Week 3 International Management
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Week 3 International Management






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Week 3 International Management Week 3 International Management Presentation Transcript

  • MGF3681: International Management Week 3: Role of Culturewww.monash.edu.au
  • Your Tutor (me)Nathan Eva– nathan.eva@monash.edu– 9903 4065– Building N Level 5 Room 14– www.slideshare.net/nathaneva www.monash.edu.au 2
  • Week 2 Lecture• Define culture. What are cultural values, beliefs and norms? Provide examples.• What are Hofstede’s five (5) cultural dimensions? Provide examples to demonstrate.• What are Trompanaar’s cultural dimensions? Provide examples to demonstrate. www.monash.edu.au 3
  • Assignment 1• Cross-Cultural Communication• Due week 6 on the Friday 5pm - Moodle• Worth 40%• 2,500 – 3,000 words• 15 Journal Articles• Harvard Referencing www.monash.edu.au 4
  • Assignment 2• Group Assignment• Weekly Presentation• Week 3 - 12• Worth 20%• 20 minute presentation 10 minute question time• 2 page write up and slides www.monash.edu.au 5
  • Individualism and CollectivismUnderstanding your orientation towards individualismand collectivism McFarlin and Sweeney p.145-147 www.monash.edu.au 6
  • Cultural Iceberg• 10% of culture is visible fromthe surface – just like an iceberg• Get in groups and draw acultural iceberg – what you cansee on the surface andwhat is below www.monash.edu.au 7
  • Group Activity• Select a culture you are familiar with (try not to choose Australia)• Provide a description and explanation of how it addresses the following cultural universals: – Economic System – Marriage and Family System – Education System – Social Controls System (Social Class) – Supernatural Belief System www.monash.edu.au 8
  • Week 3 Lecture• Explain the terms cultural convergence and cultural divergence? Do you think cultures are becoming increasingly similar? If so, why? If not, why not?• Define the term national context. Provide examples of social institutions to support your answer.• Social institutions can influence organisations through coercive, mimetic, and normative isomorphism. Define these concepts, and provide examples to demonstrate how they work.• When managing globally, what are the four (4) key types of managerial predispositions that international management can utilise? www.monash.edu.au 9