Pinterest - Scrap Booking for Adults?


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Wondering what Pinterest is all about? This slide deck gives an overview on how to set up an account, key facts to know and ideas for using it for B2B.

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Pinterest - Scrap Booking for Adults?

  1. 1. Scrap Booking for Adults?Perrine CramptonNataschaThomsonMarch 2011
  2. 2. Try It
  3. 3. Fact Referral traffic from Pinterest is higher than from LinkedIn or Google+ (but behind FB, SU, Google & Twitter)
  4. 4. Pinterest 1,2,3,4,5 for Getting Started1. Set up your account at (use FB or Twitter Biz account)2. Create a few dashboards with topic you care about, and install the Pin it button3. “Pin" pictures or videos from the web that will be added to your dashboard (s)4. Add URLs in the description area5. Build connections
  5. 5. My Pinterest (
  6. 6. Pinterest 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 for B2B1. Install a "Pin It" button on your website to encourage visitors to pin your stuff2. Create "associations" with your brand, e.g. fitness for food manufacturer3. You can see what has been "pinned" about you at: / (replace " with your URL)4. To create engagement, comment on other peoples pins and ask questions (yes, high touch)5. To dazzle on Pinterest you need crisp and impressive photography/imagery. This favors some industries over others, but is a good creative challenge.6. Make sure "Hide your Pinterest page from Search" is turned off.
  7. 7. SVESMC Pin Board
  8. 8. What You Already Know (Transferrable Knowledge)•You can use hashtags & keywords for SEO•You need to be active to get max. results•Building connections is important • You can “like” pins or comment on pictures • You can follow others and their boards • You can give others permission to pin to your board • You can tag other people in your pins• You can pin videos
  9. 9. EXPERIMENT•Pinned this and got no likes  (and you SHOULD know OperationMend)•Board name: Real Social
  10. 10. EXPERIMENT•Pinned this and got 3 likes in 5 minutes•Board: Social Media
  11. 11. EXPERIMENT•Pinned this and got 11 likes in 15 minutes•Board: Inspirational
  12. 12. Bottom Line• Use the right pictures to create traction•Make it emotional & compelling
  13. 13. ResourcesHow to Track Your Website’s Content on Pinterest Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest Brands on Pinterest to Master Pinterest for B2B Marketing eBook: How to Use Pinterest for Business Drives More Traffic Than Google+,YouTube and LinkedIn Combined [Study]
  14. 14. THANK YOUPerrine Crampton@pcramptonNatascha
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