Week 5 International Management
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Week 5 International Management



Managing Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures



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    Week 5 International Management Week 5 International Management Presentation Transcript

    • www.monash.edu.au MGF3681: International Management Week 5: Managing Across Cultures
    • www.monash.edu.au 2 Week 4 Lecture • Explain the terms cultural convergence and cultural divergence? Do you think cultures are becoming increasingly similar? If so, why? If not, why not? • Define the term national context. Provide examples of social institutions to support your answer. • Social institutions can influence organisations through coercive, mimetic, and normative isomorphism. Define these concepts, and provide examples to demonstrate how they work. • When managing globally, what are the four (4) key types of managerial predispositions that international management can utilise?
    • www.monash.edu.au 3 Assignment 1 • International Negotiation • Due week 7 on the Friday 5p • Worth 30% • 2,000 – 2,500 words • 15 Journal Articles (you can’t hand it in without 15 journal articles) • APA Referencing
    • www.monash.edu.au 4 Explain the following concepts • National Context • Social Institutions • Convergence vs. Divergence
    • www.monash.edu.au 5 Email-gate 1. Comment on the statement “speaking a language is not the same as knowing a culture” and use another example beside the case to illustrate your point of view. 2. Relate a personal experience in a given company and a given country – or cite an example – of a disproportionate development of a media message. 3. Comment on the relevance of the three traits mentioned in the case to your country – or any country of your choice.
    • www.monash.edu.au 6 Week 5 Lecture • Define each of the five (5) conflict management styles. • Identify and briefly describe the six (6) steps in the international negotiation process. • Explain four (4) ways in which cultural differences can affect the key negotiating processes. • Define five (5) of the seven personal characteristics needed to be a successful international negotiator.
    • www.monash.edu.au 7 Next Week • Print out Case Study: The Impatient American Sales Manager