Week 7 Ethics
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Week 7 Ethics



Relativism and Universalism

Relativism and Universalism



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Week 7 Ethics Week 7 Ethics Presentation Transcript

  • www.monash.edu.au MGX5020: Business ethics in a global environment Week 7: Universalism, Relativism, Postmodernism
  • www.monash.edu.au 2 Your Tutor (me) Nathan Eva – nathan.eva@monash.edu – 9903 4065 – Building N Level 5 Room 14 – www.slideshare.net/nathaneva
  • www.monash.edu.au 3 Week 6 Lecture • Aspects of leadership – Leader’s personality – Followers – Situation – Processes (and skills) – Outcomes • Amoral leadership theories • Values-based leadership theories • Ethical leadership theories – Gardner (1990) – Burns (2003) • Virtue Ethics View slide
  • www.monash.edu.au 4 Assignment 1 • Guided Reading Activities • Weeks 2-11 • Worth 20% • Need to submit at least 8 of 10 • Handed in to Cristina • Put your name, my name, your student number and class time on the front • Info on Moodle View slide
  • www.monash.edu.au 5 Assignment 2 • Group Assignment (groups of 4) • Research Paper with subheadings • Week 8 Monday September 16 4pm • 3,000 words • Worth 30% • You are required to explore the ethical and business dimensions of a chosen issue falling under one of the topics in the assignment guide.
  • www.monash.edu.au 6 Week 7 Lecture • Human Rights – UNDHR 1948 – Human Rights in Islam (1990) – Asian Values Critique • Universalism – Moral rights everywhere everybody • Relativism – Determined by culture, subjective to situation
  • www.monash.edu.au 7 In Groups • Give me a list of 5 differing cultural variables/values/traits • http://geert-hofstede.com/australia.html
  • www.monash.edu.au 8 In Groups You have recently had an increase in population from the country Damiparta. As part of their religious beliefs people from this country they perform mortification of the flesh. To do so they use a ring, worn daily, which has a small sharp blade protruding. Recently, local convenience stores have started to stock these rings. Youths in the area have started buying these rings and have been using them in school yard fights. You are sitting in Parliament with a new bill in front of you to ban these rings. What do you do?
  • www.monash.edu.au 9 Hijab ban in France http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7x9UaPLsN0 Talk to me about: 1. Subcultures within cultures 2. Value clashes 3. Preservation of culture inside a larger culture 4. How far is it acceptable to go avoid your culture eradicated 5. Make a link to the reading
  • www.monash.edu.au 10 Gender and India http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw6dR2o15xc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpHefGU75b8 Talk to me about: 1. What is the corporation’s responsibility with technology across cultures? 2. Respecting different cultures 3. Individual rights v the rights of the group 4. Can you treat all societies the same, or do we need to take into account cultural views?
  • www.monash.edu.au 11 Assignment 2 Spend some time now: Preparing a brief research plan for their project: • Topic you will do • Who will do what part and by when • Timeline of completion