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The good guys die and the bad guys win
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The good guys die and the bad guys win


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The Good Guys Die and The Bad Guys Win Script goes from a continued timeline, with past and future scenes. Scenes taking place in the future are marked with a [F] Scenes taking place in the past are marked with a [P]
  • 2. INT. DAMIEN’S LIVING ROOMDAMIEN runs behind an upturned sofa in the middle of hisliving room. He is out of breath and the sound of gunfirecan be heard in the background. There is a close up on hisface, then a cut to black. DAMIEN (VO) My name is Damien Castle... and I think I’m about to pee myself.A shot of feet walking on dirt. The shot pans up to showFRANCIS, but you only see her hands; she’s holding a sword.She stops walking and the shot pans around to face a largehouse. You never see her face but you watch her walk insidethe building.We return to DAMIEN. He’s freaking out until the gunfiregoes silent. He hears the sound of footsteps approaching.Bracing him he picks up a knife next to him, and holds itagainst his chest, when the footsteps go silent and a shadowfalls over him. He faints.INT. FRANCIS’ BEDROOMDAMIEN wakes up. He sits up to see the blurred silhouette ofFRANCIS dressing a wound on her shoulder. His visioneventually clears, and FRANCIS, noticing that he’s awake,turns to look at him. She says nothing. DAMIEN Am I alive? FRANCIS Yes. I would say so. DAMIEN Who are you? FRANCIS Francis.FRANCIS picks herself up and dresses in a t-shirt. She walksover and places herself next to DAMIEN on the bed. DAMIEN I’m going to assume you’re here to help me. If not, tell me now, ’cause I’m not one for surprises.DAMIEN flops back onto the bed. (CONTINUED)
  • 3. CONTINUED: 2. FRANCIS Seeing as your making yourself comfortable, I’d say your lucky to say such a thing.DAMIEN turns over and pulls the pillow over his head. Hemoans irritably as a response. FRANCIS It must be hard, losing your father... I’ll be outside once you’re ready to talk.DAMIEN peeks out from the side of the pillow and he watchesFRANCIS leave the room. He sighs.INT. FRANCIS’ LIVING ROOM [F]DAMIEN is shouting, upset, he puts his hands against hisskull, in a fit. DAMIEN I HAVE TO GO BACK! I CAN’T BELIEVE I LEFT HER THERE!DAMIEN is going around the house, stuffing various weaponsinto his bag: KNIVES, GUNS, and SWORDS. He seems flusteredas he puts on his jacket and then backpack. DAMIEN (VO) I read somewhere that 5 out of 10 males experience Superhero Syndrome at least once in their lives. More commonly, it’s referred to as their moment to "shine". I assure you, I’m a pretty dull character. DAMIEN (exasperated) What am I doing?EXT. FRANCIS BACKYARDDAMIEN emerges from out of the house. He sees FRANCISbalancing on the edge of the pool, her sword extended. Sheturns to look at DAMIEN, watching him approach silently.DAMIEN plops himself next to the pool, dunking his feet intothe water as he hunches over. FRANCIS bends next to him. (CONTINUED)
  • 4. CONTINUED: 3. FRANCIS They broke into your house to try and get to you. DAMIEN (mumbles) Do I even need to ask? FRANCIS You’re father was a pretty powerful guy. DAMIEN Funny how he keeps coming up; dead or alive. FRANCIS He owned a pharmaceutical company. Do you know anything about mutagens, Damien? DAMIEN My dad was very private with his work. FRANCIS Mutagens are molecules that need to be directly inject into the tissue.FRANCIS stands up, sheathing her sword with the carrier onher back. DAMIEN How come? FRANCIS (turns head casually) Well, really, it’s the only way to test an accurate reaction in such a substance.INT. FRANCIS’ LIVING ROOM [F]DAMIEN gets thrown down on the sofa, a bead of red fallsdown his cheek. Panting he gazes up a FRANCIS, who is takinga defensive stance. DAMIEN If you’re my bodyguard, why do I feel as if my ribs are shattering against my sides? (CONTINUED)
