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Webinar: Social Media Marketing: Separating Fact from Fiction #B2COnline
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Webinar: Social Media Marketing: Separating Fact from Fiction #B2COnline


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This deck provides examples of social media marketing that have worked and that have failed. Learn pertinent lessons to avoid the pitfalls and e successful.

This deck provides examples of social media marketing that have worked and that have failed. Learn pertinent lessons to avoid the pitfalls and e successful.

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  • Speaker: NataschaThank you for the kind introduction Michael and I are excited to be here today. It’s a sunnyday….here in California with blue skies.A lot of claims are being made about social media in the press and in blogs every day.There is a lot of pressure to get engaged.But what can social media really do for you? Is social media good or bad for business?
  • Speaker: NataschaIn today’s presentation, we aim to help you figure outwhat in social media works- and what to avoid.We will do this by providing you with a couple of negative and positive examples.Examples of social media done well and examples of social media gone wrong.As a result, we hope you can avoid the pitfalls and learn from what works.We also hope that you’ll have some fun, as we aim to be entertaining .
  • NataschaThere is a long list of claims of all the amazing things social media can do.In the following poll, we will ask you to choose which of the statements are fact and which are fiction.
  • Speaker: NataschaThank you for participating.<Summarize the results>Fact is….
  • Speaker: Natascha…that all these claims are myths.The list could be even longer…Feel free to type myths we missed into the chat area!
  • NataschaNow imagine you knew how to use social media effectively, and how to avoid the pitfalls.In the next half an hour, Michael and I intend to dispel the typical social media myths and enlighten you with the truth of how social media can add value.I am pleased to hand over to Michael Procopio.
  • Speaker: Michael
  • Speaker: Michael
  • Speaker: Michael
  • Speaker: Michael
  • Speaker: Michael
  • Michael
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  • Michael
  • Speaker: NataschaThanks Michael, some great examples!Let me dive right in….
  • Speaker: NataschaUnfortunately: common sense is not so common.And the lack of it can get you fired or your company or brand in trouble.I’ll be covering the whole lists of myths mentioned in the introduction:Social media is a mustSocial media is freeSocial media is only for B2CThe intern can do itYou can “create” a viral videoYou can control social mediaI’ll do this by providing examples of KitchenAid and Cisco.
  • During the second presidential debate, KitchenAidUSA sent this Tweet:“Obamas grandma even knew it was going to be bad!She died 3 days before he became president.Wow.”Wow, is right.According to KitchenAid, this Tweet was mistakenly Tweeted on the KitchenAid account.They later said, the person operating the KitchenAidUSA Twitter handle had meant to Tweet it on their personal Twitter account. Now, the person who tweeted this might or might not have been the intern, but I think you get the gist: the person operating your Twitter handle needs to be very trustworthy and ideally experienced. Potentially, you need to have an approval work flow for Tweets (there are tools out there to enable that) if you DO employ the intern.So what happened?
  • NataschaKitchenAid handled it extremely well.They deleted the original Tweet right away (I was unable to locate it).They then apologized for hours, again and again; Tweeting on the topic hashtag.“Deepest apologies for an irresponsible Tweet that is in no way representative of the brand’s opinion”.They took care of the situation as best possibleInstead of ignoring it.
  • So. while you cannot control social mediaAnd there are risks….…there are ways to prepare for the worst, as KitchenAid seems to have done.Another tweet read: “It was carelessly sent in error by a member of our team who, needless to say, won’t be tweeting for us anymore”.(Re: Social media can get you fired).First of all, you have to have the tools in place to be aware of what is going on.Monitoring tools can help with that.I must assume that the sentiment around the KitchenAidUSA brand escalated into the negative after the initial Tweet (it was retweeted over and over again).That is at least one option how a tool could have picked up that something was going on.They also had a person assigned who was aware that they were in charge to handle the bad situation, which makes it very likely that they had an escalation strategy.Put this in place for your own social media accounts.Who are the people in your escalation chain? (make sure they now they are on the list) These people will make decisions in heated situations.How are you monitoring your social media activity? What are the triggers that would alert you to an emergency like this?
  • NataschaOld SpiceRemember this video campaign with millions of viewers. It worked well, right?Making a viral video is easy, correct?
  • This is what Cisco thought when they introduced “Cisco Spice”.Unfortunately, it is the viral campaign nobody has ever heard of.Why did it fail?
