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Medical Transcription Can Help You Predict the complex Documentation
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Medical Transcription Can Help You Predict the complex Documentation


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This white paper defines the issues of complex documentation, the need for Discrete Reportable Transcription. …

This white paper defines the issues of complex documentation, the need for Discrete Reportable Transcription.
and how medical transcription service can improve the workflow and how structured documentation can be made easy.
This article lays out a brief description of Medical Transcription in the cloud

Published in: Healthcare

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  • 1. MedicalTranscriptionsService
  • 2.  The widespread adoption of Healthcare IT has resulted in medical practices finally joining the tech bandwagon.  With more and more physicians joining the fray, there has been a huge change in the healthcare industry.
  • 3.  The use of Discrete Reportable Transcription, medical transcription has become more useful and time saving.  In the DRT method physicians can get their notes populated into specific sections of their EHRs.  A study by the AC group reported that providers who use EHRs enabled with Discrete Reportable Transcription, were able to finish their notes for the day in 30 minutes compared to the standard EHRs entry methods which takes 140 minutes for the whole day.
  • 4.  Time saving:  Documentation is boring and consumes a lot of time, when it comes to feeding data directly into EMRs.  Medical transcription relieves physicians from the heavy burden of clerical and data entry tasks.  Better integration with EMRs:  With the help of discrete reportable transcription (DRT), medical transcription can automatically transfer your transcribed notes into the correct fields of EMRs thus saving a lot of time. Cont…
  • 5.  Revenues can be maintained:  Clinical documentation takes up a lot of time and there is never enough time to meet more patients!  Lesser visits results in lesser revenue.  Using medical transcription as your partner in documentation can maintain your revenue.  Better Accuracy:  Medical transcription can be of huge help to physicians as transcribers can spot mistakes in dictations and ensure accuracy of clinical documentation.  Medical Transcription supports the capture of clinical documentation in the physicians own words. Doctors can record their dictations using iPhone, digital recorders or by using a VOIP.
  • 6.  Structured data have many benefits in EHRs but it makes the system time consuming.  It takes a lot of time to locate and retrieve information from EHRs’ myriad checkboxes and dropdown menus.  Since the EHRs are not built according to the doctor’s communication style, it makes clinical documentation a tough task to accomplish.  Clinical documentation options available in EHRs.
  • 7.  SaaS (software as a service) based platforms manage medical documentation and transcription over the internet.  It eliminates the use of an in house IT team to setup, install or update the software, as the software is taken care of by the transcription vendor.  The SaaS software is secure and comes with strong encryption protocols.
  • 8. For details call 1-877-272-1572 or visit