTracker.getInstance();     // Start the tracker in manual dispatch mode...     tracker.start("UA-YOUR-ACCOUNT- HERE", this);         tracker.trackEvent(             "Clicks",  // Category             "Button",  // Action             "clicked", // Label             77);       // Value         tracker.trackPageView("/testApplicationH omeScreen"); • Include library and a few select lines of code • Note: SDK has bad memory leak. – Replace “this” with getApplication() • Make up your own page views • Make up your own Events
    6. 6. Analytics Profile Mobile App as a site
    7. 7. Android App Page Views • Page Views are chosen in code – Could be screens of your app • In this example, pages are different map types chosen by users. • /preview/mytopo is viewing a map online • /offline/mytopo is viewing a map saved on storage card.
    8. 8. Android App Events • Event category, label, and action are chosen in code just as in javascript • Important: urlencode event labels • In this example, Place Name Search is recorded as an event • Top searched locations are here.
    9. 9. Android App Discovery Tagging Android Market Links • Tagged Urls are encouraged • • This url will take you directly to Android Market Listing – Tags will pass through • But *ONLY* if you click it on an Android device • Same url will give you an “Oops! This link appears to be broken.” if used on your PC. • These can be encoded in a barcode.
    10. 10. Paid campaign Option #1 Ad campaign links to Market Listing • Referral information will track if urls tagged. • Limited sales copy – 325 characters in listing • Users can take immediate action
    11. 11. Paid Campaign Option #1 Adwords Ad new features • Adwords on Android can change referral link to ‘Download Android App’ • Potential to stand out from other ads • User can take immediate action • But Adwords Approval team seems unaware of this feature
    12. 12. Paid Campaign Option #2 Adwords Ad to Landing page to Market Listing • Referral information needs to be passed on to Android Market (cross domain) • More sales copy – but needs to be mobile optimized. Try it Now!Try it Now! Use your Android GPS for outdoor navigation! Use free topo maps! Try it yourself for 16 days!
    13. 13. Android App Referral Tracking • Numbers indicate that many/most visitors to the website will just search the market rather than follow a link • Referer is constant once app is installed. • Direct Request dominates • These are referrals from the Android market. • Search terms not available  without workaround
    14. 14. Android App Referral Tracking With proprietary keyword solution • Androidmarket/device is a campaign source/medium • Keywords from Market Search (2.2 and above) • Some keywords indicate previous exposure to brand • Most developers do not have this information. • Learn more at
    15. 15. Android Market Keywords Benefits • Combine keywords with conversion data. • Choose which words are most valuable for your huge 325 character app description • Use the keywords in content creation for your site • With a keyword solution, you can judge the relative value of keywords from the Android Market and market accordingly
    16. 16. Android App analytics Conclusions • With standard installation, Android App Analytics is sufficient for conversion tracking and usability • You can also track referrals from a webpage or paid campaign. • With a keyword solution, you can judge the relative value of keywords from the Android Market and market accordingly
    17. 17. To Learn More. . . • Join my newsletter at • Contact me at @Nathan_Mellor