  • Cisco Spice was based around Ted the Accountant.While OldSpice featured an attractive men, who appealed to the ladiesTed was the caricature version of the OldSpice hero. Who is “Ted from Accounting”Ted suddenly appeared and nobody knew who he was.OldSpice had spent some time introducing their character.Campaign ManagementThere were three Cisco Twitter handles involved vs. a single @Oldspice handle.Cisco had no dedicated campaign accountSome argue that there were not enough references back to the original OldSpice campaignOverall, a cute idea, that possibly could have worked. My point:While I just reviewed reasons why CiscoSpice failed, there is no clear handbook on creating a viral video. It is the convergence of many factors, of which at least one seems to be luck. There is no viral video formula that anybody has cracked.
  • This Slate magazine article conducted mathematical analysis of the odds of creating a viral video.BTW - My hair stands up on my arm when somebody says “let’s make a viral video”. Have you been asked to do that?When I last presented this topic a week ago I saw a lot of nodding heads in the audience…and knowing smiles.
  • The findings of the Slate article are summarized here:“You might have better odds playing the lottery than of becoming a viral video sensation”.The article is referenced on the last slide.
  • NataschaIn defense of Cisco, who have an awesome social media program…THEY MONITOR their social media activity and are social media thought leaders.They once caught a person who applied for a job at Cisco and then bad-mouthed Cisco on Twitter, and called her out .As I said, common sense is not so common.Social media can n get you fired a la KitchenAid or you might not even get the job.
  • Here a quick poll to see what you think is the number one social media mistake to avoid.Review results.
  • NataschaThese guys did it right. EV Technologies and Bodyform.
  • NataschaEv Technologies is a B2B company in the Business Intelligence space.Their services and products are targeting a sub-set of SAP customers, so they are often at events to speak and educate.They are also fun and like to party and network. They are active in social media.So they decided to try Tweetups and have been quite successful.“A Tweetup is an event where people who tweet come together to meet in person”.This picture shows one of their Tweetups.Eric told me, he does not usually take a lot of pictures, or they come out blurry – like this one - because they are usually having such a good time Here some Tweetup tips:
  • NataschaThey’ve had up to 70 people show up and made some good business connections and new friends.
  • NataschaShock for Bodyform: complained from a man on their FB page“You have lied to us for all these years’.He was refeering to the many ads that depict women in white outfits doing gymnastics or skiing during their menstruation.Talk about viral, tens of thousands of people commented, many liking the post.What could they do?Have a sense of humor
  • NataschaStep 1: Respond on FacebookThank the manStep 2: Respond with a video“Unfortunately, Bodyform does not have a CEO, but if it did, she’d be called Caroline Williams. And she’d say this….”
  • NataschaI Am SORRY…
  • Natascha
  • Natascha“We wanted to protect you from the truth of a period”.This video segment shows disturbed male faces who are confronted with the truth of a female period. You have to admit, it’s pretty funny.
  • NataschaTongue in cheek, they push blame on the FB author:“You exposed men to a truth we hoped they’d never have to face”.YOU DID THAT.”Bodyform was able to turn a negative (or possibly planted) situation into a funny video that poked fun at the situation of ads and periods in general.Notice the blue liquid the CEO is drinking (and she really is in this video), it looks like the stuff they pour on diapers and panty liners when they do those independent tests on TV…..Thanks for listening, now back to Michael to provide you with the facts of social media marketing in a nutshell.
  • MichaelIn a nutshell
  • MichaelNow you have a better sense of what works and does not.
  • MichaelA quick reminder back to the myths.
