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  • Most cost effectiveOne siteUpdate content onceMaintain one siteAll mobile devicesSingle URL, better for SEOSEOone set of contenteasy to updateupdateonesiteROIcost effectiveresourceseffective delivery to all devices
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Responsive Community - eduWeb 2013 Responsive Community - eduWeb 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Nathan Gerber Utah Valley University
  • Nathan Gerber  Director, Web Dev. Services, Utah Valley University 14yrs.  Web IA, CMS Consulting  Noel-Levitz Associate Consultant, Web Strategy and Interactive Marketing Services team UVU  Centralized CMS  Decentralized content  30,000 public pages  400+ web folks across campus Nathan Gerber @nathangerber
  • Leveraging the energy around RWD Focusing technology on the people Creating communications plan 1 2 3 Disclaimer: No website was made responsive during the making of this presentation
  • Resources Administration Campus CommunityTechnology Changes
  • Three Pronged Approach  Connecting  Training  Collaborating Our Tools  Engagement Sessions  CMS  Comm. Channels ◦ Website ◦ Email ◦ Blog
  • Marketing ITTHE WEB TEAM
  • University Communications Committee
  • Trainings Videos Communications Events Contacts
  •  Past community experience ◦ Drinking through fire hose ◦ Dictator  Too techie
  • Images Scripts Styles Resources Simple (does not mean boring)
  • - Trent Walton -
  • stacking vs. interdigitating - Trent Walton -
  • Flexible Templating System:  Developers create, content experts can use  Content elements become focus, not page  Paradigm shift for developers and content experts
  • ©2013 Noel-Levitz, LLC. 2013 E-Expectations Report: The Impact of Mobile Browsing on the Online Behavior of College-Bound High School Students.
  • Recommendations: Students checking e-mail on a smartphone are not going to read the same way they will on a full-size PC or laptop screen. Your e-mail messages need to adapt to this reality. • Economize your e-mail copy as much as possible so mobile users won’t have to scroll through long lines of text. • Create designs that, while attractive, maximize the screen space of smaller displays. • Move calls to action up so they display before the fold or on the first scroll of a mobile display, and repeat the request at the end. • Test all of your messages on a variety of mobile platforms before deploying.
  • Web Community
  • “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” -- Buddist Proverb --
  •  HTML basics  SEO help  Social media strategies  CSS styling  Search improvements  Content writing  Photoshop mockup templates  Email strategies
  •  What are your channels? ◦ Meetings, Website, Blog, CMS messaging  What goes out to each channel?  How often does information go out through each channel? ◦ Emails, once per month ◦ Blog posts, once every 2 weeks ◦ CMS messaging, as system needs  Who has access to each channel? ◦ To consume? To send?  Can any communications be repurposed?
  •  Your Web Community can be a vast resource  Working together is key!  Your existing tools must support your efforts  Communications plan is a must!  RWD has energy, capture it  Keep it simple, not boring
  • Q & A