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Android Business Essentials

  1. 1. Nathan Mellor CritterMap Software LLCSignup for links at
  2. 2. Agenda Motivations:  About you  About me Mindset for success Seven steps to make more money
  3. 3. “I heard about some high school kid thatwrote an app in a weekend and is now amillionaire”
  4. 4. Is this you?(licensed from
  5. 5. About me - 2009 Worked for a major printer manufacturer for 12 years Feb 2009: “routine” meeting with boss Downsizing announced New house, new mortgage. March 27: Last day at work March 28th: Third child born April 2009: “Outplacement” counseling
  6. 6. What should I do?Get a new “real” jobDo contractingConsultingMy true passion:“Become a successful online business owner”.
  7. 7. Nathan in 2010 Reeducation through the Trade ACT  Enrolled in University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing program Developing an app on a new operating system called Android  First launched to the market June 2010.  Started at about 5 sales a day; I was aiming for ~56. Paid zero taxes AND got a refund.
  8. 8. Nathan in 2011 Saw app rise to the top of the “Travel and Local” category paid apps in January. (Took a screenshot) App featured in Android Market in July 2011 In December, survived a competitive threat from a publicly traded company that wanted me out of business Paid taxes
  9. 9. Nathan in 2012 Still just one app – but it is a fulltime endeavor Making some revenue through in app purchases Still haven’t taken a “real” job.
  10. 10. No, it’s not just visualizing yourself surrounded by money.
  11. 11. Which person do you want to be?
  12. 12. What is he worried about? •Ideas •Research •Development •Quality •Publishing •Tech Support •Marketing •Improvements •Content creation •Business Deals
  13. 13. Your Biggest Obstacle to Success. True or False? Since your time is free, you can save a lot of money/overhead by doing most everything yourself.
  14. 14. Your Biggest Obstacle to Success. Myth: Since your time is free, you can save a lot of money/overhead by doing most everything yourself.Fact: Your time is probably your biggest expense, therefore, anything you *do not* do yourself will likely save you money.
  15. 15. What is your time truly worth? What if you have a day job? My house What if you don’t have any income? In December 2010, I got a call Easy commute from several recruiters The job was not in San Francisco. The job was not in Portland Nice Android It was three miles away. Job I wasn’t available. . . Columbia River
  16. 16. So... do you need an office buildingand some venture capital?
  17. 17. What if you’re just a guy in acorner office with a view?
  18. 18. CollegeIs this spam? Educated, English Speaking, Industrious people are *anxious* to work for you for $2.50 an hour. Meh?
  19. 19. Hiring People For the small businessman, usually means outsourcing Is it easier to:  Get a contract from a spec and get competitive bids? (ie elance,Odesk,etc)  Hire a part time freelancer? (ie Odesk,etc)  OR  Hire someone fulltime? What would you have them do?
  20. 20. What could you hire someone todo? Eugie  Rogelone  Tech support  Graphics specialist  Help Guides  Icons Jaimie, Hashir  Experienced Android  Layouts Developers  Video production Daniel  Zoraya  Intern  Content writer  Tools and server programming  Article Marketer Jennifer Joyce  Beginning Android Developer  Armae TBH  Linkbuilder  QA  Enrico  GIS Specialist
  21. 21. Let’s start with a graphics person You want to look for vector graphics Everyone in the Philippines takes Photoshop in college; look for Illustrator, others Other skills: video production, 3D, css They can learn  Android icon standards  Patch 9 files  Prototype layouts Have them send you an email report each day Pay them via Paypal mass pay
  22. 22. About $325/month Adobe Illustrator Video Animations
  23. 23. Project Management: BaseCamp
  24. 24. Starts with an audienceWho are the potential customers?What are they looking for?
  25. 25. What do they buy now?Ex: Garmin’s outdoor/fitness division had sales of$400 million last year
  26. 26. Marketing funnel for Android Apps Android Activations 500,000 per dayAUDIENCE Potentially interested in outdoor (1%?) 5000(target market) navigation on a phonePROSPECT Know about your app (from ??? Market Listing Market listing/website) ~600 websiteLEAD Have tried your free app 800CUSTOMER Have paid for something (paid 100 app, in app purchase)EVANGELIST Will recommend your app, rate, 5 and shareLOYALIST Will buy more stuff from you 3 (other apps, in app purchase)
  27. 27. What about assessingcompetition? Should you search the Android Market? Dangers lurk . . .
  28. 28. Crushing your dreams . . .  What should Dilbert do?
  29. 29. My Perspective In November 2009, apps had 255 char descriptions and search was very primitive. From my narrow perspective,  Windows Mobile was on its way out; iPhone was big, Android was a rising star  iPhone had five or so apps that did what I wanted to do  Android had zero (or so I thought) Static analysis is insufficient  By the time of release, there were three, including one publicly traded company (or so I thought)  Now? Maybe 500. Some are free. Some are Open Source
  30. 30. What to do? Make up your mind that you *will* ship a product. Look for positive examples in your target market.
  31. 31. The Top Grossing Apps  Look in the top 200  Emulate success!  See what is similar or parallels
  32. 32. You will probably do this.It is cost effective.
  33. 33. The Funnel in Action Get Found in Get Found in a search a list Click Install through Buy! App to details
  34. 34. Lists Featured Top Paid Top Free Top Grossing Trending Categories  Featured  Top Paid  Top Free  Top Grossing  Trending
  35. 35. Sources of Downloads- Sept-Oct Downloads5000450040003500300025002000 15001000 500 0 Downloads
  36. 36. Do you want to be at the top?Factors (search, list) Total number of downloads/sales Recent number of downloads/sales Active Install Percentage Number of ratings Average rating Number of comments Keywords in Title Keywords in description –front loaded.
