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How To Work A Career Fair


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How to work a Career Fair for Boston University Students? Any college or student can review these slides and learn tips for successfully navigating a career fair.

How to work a Career Fair for Boston University Students? Any college or student can review these slides and learn tips for successfully navigating a career fair.

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  • 1. How To Work A Career Fair
    Natascha F. Saunders , MBA, MS
    Certified Youth Career Coach
    Boston University School of Management
    Feld Career Center
  • 2. Before the Fair!!!
    Research who will be attending the event
    Identify what are your goals for this event
    Prepare your 30 second pitch!!
    Pages 18 & 19 of the BU SMG Career Guide
  • 3. 30 Second Pitch (Write & Practice)
    Your Name
    Background (academic & professional)
    Your skills (that relate to company & position)
    What are you looking for (Career objectives)
    Hello, My name is Don Juan! I am a junior at Boston University School of Management. My work experience has been in the (retail industry/customer service) or with X and X . I am very much interested in an audit internship at________ because I would like to use my client service and problem solving skills in the field of Accounting .
  • 4. What do you Wear??
  • 5. Professional Dress
    What employers are saying….
    58% of employers said that they are less likely to hire someone with a visible body tattoo or piercing
    -USA TODAY Career Network
    55% of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look
    -Image Dynamics
  • 6. Unprofessional Dress
    Wrinkled clothes
    See through or body revealing clothes
    Clothes that are to tight or to big
    Excessive jewelry (distracting)
    Heavy scented cologne or perfume
    Visible body piercings/Jewelry
    Tattoos(cover them)
    Non-Conservative color suit
    Inappropriate shoes
    Styles that are trendy
    Skirt Lengths/Hair
    Pant Legs, Men no WHITE Socks
  • 7. During the Career Fair
    The buddy systems is only OK when entering the fair
    Maintain your “professional self”
    Do not get discourage if they do not take your resume
    First Impression(hand shake, suit, resume, clear voice, presence)
    Compliment/Small Talk (very brief)
  • 8. Professional Dress
    Corporate conservative (black, grey, navy blue, brown)
    Coordinate your outfit
    Conservative two-piece suit
    Well-groomed hairstyle/facial
    Clean, trimmed fingernails
    Cleaned, polished shoes
    Appropriate hosiery
    Business Appropriate tie
    Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore
    Dean of SMG Lou Lataif
  • 9. During the Career Fair …cont
    You look the part
    Ask intelligent questions
    Deliver your 30 second pitch
    Demonstrate knowledge of the company and position
    Ask for a business card & write notes
    Write follow-up note after fair (email, note card) to prompt memory of interaction
    Include a point that distinguishes you from everyone else
    Personal – Both from Indiana
    Referral – Steps you / recruiter will take to bring it together
    Create a memory
    Shaking hands (Sanitizer, Sneezing)
  • 10. After the Career Fair
    Compile a list of contacts (spreadsheet, wearing, interesting fact i.e. BU Alum) from the fair and construct personalized thank you notes
  • 11. Quick Points to Remember
    Bring multiple copies of resume
    Positive attitude and SMILE (pearl white teeth and great breath)
    Show that your have done your homework
    Listen and follow through with instructions and advice
    Do not force your resume onto people
    Remove coats and bags
    No texting , web surfing, drinking, chewing gum, while speaking with company reps
    International students: Do not start the interaction with do you sponsor
  • 12. Good Luck!!
    Career Fair
    Friday, October 2nd 10:30am – 1:30pm ,SMG Atrium
    Please RSVP on MiTrac
    Many companies confirmed (listed on back of How to work a Career Fair Handout)
    Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!
    Career Fair Tips Career TV