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Personal Brand by Twitter @TaschaSaunders
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Personal Brand by Twitter @TaschaSaunders


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**FREE PERSONAL BRANDING QUIZ** click under Free Downloads: …

**FREE PERSONAL BRANDING QUIZ** click under Free Downloads:
Follower Natascha on Twitter at: @AskTheJobCoach

Natascha is the creator of MICRO* Personal Branding Assessment Tool

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • Let’s take an informal survey. How many of you use these by a show of hands? If so, for what reason? Blackplanet led me to an interview for Black History Mon
  • Thoughts? Has anyone ever heard this before?
  • Do you have a brand? If so, what is it? If not, what would you like it be?
  • Why is having a personal brand important? By branding yourself effectively you will: Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field.Build a solid reputation within your industry.Increase your notoriety and improve your perceived value in the marketplace.
  • Take Personal Branding Quiz (Answer True or False, or Unsure)
  • ACTIVITY: Time to Create your Own Personal Branding StatementNote: Vision Statement Guidebook can be found under the resources tab of my website
  • What makes you unique? What do you want to be known for? How are you helping? What do you specialize in? What is the end result you hope to achieve?
  • Please note these M.I.C.R.O – this enables you to do your own personal assessment.
  • Experience is Paid or Unpaid
  • Influenced by so many others.. I want you to think about you….
  • Stories | Miscommunication| What do you want me to think about you?
  • Let’s go back to the 1st question I asked regarding – who uses what social media outlet for branding……
  • Network quote…now this was in 2009 I believe when I pulled this but it is still valid.. It’s relationship building… Buffalo Bills – Airplane / Student @ Splash / Party/ Bentley Seminar, You all give me examples/ Why(explore, identify, build, your future)Who(family/friends (auto detail shop), alumni, hs, parents (Bruins Hat), teachers) What (a system to share information, personal)When(church, bus, food, mechanic) Where(Social Media including: Blackplanet) Groups/Member of Associations, AKA, GMU, Church (ex. My project) How (Old School Letters, Elevator Pitch (Handout), Give a Presentation, Informational Interview, Business Cards)
  • I’m going to add and HOW
  • Transcript