  • 5. CONTINUED: 4. FRANCIS You need to be capable of defending yourself.DAMIEN struggles to his feet. He spits out blood. FRANCIS Now come at me again.DAMIEN takes out a knife from his pocket, and rushes atFRANCIS.EXT. FRANCIS BACKYARDDAMIEN is clearly upset, on the verge of tears. DAMIEN I know he wasn’t a very good father but come on!FRANCIS seems uncomfortable, she crosses her arms andfocuses her attention on the floor. DAMIEN I was his son-- his blood! You don’t do that kind of stuff to your own flesh and blood! FRANCIS You’re in trouble now, Damien. It’s my duty to inform you why you’re being hunted. DAMIEN But you don’t casually tell someone they’re dying!He slowly drops to the floor, upset. DAMIEN (quietly, a realization) I’m dying. FRANCIS (bending down to one knee, trying to catch his down turned gaze) But you’re not helpless. That bastard Quentin can make a cure to deactivate the mutagens inside of you. (CONTINUED)
  • 6. CONTINUED: 5. DAMIEN He’d tried shooting my head open. I don’t think he has a preference on what condition he gets his test subject back in. FRANCIS I didn’t say we were going to ask him nicely.INT. FRANCIS LIVING ROOM [F]DAMIEN swings a kick at FRANCIS, who is forced to step backand defend herself, extended arms crossed to block the hit.She moves back towards the wall as DAMIEN lashes out towardher with a few punches. His energy is a ferocity she isvisibly surprised at experiencing. A hit lands on herstomach as she hits the wall hard, coming to her senses shelooks up panting to see DAMIEN pointing a gun directly ather head.EXT. DAMIEN’S STAIRSDAMIEN and FRANCIS creep down the stairs together. Nervous,DAMIEN grabs FRANCIS’ arm in front of him. She turns tostare at him. DAMIEN (whispers) Francis, I-I can’t do this. FRANCIS (whispers) This isn’t the time. (sighs, and puts her hand on DAMIEN’s shoulder) We’ve spent weeks together. I’ve trained you to the best of my ability... You need to trust me.DAMIEN simply shakes his head, not able to face FRANCIS. FRANCIS (whispers) I was hired to keep you alive. I think your father knew that Quentin would rise against him one day. And he prepared. DAMIEN If he cared he wouldn’t have put me in this position in the first place! (CONTINUED)
  • 7. CONTINUED: 6.Pulls out her sword and holds it to his throat. FRANCIS (whispers) Keep your voice down!FRANCIS lowers her sword and starts forward. DAMIEN saysnothing and follows behind her obediently. They enter theliving room. Behind and adjacent to them you see POSSEMEMBER #1 (aka PM#1) in the kitchen, a shadowed figure thatwatches them. They do not notice him.EXT. DAMIEN’S BACKYARD (CONT. FRM LAST SCENE)DAMIEN and FRANCIS enter the upper balcony of the backyardto see QUENTIN sitting by the pool on the lower half of thepatio, looking over the bay. He is casually smoking a cigar,and there are a number of men surrounding him.PM#1 comes from behind to attack FRANCIS with a piano wire.DAMIEN, shocked and unprepared, pulls out a gun from behindhis waistband and points it at PM#1 and tries to shoot, butmisses due to nervousness.FRANCIS elbows PM#1 and he let’s go of the piano wire,allowing her to turn and hit him in the face. Two more possemembers approach. DAMIEN dropping his gun backs away fromthe approaching men. He dodges them and runs down thestairs, leaving FRANCIS alone to struggle with the threethugs.Downstairs he confronts QUENTIN briefly, who steps towardshim, but panicking he only manages a double-take beforeskidding at the end of the dock which is at the edge of thebackyard. DAMIEN plunges into the bay.INT. DAMIEN’S BATHROOM [P]DAMIEN rises out of the bath. On his shoulder is a shade ofrashes, which he scratches clearly in pain. His attentionrefocuses, and his head whips around, when he hears apounding on his door. FATHER Are you alright? DAMIEN I-I’m fine. I think it’s just an allergic reaction. (CONTINUED)
