Period drama film posters

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  • 1. Period Drama Film Posters By Nathalie and India
  • 2. Introduction:• Period dramas can be set in any time in the past, and usually have a complex plotline.• The main theme in period dramas are relationships and the emotional development of characters.
  • 3. •Shows film willbe serious Jane Eyre•Shows maincharacter Colour scheme:•The man has •Bleakcontrol over her •Uninteresting•Shows thedominant •Neutralideology •Plain•Shows the era– costume andhair•Big, but simplefont•Flatatmosphere
  • 4. •Regal coloursThe Duchess (gold) •Main character looking straight at camera, making her seem confident •Looks powerful, like she is in control, she is at the front and other people are behind her •Grand and posh costume, by this you can tell her class
  • 5. Pride and Prejudice •Can tell the main character, as she is stood at the front •Shows relationship between characters •The man is almost in her shadow •Light colour scheme •She looks like she is looking back at him •Focused on female characters – target audience to relate with character
  • 6. •Can tell The Kings Speechhis role byhiscostume•Centrallayout•Colourscheme isrich•Maincharacterlooking ataudience,othercharacterturnedaway
  • 7. Titanic •Shows the relationship between the characters •The characters are archetype lovers •Shows where it is set and which era it is set in •Gives indication that the characters are going to die as they are floating up into the clouds.
  • 8. Atonement•Shows conflict – soldiers at the bottom – shows when it is set (war)•Shows one of the main characters•Main character looks sad, could give indication as to feel of the film•The title looks as if it has been typed on a typewriter, foreshadows whathappens
  • 9. Dorian Gray •Can tell the setting from background image •Can tell the era •The colour scheme is dull, washed out and dark •Showing the main character and showing the importance of this character
  • 10. Conclusion• All of the film posters show the era the film is set in due to mise-en-scene.• All of the film posters feature one or two main characters.• Some of the film posters show the relationships between characters• The posters mainly centre around the characters and not the location