    • 1. About MeNAME: Natascha ‘Career Coach | Poochie’ SaundersEDUCATION: UMASS Amherst (BS) Johnson & Wales University (MBA) Northeastern University (MS) Northeastern University (Ed.D) ,Current Harvard Kennedy School, (Executive Education in LOA), Current ENTREPRENEUR: CEO | Founder of The Youth Career Coach Inc. Current Employers: Faculty at Northeastern Univ. | Univ. of Rhode Island | Suffolk Univ. Consultant, EnCompass Education Former Employers: MIT Sloan | Boston University | Johnson & Wales University |State Street | A.G.Edwards |Wachovia Securities | Macy’s/Neiman Marcus | Saks Fifth | Swarovski | Candy Ford Modeling | Roxbury Public Defenders | InCert Software | Pitney Bowes | Bally’s Total Fitness | Reggie Lewis Hobbies: Tennis, Piano, Cooking, Tae-Kwon-Do Greek Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha | Delta Sigma Pi | Sigma Epsilon Rho Cool facts: Goodwill Ambassador, Gambia (as Miss Black RI USA ‘06|’07) Awards: Tory Johnson’s Women for Hire, Daring Doer, 2011 Mass Housing | Mass Impact, Change Agent, 2011 Harvard ‘WECAN’ Woman of the Year, 20105/11/2012
    • 2.  What is a Personal Brand Who is Personal Branding for Where & When is Branding in play Personal Branding Quiz How to discover your Brand Create a Personal Branding Statement Action M.I.C.R.O by Tascha Extras Wrap Up5/11/2012 |
    • 3.  Personal branding, by definition is the process by which we market ourselves to others. It’s how you position yourself for success using today’s resources. | 5/11/2012
    • 4. Many people think personal branding is only for individuals such as:5/11/2012 |
    • 5.  When you walk out the door Events/Gatherings Family Online On the street5/11/2012 |
    • 6. ACTION Assessment……. Discussion5/11/2012
    • 7.  Assessments: Myers Briggs | Jung Typology, Transferable Skills, Job Assessment, Habits | Natural etc. Have you ever been called intelligent, humorous, arrogant, networker, or analytical by peers? Conduct a survey….. Look in the mirror! What is your Vision? Write your obituary Create a Personal Brand Statement (Elevator Pitch) & get feedback “Start with the end in mind. ”5/11/2012 ~ Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    • 8. ACTION Create Elevator Partner to Share Pitch Give feedback Handout 2-4 volunteers to share to all  *optional*Example of a personal branding statement: "A divorced woman who specializes in helping divorcing couples find mutually acceptable custody solutions, and helps each get back on the road to mutual happiness for not only them but for their children.I energize, focus and align manufacturing organizations, resulting in sustainable acceleration of processes, reduction in waste, and growth of profits.I love helping people to develop a unique Personal Brand. A brand that represents who they are on the inside and expresses itself authentically on the outside.5/11/2012
    • 9.  Materials ▪ Business Card, Resume, Cover Letter, References Image ▪ Apparel, Hygiene, Hair Style, Hands, Shoes, Pictures, Avatar Communication ▪ Introduction, Elevator Pitch, Etiquette (Silent Language-eyes, arms, legs etc.), Email, Phone, Text, IM Reputation ▪ Family, Friends, Associations, Network, Return the favors, Giver Online ▪ Portfolio, Blog, Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube Presentations5/11/2012 | CREATED BY NATASCHA SAUNDERS ™
    • 10.  Why do you write them? Styles (Paragraph | Bullets) Addressing the letter to whom Content ▪ Why are you interested in the position, and this company (brochure, mission, values, leaders)? ▪ Review the Job Description! What did they say they wanted in a candidate? ▪ Make the Match (Skills/Qualifications vs. What you have) ▪ Transferable skill set | Explain that you have the skills (jobs, courses, volunteer etc.) (Handout) Cover Letter Evaluation Checklist (Handout)5/11/2012
    • 11. Resume Self Critique Purpose | Legal Document Length Accomplishment Statements (PAR, Verb Tense) #’s (People, Hours, Money, etc.) Headings (Career Accomplishments, Project Based Experience, Presentations, Hobbies | Interests) Not just Spell Check Action Verbs | Your language | Communication (Handout) Websites (On resume & Online Resume Websites/Portfolios) Resume Evaluation Check List (Handout) Extra:  Letters/Verbal Recommendations (Can impact you getting hired, Must verify your cover letter & resume)5/11/2012 | www.nataschasaunders
    • 12. Three elements of communication – and the so called “7%-38%-55% Rule” What percentage out of 100% does the following play in communication? Body Language Tone of Voice Words1971 by Albert Mehrabian (currently Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA).
    • 13.  Linked In (handout)  Create a strong profile (handout)  Read other profiles in your field  Requesting an Introduction  Ask everyone & anyone if you can add them & search who they are connected to  Groups (Alumni, Industry, Start your Own)  Add projects, books etc. on your profile  Headshot ( | Blogger |Word Press | Newsletter | Website | Magazine | Paper  Google Search *Can we find you? What comes up?* Slideshare Youtube Channel  Expertise, Any features of you online anywhere? Facebook  Essence Magazine  Black Enterprise Magazine  Subscribe even if you can’t friend, Read their About Tabs, Simply Hired & Glassdoor Twitter  Direct Message to the President of  Macy’s Marketing Department for a Student Perfume Creator5/11/2012
    • 14. 5/11/2012
    • 15. Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections 6.5 Assets For Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships Quiz….“It’s not who you know it’s who knows you.” Jeffrey Gitomer , Author
    • 16. DO’S Ask for business cards & organize them in Excel, and LinkedIn *ask for permission* & write on the back of the card Update your contacts w/ what your doing – you may need a reference, send notes once to twice a year Positive attitude and SMILE (pearl white teeth and great breath) Listen and follow through, make a personal connection Practice your Elevator Pitches A 2012 survey of more than 2,000 adults conducted by Glassdoor and Harris Interactive found that 52% trust friends and family when making job decisions, 14% trust reviews, 5% trust a companys website and 2% trust the companys recruiters.
    • 17.  “I think that it would be useful to reiterate that young professionals should send a follow up email. Over the past few weeks, I received several e-mails from individuals who were applying for the … position. I answered their questions and concerns, and then I never heard back from them again. It would have been nice to hear whether they made it to the next round or even if they did not get the job. In the latter case, I could send their resume through a different channel or perhaps even get some feedback for them as to why they did not get the job that might be useful in future interviews.”
    • 18. 5/11/2012
    • 19.  Materials ▪ Business Card, Resume, Cover Letter, References Image ▪ Apparel, Hygiene, Hair Style, Hands, Shoes, Pictures, Avatar Communication ▪ Introduction, Elevator Pitch, Etiquette (Silent Language-eyes, arms, legs etc.), Email, Phone, Text, IM Reputation ▪ Family, Friends, Associations, Network, Return the favors, Giver Online ▪ Portfolio, Blog, Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube Presentations5/11/2012 | CREATED BY NATASCHA SAUNDERS ™