  • 8. CONTINUED: 7. FATHER Stupid doctors!DAMIEN grows silent as he listens to the sound of hisfathers footsteps fading away down the hall. Cringing, helowers himself further into the water. DAMIEN (mumbles to himself) Jesus, he doesn’t care about my grades, but he flips a shit at the smallest scratch.EXT. FRONT OF DAMIEN’S HOUSEDAMIEN panting, presses his back against the wall. He holdsa gun at the level of his chest. He literally looks his he’sabout to pass out. He shuts his eyes. DAMIEN (mumbles to himself) What am I doing here?DAMIEN opens his eyes. DAMIEN Why did I leave in the first place?He clenches his fist in frustration.INT. FRANCIS LIVING ROOM [P]DAMIEN is shoveling food into his mouth. FRANCIS settlesdown next to the him on the floor, holding a bowl, they areusing the sofa as a backrest. DAMIEN has a black eye, and itis clear he’s been beaten up pretty badly. FRANCIS onlysports a small scratch across her cheek. FRANCIS You were impressive today. DAMIEN (mouthful of food) You think so?FRANCIS delicately begins to eat. DAMIEN (swallows his food) I’ve been thinking. What happens after all this? (CONTINUED)
  • 9. CONTINUED: 8. FRANCIS (looks at him) Hm? DAMIEN I mean. Say we get Quentin to hand over the company again, and we get a cure for the mutant-thingies-- FRANCIS Mutagens. DAMIEN Right. What happens to you? FRANCIS I go away. DAMIEN You’re just gonna leave? FRANCIS I was hired to protect you at any cost, Damien. When your safe again, I’ll leave. DAMIEN Where are you gonna go? FRANCIS Come on, let’s not make this so personal. DAMIEN But you saved my life. FRANCIS (continues eating) Hm. DAMIEN And your my only friend.FRANCIS pauses and turns to look at DAMIEN. He is watchingher, clearly upset. Her eyes lower.EXT. DAMIEN COURTYARD (CONTINUED)
  • 10. CONTINUED: 9.DAMIEN enters the courtyard of his home. He gasps seeingFRANCIS on the ground, she stumbles weakly, rising andreaching out towards him. Blood gushes from the side of herskull, and leaks from the edges of her lips. There is no oneelse in the yard. About to step towards her, he freezes inshock.There is the sound of gunfire. FRANCIS holds her stomach,and raised her hand to see her fingers wet with fresh blood.She falls forward. Dead.QUENTIN emerges from behind a pillar, holding a gun. Helooks at FRANCIS’ dead body before turning his gaze onDAMIEN, and walking towards him. QUENTIN Damien Castle?DAMIEN remains silent. Shaking his backpack falls from hisshoulder. QUENTIN You are Damien Castle aren’t you? I can tell, you look just like your father.DAMIEN pulls out his gun from behind him, pointing itdirectly at QUENTIN. QUENTIN barely flinches, instead, hecloses the distance between them. QUENTIN You have a right to be upset, Damien. I’m upset. I’m upset that you father ruined this company. I’m upset at the selfish risks he took on a kid like you.QUENTIN reaching out and physically takes DAMIEN’s gun fromhis hands. DAMIEN H-He didn’t risk anything. I’m the one who ended up sacrificing everything. QUENTIN You’re so cruel. You’re father died trying to protect you.DAMIEN lowers his gaze. (CONTINUED)
  • 11. CONTINUED: 10. QUENTIN You’re a danger to everyone around you... I doubt Frank told you or that girl he hired to protect you. That would have been a hard thing to admit to his only son after all. DAMIEN (mumbles) What? That I’m dying? QUENTIN No, that’s his own personal business. After all he chose you without your consent... We couldn’t argue, it was his company after all... But when the experiments backfired, when he found out that the mutagens weren’t enhancing you, instead they were destroying you. DAMIEN I KNOW ALL OF THIS! QUENTIN Your father died trying to protect you from me. DAMIEN And I still don’t know what you want!DAMIEN extracts a dagger from his coat and turns it onQUENTIN. QUENTIN dodges the knife, but it surprised at thehit he receives in the gut from a punch DAMIEN throws withhis other fist. He stumbles, and raises the gun to shootDAMIEN, who takes QUENTIN’s hand with the firearms andtwists it to the point where an audible snap of bones hisheard. QUENTIN cries out. DAMIEN turns around and roundhousekicks QUENTIN in the face. QUENTIN falls to the ground,dropping the gun, that lands a few feet away from him.QUENTIN attempts to crawl towards it, DAMIEN kicks him inthe side, the crunch of the hit leaves the man reeling, andin anger DAMIEN swoops down on QUENTIN. QUENTIN is on hisback, panting in pain as DAMIEN holds him up by the collarof his shirt. QUENTIN Damien, Damien, listen to me!DAMIEN watches QUENTIN under him, silent. (CONTINUED)
  • 12. CONTINUED: 11. QUENTIN You’re contagious! The mutagen is fatal and contagious! W-we couldn’t let the project go on. We needed to terminate you. Your existence puts you and everyone else at risk. DAMIEN What? QUENTIN Your a threat to the entire city, the country, the whole planet should there be an epidemic! There’s no cure. Your father couldn’t accept this, he wouldn’t let us terminate the project. L-Let us-- DAMIEN Kill me. QUENTIN Exactly! You have to understand! DAMIEN But Francis... QUENTIN Was hired to protect you. But s-she was too much of a threat, she’d spent too much time with you. She needed to be terminated as well.DAMIEN rises from QUENTIN letting him go, staring atFRANCIS’ body at the other end of the courtyard. In a trancelike state he begins walking towards her. QUENTIN strugglesto raised himself and watching him, weakly he beginscrawling towards the gun again. DAMIEN I didn’t know. S-She didn’t know. She didn’t need to die. I would have... I should have...QUENTIN reaches the gun and points it at DAMIEN’s back. QUENTIN I’m sorry, Damien.He fires.
  • 13. 12.INT. FRANCIS LIVING ROOM [P]FRANCIS grabs DAMIEN’S shoulder. DAMIEN My dad was never around. But he never let me out either. I-I don’t have anyone if you leave Francis. FRANCIS I’m sorry.DAMIEN throws his face into his hands, running them up as heclenches his hair. DAMIEN Fuck!FRANCIS notices a discoloration on DAMIEN’s hand. She grabshis arm and raises his sleeve. It seems to be a rash thatextends up his arm. DAMIEN looks up, surprised at themotion. FRANCIS What’s this? It isn’t a bruise. DAMIEN It’s a rash. I get them from time to time. I just thought my skin was messed up before, but I guess you can call it a reaction from the mutagen.FRANCIS lets go of him. She raises her hand to inspect itbriefly before flicking her gaze back up at DAMIEN, who iswatching her. FRANCIS I’ll stay.DAMIEN is visibly surprised. DAMIEN W-What? FRANCIS Let’s make a pact on it.FRANCIS extends her hand. DAMIEN takes it. They shake.
  • 14. 13.INT. DAMIEN COURTYARDDAMIEN is next to FRANCIS body. His breath is shallow, andhe stares at her corpse. She seems peaceful. The sound of avan taking off can be heard. DAMIEN (VO) I’m sorry, Francis. I’m so sorry. I wish I could have been the real hero in the end. Kill one to save a thousand. I think that all makes sense now. It has a purpose. My death has a purpose... Our d-death h-has...Damien grimaces, and rolls over onto his back. He closes hiseyes. The sound of footsteps approach. A shadow falls overhim. He opens his eyes. DAMIEN (weakly) Dad?Cut to black. End.