A list of the best medical apps in the healthcare landscape!


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There are dime a dozen apps that are entering the healthcare marketplace. We pick out the best ones out

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A list of the best medical apps in the healthcare landscape!

  1. 1. A list of the best medical apps in the healthcare landscape! MedicalTranscriptionsService
  2. 2. A list of the top ten free medical apps for physicians! • New-age apps that help physicians manage their workflow and provide medical care on the go are the upshots of this tech driven healthcare atmosphere. There are apps galore to make a choice from and here we list out the ten best medical apps available.
  3. 3. Epocrates • Epocrates is arguably the most popular app. It helps physicians to review drug prescribing, choose insurance formularies, check BMI, and covers a lot of ground!
  4. 4. Medscape • Medscape is a comprehensive app that offers drug safety information, medical education resources, clinical images etc. and is the go to app for healthcare professionals.
  5. 5. Skyscape • Skyscape aids a great deal in the medical decision making process. It offers clinical information that is evidence based which is a great help to doctors.
  6. 6. Doximity • Doximity is the doctor’s Facebook. Physicians can discuss with one another, fax or mail each other and the best news is that it is HIPAA compliant.
  7. 7. ReachMD Medical Radio • ReachMD Medical Radio provides peer to peer medical content in bite sized 15 minute programs.
  8. 8. Prognosis • Prognosis is an innovative game that can also double as an invaluable app as it offers doctors a game that helps in resolving complex medical situations.
  9. 9. Living Medical Textbook • Living Medical Textbook is an app for those with athirst to learn. It has great medical study materials and covers a whole range of medical specialties. It also offers CME credits for users.
  10. 10. MedCalc • MedCalc is a smart medical calculator that provides effortless access to complex medical formulas, scales and classifications. It is informative and user friendly.
  11. 11. iCalcRisk • iCalcRisk is an app that physicians recommend to patients. It helps them to monitor their cardiac arrest risks and encourages them to follow a healthier lifestyle.
  12. 12. Drug Trials • Drug Trials is an app that is packed with useful medical information. It has e mailing capabilities and features an eligibility criteria checklist.
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