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Social marketing   the real world

Social marketing the real world



For College Students & Grads: Understanding Social Marketing & Finding a Job you Love

For College Students & Grads: Understanding Social Marketing & Finding a Job you Love



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    Social marketing   the real world Social marketing the real world Presentation Transcript

    • The Real World: Social Marketing
      Natasha Jarmick
      Email Me:
      Connect with me:
    • whats.in.store
      About Me
      Social Marketing Run-Down
      What is Social?
      Approaching Social Marketing
      What R2i Does
      Become an Expert
      WTF Happens after Graduation?
      Degrees Are Not Enough
      Read Stuff
      Finding a Good Job
      Pushing Your Way into the Company
      Failure and Rejection
      Best Advice Ever
    • about.me
      I love physics!
      I’m not very good at physics 
      I guess management will do…
      I need something more creative.
    • what.is.social
      What is “social” marketing???
    • what.is.social
      What is “social” marketing???
    • what.is.social
      Social is a behavior.
      As a marketer, understanding how your customer is behaving & interacting online is crucial.
      Facebook & Twitter are just tools and platforms. Having a Facebook is not a social marketing strategy.
    • what.is.social
      How are BIG companies using social agencies (and paying BIG bucks)?
      Companies are trying to discover where their target audience is online.
      Companies are trying to engage with their target audience online.
    • what.is.social
      Matt Goddard, CEO of R2integrated explains the only 4 things marketers can do in the social realm:
      Reach out to already existing community of perspective buyers.
      Build your own community.
      Do market research.
      Use social sharing tools to distribute your message.
      Now Ask:
      What is the problem of my organization that this technique will solve?
      How do I build a component value proposition that will build attention?
      How do I use the tools to execute on it?
      Answer all the above questions and you have a…
    • what.is.social
      Your turn! (how exciting)
      You are the Lead Strategist at a digital marketing agency. RedEnergy Waterhas come to you for help with their social media strategy. They want to let people know that RedEnergy Water is a healthier & eco-friendly alternative to juice, soda & other flavored waters.
      Your main competitors: Vitamin Water, Propel & SobeLifewater.
      Your success will be measured by: How much conversation is happening online about RedEnergyWater & how many visits to their website come from social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs).
      They are paying you $30,000 to develop with a social strategy & plan for implementation.
      You have to show them how you will develop their strategy (ie: what you will do first, second & third to develop their social media plan)
      On a piece of paper, develop 3-7 steps for developing their strategy.
    • approaching.social.marketing
      Research is the base of everything.
      Based on your research, what are you going to do to reach your target audience?
      Shiny objects, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Websites & more.
      Understand how & why the audience behaves online.
      Stop talking about it & do it already.
      Your clients will say this.
      Find out where your audience is online.
    • approaching.social.marketing
      Reality Check!
      No reputable company is going to hire a fresh college graduate to do strategy. You will start out by doing either research, or marketing coordinator work (formatting powerpoints).
      I really hope you pay attention in your Marketing Research, Consumer Analysis & DSCI classes.
    • what.r2i.does
      Our Reel!
      Digital Marketing
      Check out our services on our website  where would you fit in the company?
    • become.an.expert
      As a young person coming into a marketing company or department, you will be expected to know the ins-and-outs of social marketing.
      Use this to your advantage. Prepare yourself ahead of time & show it on your resume:
      Google Analytics Certification
      Hootsuite Certification
      Proficient in Radian6, Cotweet, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Web Trends, Omniture & Optify
      Ad Words Certification
      Adobe: Fireworks, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop
      Student Tech Center has FREE classes!
      Juniors: Get a Web/Tech Certificate from WWU!
    • wtf.happens.after.graduation
      You have to have one. Get that resume ready. And make it pretty…
      Once you get an interview, your resume doesn’t matter, at all.
      Be yourself. Understand what you are good at and what you are not good at.
      If you love marketing, then get ready, because the professional marketing world is WAY MORE FUN than college 
    • degrees.are.not.enough
      You need this degree for any reputable agency to consider hiring you.
      Think of your degree (and GPA) as a preliminary qualification, like the bread in a sandwich.
      The agency will hire the tastiest sandwich which is much more than 2 slices of bread.
      The fillings are your experiences.
    • read.stuff
      You need to read marketing stuff!
      It doesn’t have to be in paper-form. Check out online business/marketing/digital blogs & news sites.
      My favorite daily reads (and how I stay on top of events/news in the industry:
    • pushing.your.way.into.the.company
      Be prepared & Be persistent.
      Inquire by email.
      Connect on LinkedIn.
      Follow up by email.
    • failure.and.rejection
    • best.advice.ever
      Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.
      Fear of making a mistake will keep you from ever doing anything truly great.
      Don’t make the same mistake twice.
      Your mistakes are only worthwhile if you learn from them.
    • talk.to.me
      Email Me: njarmick@r2integrated.com
      Follow me: @NatashaJarmick
      Check me out: About.me/NatashaJarmick
      Connect with me: LinkedIn.com/in/NatashaJarmick