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Virginia Tech E-Club: John Geikler on Intellectual Property
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Virginia Tech E-Club: John Geikler on Intellectual Property


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  • IP management–some generic background re IP, indicate broader applications but focus on licensing of VT technology
  • Returned to my alma mater after 29 years – in between: Westinghouse – International licensing & tech transfer – defense, nuclear & industrial systems Imaging & Sensing (W spin-off) – licensing, strategic & new product development & M&A Strategic Alternatives (start-up) - Tech transfer & other consulting for semiconductor consortium funding $60 M/yr university research VNI -Germany & UK as Manager for HPC software firm RTI – commercialization & tech scouting for NASA, intel community, university & corporate clients
  • From weaker to stronger
  • Example: recipe for Coca Cola Good to protect what can’t be reverse engineered
  • Example: Coca Cola scripted name Often linked with branding
  • Example: Coca Cola Polar Bear ad
  • Types Utility – Example: Coca Cola Bottle Sorter Design – Example: Coca Cola Bottle Design Cost of a patent over its life is ~ $30-$50k per country Strong but not long – protect what can be reverse engineered
  • Questions: How do you decide when to patent vs. keep as trade secret? Why protect Coke recipe with a trade secret? Why trademarks and design patents on Coca Cola bottle?
  • Societal benefit may sound corny but is a key cornerstone to commercialization decisions – e.g. releasing software as open source IP rights can provide the incentive to commercialize that allows a product/service to come to market without protection, good ideas may languish and never get commercialized Bayh-Dole – universities can own the IP from Federal research
  • Based on research revenue, VTIP has comparable licensing revenue Based on # disclosures, VTIP has ½ the staff & ¼ patent budget of other universities VTIP licensing professionals have significant experience
  • Patentability/Protectability(Can We?) – Most university licensing is strongly tied to patents – not so much other IP also software copyright, but much weaker Commercial potential (Should We?) Answering these questions is key to VTIP decision on moving forward with a technology VTIP is intended to generate revenue greater than its costs
  • Quick summary of VTIP’s other responsibilities - along with managing IP protection, VTIP conducts market research including discussions with experts in the target “value chain” develops and implements marketing campaigns facilitate interested companies’ discussions with the inventor & evaluation of the technology negotiates license agreements manages the distribution of royalty income. Realistically: From time we receive invention disclosure until product sales that generate royalties between 5-10 years, if ever. Most university tech transfer has a single technology that generates over 50% of their revenue
  • Many other factors
  • Many other factors
  • Many ways to put value on a technology 25% of operating margin is relatively well established fair value for inventor Comparables deals are very strong A few principles help guide negotiations
  • Transcript

    • 1. IP 101 and Technology Licensing VT E-Club October 11, 2010 Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.
    • 2. Overview
      • Background
      • IP types
      • VTIP Licensing Process
      • Example Technologies
      IP 101/Technology Licensing
    • 3. Geikler Background
      • 30 years experience
        • Westinghouse, NASA, intelligence community, industry, universities, research consortia
      • Joined VTIP in 2008
        • Manage portfolio of 200+ physical sciences technologies
      • IP management
        • Technology in- & out-licensing, product management, research roadmaps, scouting, mergers & acquisitions
      IP Management
    • 4. IP Types
      • Trade Secrets
      • Trademarks
      • Copyrights
      • Patents
      IP Management
    • 5. Trade Secrets
      • Formula, pattern, process, method or know-how that provides competitive advantage
      • Term: perpetual, as long as kept secret
      • No public disclosure
        • Can disclose under confidentiality
      • Cost: no registration but cost to maintain secret
      IP Types
    • 6. Trademarks
      • Non-functional word, logo, symbol or design that distinguishes a product
      • Protection from copying or confusingly similar
      • Term: perpetual if worked, policed, & defended
      • Registration (by jurisdiction) recommended
      • Quality implications
      • Cost: Inexpensive to register – but multiple countries and maintain, work & defend
      IP Types
    • 7. Copyrights
      • Protects works of authorship from copying
        • Expression, not idea
      • Arises at creation in a tangible medium
        • Registration recommended
      • Term: ~ author's lifespan plus 70 years
      • Need not fully divulge – e.g. software
      IP Types
    • 8. Patents
      • Protects idea by excluding others from making, using, selling
      • 20 Years from filing (14 for design)
      • Must provide enabling description
      • First to invent vs. file
      • Expensive to register & maintain
      IP Types
    • 9. Comparisons of IP Types
      • What is protected
      • Strength of protection
      • Term
      • Territory
      • Registration
      • Maintenance
      • Other costs
      • Enabling competition
      IP Types
    • 10. VTIP Mission
      • Technologies become products that benefit society
      • Additional benefits
        • Sponsored research
        • Faculty start-ups
        • Complementary researchers
      • VT and inventors reap financial benefits
          • Inventors - 50%
          • Department - 10%
    • 11. VTIP FY10
      • $ 3.3 M Licensing Income
      • 44 Licenses/Options
      • 148 Invention Disclosures
      • Patents
        • 96 provisionals
        • 65 worldwide applications
        • 37 issued
      • 4 Associates
    • 12. Patentability & Commercial Potential
      • Patentability
        • Can an invention be patented?
        • How strong a patent?
      • Commercial Potential
        • Is there a market?
        • Is there a commercial partner?
      VTIP Decision Criteria
    • 13. Licensing
      • Market
      • Negotiate
      • Administer
      VTIP Commercialization Process
    • 14. Commercial Potential
      • Market size
      • Industry structure/Value chain
      • Barriers
      • Competition
      • Partner Evaluation
      Commercial Assessment
    • 15. Market Research/Marketing
      • Identify value chain
      • Interview experts
      • Develop marketing strategy
      • Making Contact
      • Evaluation
    • 16. License Valuation
      • Industry norms
        •,42,RoyaltySource® Transaction Analysis
        • Income modeling
        • 25% Rule
      • Comparables
      • Establish ranges to support negotiating strategy
      • Principles
        • Partnering - shared risk & reward
        • Recognize risks and contributions on both sides
        • Know walk-away
    • 17. Example Technologies
      • VTIP Available Technologies
      • Energy/Nano - e-ZLM
        • http://
      • Software/Medical – Ultrasound Cardiac Diagnostic
        • http://
      VTIP Portfolio
    • 18. Questions?
      • John Geikler
      • [email_address]
      • (540) 443-9228
      IP 101