What To Pack On Your Beach Holiday


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Use this guide for everything you could possibly need to pack when you go away on a beach holiday. Use the check list to ensure you pack everything you need.

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What To Pack On Your Beach Holiday

  1. 1. What to packon your beach holiday Lets get ready for summer!
  2. 2. Suitcase First find a suitcase that you can fit all your luggage in. Get a unique looking one so you can find it easily on the conveyor belt at the airport. Make it secure by buying a padlock, and tag it with your name, number and address!
  3. 3. Casual Cool Clothing Take clothing that you can wear throughout the day for going to the beach, shops and other attractions. Pack a pair of shorts and a skirt with tops to match them both to give you a few different outfits for your holiday. Don’t forget to pack your bikini!
  4. 4. Dresses & Evening Wear Dresses are great for both evening wear and as casual wear. Get casual day dresses and add accessories to make them extra special. Playsuits are a great idea for casual and evening wear too!
  5. 5. ShoesThe all important shoes!Flip-flops are standard beachwear, so a pair of these are amust.One pair of heels for the eveningwill help to dress up yourevening wear and give you greatposture.If you are planning long walks onyour holiday, you may want tothink about taking a comfy pairof shoes you can wear. One way ofnot having to put them in yoursuitcase is to wear them on theplane. Saves space!
  6. 6. Accessories Accessorise with the essential accessories you will need whilst chilling on the beach. Take a hat to keep the sun off your face and unique sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. Jewellery can be bulky to take, so decide on a pair of earrings for the day time, and one for the evening. Pack a few bangles and one or two fashion rings to wear. Try not to go over board, you will not need to use them all.
  7. 7. Beach Bag & Towel You may need a couple of bags for your holiday. A beach bag that you can fit a towel in and all your bits to take to the beach and a small unique handbag to take out in the evening with your camera, money and keys.
  8. 8. Makeup Supplies Take only the makeup that you need in your makeup bag. Mascara – to make your eyes pop. Tinted moisturiser – to give a tinted colour and act as foundation, as well as moisturiser for your face. Bronzer – to add colour to your complexion. Eye Liner – Either a black or brown to go with all your different outfits. Lip Stick – Pick one lipstick that will go with any outfit.
  9. 9. Entertainment Pack items to keep yourself amused when you are away. Read a few books, listen to music and play ball games in the pool.
  10. 10. Essential Everyday Items Everyday items are a must in the suitcase, a good toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and hair brush with hair accessories are the essentials to pack. Take sun cream and after sun. Keep your sun tan by moisturising using after sun.
  11. 11. Legal Documents & Money The absolute musts to pack in your hand luggage:  Passport  Flight Tickets  Money in the correct currency!  Details of where you are staying
  12. 12. Camera Pack a camera to record your holiday’s best moments and be snap happy whilst your away. Bring back pictures to show your friends and family what a lovely time you have had!
  13. 13. Holiday Essentials Packing Checklist Pass Port Tickets for  Casual Dress  Hair Brush Flight  Evening Dress  Tooth Brush Money  Heels  Sun cream Handbag  Flip Flops  After sun Beach Bag  Shorts  Shower Gel Sun Hat  T-Shirt  Shampoo Sun Glasses  Skirt  Conditioner Camera  Bikini  Razor iPod  Underwear  Makeup bag Books  Accessories Beach Ball  Jewellery
  14. 14. More Holiday EssentialsVisit this holidaypacking guide formore tips onessentials to packfor your beachholiday.