  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Transcript

    • 1. #B2Conline
    • 2. #B2Conline Social Media Marketing:Separating Fact from Fiction Michael Procopio @MichaelProcopio Natascha Thomson @NaThomson November 12, 2012
    • 3. Agenda #B2ConlinePositive & Negative Social Media ExamplesWhat WorksWhat Doesn’t WorkNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 3
    • 4. #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 4
    • 5. Poll: Select the Myths in this List #B2Conline • Social media is a must • Social media is free • Social media is only for B2C • The intern can do it • You can “create” a viral video • You can control social mediaNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 5
    • 6. #Social Myths #B2Conline – Social media is a must – Social media is free – Social media is only for B2C – The intern can do it – You can “create” a viral video – You can control social mediaNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 6
    • 7. x #B2Conline Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 7
    • 8. @MichaelProcopio #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 8
    • 9. #B2Conline Negative Way to Use Social Media CHANNEL PROLIFERATIONNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 9
    • 10. Social Media Strategy #FAIL #B2Conline Social Media Channel ProliferationSource: Altimeter Group ( Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 10
    • 11. How does this happen? #B2ConlineSAP 200+ Twitter Accounts 100+ Facebook Accounts 300+ Social Accounts Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 11
    • 12. What Can You Do? #B2Conline• Set up Policies / Governance model• Audit• Performance measurements• Shut down unsuccessful accounts• EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUC ATENov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 12
    • 13. #B2Conline Positive Way to Use Social Media TWEETCHATNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 13
    • 14. Engage via TweetChat – Why? #B2Conline • Customers share brand experiences on Twitter with or without you • Thought leadership on a topic • Example: • #ConvCloud – converged cloud • Monthly chatsSource: Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 14
    • 15. How to Set Up a TweetChat – First Steps #B2Conline• Is your audience having discussions on Twitter? Only think about setting up a tweet chat if your answer is YES• Choose the right hashtag• Use the URL• Choose a moderator• Who should be your experts? 1. Twitter Savvy 2. Influential on Twitter 3. Choose between 2-3 in total 4. At least 1 participant should be external Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 15
    • 16. Important to Remember #B2Conline• Choose a topic & arrange date/time• Write a Preview Blog Post• Announce 3-4 weeks via relevant channels  use the chat hashtag and relevant industry hashtags• Set up a phone line with the ‘speakers’ and some experts while the tweet chat is running• Prepare 2-3 questions in advance• Find relevant material to link too• Be flexible Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 16
    • 17. After the TweetChat: To-Do’s #B2Conline• Share the key take aways of the tweet chat in a post- chat blog and provide transcript of the chat• Ask for next topics• Monitor if sentiment changes• Answer follow-up questions with executive blog series• Measure participationMore questions?• Read this blog with some tips Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 17
    • 18. Poll Question #B2Conline How many social channels does your company have? 0 1 - 9 10 - 49 50 - 99 100 - 149 150 or moreNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 18
    • 19. #B2Conline @NaThomsonNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 19
    • 20. #B2Conline Negative Way to Use Social Media KITCHENAID CISCONov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 20
    • 21. KitchenAid #debate2012 #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 21
    • 22. KitchenAid #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 22
    • 23. KitchenAid #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 23
    • 24. Cisco #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 24
    • 25. Cisco #B2Conline YouTube ViewsNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 25
    • 26. Cisco #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 26
    • 27. Viral Video #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 27
    • 28. Viral Video #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 28
    • 29. Twitter #FAIL #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 29
    • 30. Poll: What to avoid? #B2Conline• Let the intern run the Twitter handle• Ignore mistakes• Take online conflict offline• Copy successful existing campaigns• Ask your staff to “create a viral video”Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 30
    • 31. #B2Conline Positive Ways to Use Social Media EVTECHNOLOGIES BODYFORMNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 31
    • 32. “A Tweetup is an event where people who #B2Conline tweet come together to meet in person.”Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 32
    • 33. TweetUp Tips Dos & Don’ts #B2Conline• Know your audience• Piggyback on the main event hashtag• Be an event sponsor to get access to event @handle• Set up a simple page outlining the event, the time, the place, and the rules• “Bring your own booze or buy it”• Come and network like crazy with fans of the show• Don’t try to sell anything. Its just time for friends to get together and make connections• Don’t count on a spontaneous venueNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 33
    • 34. #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 34
    • 35. Bodyform #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 35
    • 36. Bodyform #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 36 200 MGB (downloaded)
    • 37. Bodyform “I am sorry we have lied to you. #B2Conline SORRY.”Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 37
    • 38. Bodyform #B2Conline “We wanted to protect you from the truth of a period.”Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 38
    • 39. “You exposed men to a truth we hoped they’d #B2Conline never have to face. YOU DID THAT.”Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 39
    • 40. #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 40
    • 41. x #B2Conline Nov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 41
    • 42. #Social Myths #B2Conline – Social media is a must – Social media is free – Social media is only for B2C – The intern can do it – You can “create” a viral video – You can control social mediaNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 42
    • 43. #Social-Truths #B2Conline – Social media is not for everybody – Social media requires human resources – Social media is also for B2B – The intern might be able to help do it – Viral video = lottery win – You can’t control social mediaNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 43
    • 44. Poll: Future Topics #B2ConlineWhat would you like to hear about in futurewebinars (check all that apply)?• LinkedIn• Twitter• Social Media Monitoring• Blogging• Branded Community• PinterestNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 44
    • 45. #B2ConlineNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 45
    • 46. Thank You! #B2Conline Contact us on Twitter! @MichaelProcopio @NaThomsonNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 46
    • 47. Bibliography & Resources #B2Conline• Twitter gets you fired in 140 characters or less• The Day HP got killed• Bodyform responds: YT video• 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing• Cisco fails with Old Spice Copy Cat Campaign• Will my video get 1 million views on YT?• Social Media ROI Article• What is a TweetupNov-2012 © 2012 MarketingXLerator 47