  37. 37. Search ResultWhat will get them to click through?•App Icon•Star Rating•Title (branded vs keyword)•Company name•On web: •Two sentences of description •Number of comments (1028) •Category
  38. 38. Getting an install: what do they seeWeb Market Phone Market Promotional Image  Screen Shots Screen shots  One paragraph of description Youtube Video (promotional)  What’s new One paragraph of description  Rating breakdown Rating breakdown  3 reviews 3 reviews
  39. 39. Android Market Image (inside tips) Aesthetic guidelines  1024x500px  No white backgrounds  No basic advertisements  No obvious screen shots of the App in use  Must be eye catching; vivid yet understated  Text Requirements: Branding, App Name, Tagline (optional) – if the promotion is around a specific holiday or event, that can be reflected in the imagery as well
  40. 40. Comment myths and facts: true orfalse? A free app will naturally get better ratings and reviews, because user expectations are lower. A good app can reasonably avoid getting negative comments. If you make fixes and improvements, users will come back to update their rating. Users can easily see past three recent comments from people who obviously have an attitude problem. Anyone who finds fault with your app must have unrealistic expectations or a defective world view. You can get good comments by getting the “right” people to comment.
  41. 41. Comment myths and facts: true orfalse? A free app will naturally get better ratings and reviews, because user expectations are lower. FALSE A good app can reasonably avoid getting negative comments. FALSE If you make fixes and improvements, users will come back to update their rating. FALSE Users can easily see past three recent comments from people who obviously have an attitude problem. FALSE Anyone who finds fault with your app must have unrealistic expectations or a defective world view. TRUE. You can get good comments by getting the “right” people to comment. TRUE
  42. 42. How perspective changes:remember the target market Maps slow, ugly, and out  Better than a $400 piece of date of hardware! Other apps better and  Best maps for the free outdoors Eats battery  Saved my friend’s life!
  43. 43. What about alternative App Stores I get an email every day about a new one. Mostly a waste of time. Amazon gets about 2% of my sales on Android Market. Most are much less than that.
  44. 44. How can you engage the rightpeople? Have a weekly email newsletter. Subscribe users of your app Can use autoresponders MailChimp example
  45. 45. What can you cover in a weeklynewsletter? New features you just put out Response to comments in the Market News and topics of interest for your target customer Ask users to take action:  Leave a comment in the Market  Respond to an important survey  See and comment on your YouTube Video  Like your fan page on Facebook  Etc. It also serves as a reminder to buy.
  46. 46. Mailchimp Newsletter Report
  47. 47. Other ways to interact Social Media  Facebook  Twitter In app messages  AppsFire, others
  48. 48. How does a helpdesk make youmoney?Without With 5000 support requests a year  5000 support requests a year. 10 minutes average to handle  1 min to handle each one each one.  Hire someone to handle at About 20 full time weeks. least half of them Once you have 2.5 apps, you  About 1 full time week won’t be doing anything but answering email
  49. 49. Zendesk
  50. 50. What can you do with a helpdesk? The most common question: “I got a new phone / rebuilt my old one. How do I get my app back?” Can you:  Have a page about a common task – with pictures  Send the ten most common answers in the autoresponse  Have macros that answer those common questions and insert links to those pages.
  51. 51. Simplified
  52. 52. Web page marketing
  53. 53. Keyword Research A keyword is generally a multi word phrase You want keywords that:  Are RELEVANT to your product  Have lots of TRAFFIC  Are ATTAINABLE.
  54. 54. Example: Traffic
  55. 55. Attainable: The Top Ten Do any spammers contact you and tell you they can get you into the *second* page of Google?
  56. 56. An Optimized Page .. Mentions the phrase (ie Android Topo Maps)  In the url  In the <title> tag  In the <meta Description> tag  In an <h1> tag  In the first sentence  In the first sentence of the last paragraph  2-3 times in between the first and last parag Has about 250-750 words (ave 500). That’s all!
  57. 57. Getting links The most creative part of  How can you get them? internet marketing  Article Marketing The best links:  Social Media  Have keywords in the  Guest blogging link (anchor text)  Get app reviews  Are from “important”  Press Release websites  Directories  Are from relevant  Look for what links your websites competitor has  Have traffic
  58. 58. Check Results (Google webmastertools)
  59. 59. Rinse and Repeat Establish a blog with wordpress Add a post every day Get some links At the end of a year, you will have 200+ keywords in the first page of Google.
  60. 60. YouTube
  61. 61. How can you make videos?  IPEVO 2  Webcam on a stick  Made for imaging documents.
  62. 62. How else can you make videos?  Screencastomatic  Emulator Screencast  Stock photos  Slide shows.  Parody of Hitler movie – new subtitles  3D After Effects rendering  Cartoon from xtranormal
  63. 63. How to optimize them URL
  64. 64. Get views and traffic YouTube is a social network. Get your newsletter subscribers to watch and comment Find friends Find subscribers Consider tools like TubeToolbox.
  65. 65. Benefits include: Blended search Embedding in other websites.
  66. 66. Tube ToolBox •Find similar videos and interested users by keyword •Collect them into lists •Send them a video you made •Invite them to comment or friend.
  67. 67. What and how often? Videos can:  How often?  Be instructional for your  Once a week would not product. be overkill.  Discuss concepts related to your product  Be fun They should always:  Target keywords
  68. 68. Action items for you . . . Hire someone. Figure out your marketing funnel Optimize for keyword search in Android Market Start an email newsletter Encourage the right people to comment and buy Start a HelpDesk Write and link up one web page a day Create and promote a video every week Use some helpful tools To get links, go to: