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Diversity ppt Diversity ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Mike NataleCapstoneDr. Lepervanche
  •  Diversity of Thought and Experience Diversity’s Impact on Recruiting Diversity Impact on Employees andCustomers Diversity Impact on Business
  •  The impact of diversity and inclusion is feltthroughout our society and it is due tosocietal norms shifting that the impact has ledto changes in perception of diversity andinclusion within the workplace. The purposeof this presentation is to discuss andhighlight the impact of diversity andinclusion at all levels of an organization, aswell as the continued need for focus ondiversity and inclusion efforts with regards toHuman Resource Management.
  •  Diversity of thought requires you to surroundyourself with individuals that don’t thinklike you. That’s hard to do because ournatural tendency is to be with people thatshare our views. It can beirritating, disturbing and disruptive tosurround yourself with individuals that areopposite of you. It’s challenging to manage ateam that has unique and differentperspectives
  •  The Census Bureau recently reported that theUS minority population currently exceeds 100million people. As the United States population becomesmore diverse, companies that do notproactively participate diversity recruitingwill lose ground to those companies that aresuccessful at it. Diversity recruiting and general recruiting aremerging and becoming indistinguishable.
  •  Employing and retaining a diverse workforceensures your business is more appealing to awider customer base and ensures that there is aricher employee base of creativity. Customers are more likely to identify and patrona business that shows diversity which representsthe diversity that the customer presents. Without carefully incorporating training andbroad communication, diversity has the potentialto be destructive to employee retention.
  •  Research does show that there is an empiricallink between a diverse workforce and a betterperforming employee base. Increased diversity of the workforce cansometimes cause problems and conflict. Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforcecan result in measureable and markedimprovements in a company’s long-term
  •  It is clear to see that recruiting and retaining a diverseworkforce is results in a more inclusive and engageemployee and results in a more engage and broadercustomer base. However, a company must carefullyplan and execute a diversity initiative with theinvolvement and planning assistance of HumanResource Management to appropriately engagecurrent employees and attract and retain futurediverse employees. By utilizing a diverseworkforce, employees are able to bring their wholeselves to work, which results in a more productiveand creative work environment for all employees. Itis important to remember that diversity encompassesmuch more than the traditional or standard fewcategories, which include race, gender, or sexualorientation.