Level 5 placement session 4


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Level 5 placement session 4

  1. 1. Level 5 Placement Session 4 Nathan Loynes Dorothy Haigh
  2. 2. d.haigh@leedstrinity.ac.uk• Dorothy has offered to provide you with formative feedback regarding both of the assignments.• The best way to do this is to email her and specific questions or any draft work that you would like comment upon.• If a lot of you email Dorothy ‘drafts’ the day before the deadline she will be unable to comment….
  3. 3. Final words: Pre Placement Portfolio (30%)• Friday 14th December 4pm• Paper Copy submission (Not Electronic!)1. 2 CV’s: An older one, and an Improved one. With changes clearly marked.2. A Completed SWOT3. The reflective account
  4. 4. Assignment 2: Placement Report (70%)• Friday 4th March 2013 4pm• Paper Copy submission (not electronic!)
  5. 5. 1. Introduction (5%)• In this paragraph you should describe the nature of the organisation and its aims and objectives.• Key Data (OFSTED Report, Annual Report, Mission Statement, location, links with other agencies).
  6. 6. 2. Implementation of Policy (10%)Describe one policy of the organisation. For example:• Customer care• Health and safety• Human resources strategy• Equality and diversity• Welfare and Safeguarding• Marketing strategy.• Comment critically and analytically on how you have seen this policy put into practice within the workplace. If you have identified any “problems” with the implementation of the policy, can you suggest how this situation might be remedied?
  7. 7. 3. Placement Performance Review Report (20%)• analytical critical evaluation of the performance review undertaken towards the end of your placement.• Make sure that you discuss with your employer / mentor the need for them to conduct a performance review with you and show them the paperwork you are expected to complete. (There is a proforma on page 7 of placement handbook: see next 3 slides)
  8. 8. Warning: The Review documentation• The completed paperwork that is generated in your Placement Performance Review is not submitted with your assignment!• However, like the SWOT in assignment 1, it does provide a good writing plan to enable you to complete the Placement Performance Review Report(20%)
  9. 9. 3. Placement Performance ReviewReport (20%) is largely based upon this: (It is not submitted!)
  10. 10. 3. Professional Development Plan• As a result of your review meeting, complete a list of actions, which you and your reviewer agree will help your professional development.
  11. 11. 4. The Career Structure (10%)• Select one job/role within the organisation. Indicate where the role fits into a career structure.• Referring to the staffing structure in the organisation where possible• Outline the job descriptions,• Career ladder• Salaries• Competencies required for recent graduates to secure a position and to progress their career and comment on the action required to achieve goals in this area
  12. 12. 5. The Project (25%)• Write an analytical, critical account of approximately 1000 words on one or more identified tasks that you have undertaken and for which you have had responsibility. Outline the contribution the task has made to the organisation. The task may be one that has taken up the majority of your time on placement, e.g. planning a campaign or undertaking a survey, or it may be a discrete project/assignment which has been completed in a day, e.g. organising an event or meeting.
  13. 13. Summary:• Assignment 1: 14 December to the Office• Volunteering Students to contact Nathan regarding submission date of Assignment 2 (If necessary)• Assignment 2: 01 March to the Office.• Assignment 2 has five parts of differing word counts.