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Guide To Festivals For 2013 Guide
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Guide To Festivals For 2013 Guide


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Find out all about the latest music festivals in the UK and what to watch out for when you go and pack your bags! …

Find out all about the latest music festivals in the UK and what to watch out for when you go and pack your bags!

Have fun!

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  • 1. It’s that time of year again, so get your face paints,wellies, silly hats and novelty sunglasses out. It’stime to get a little muddy, a little sweaty and alittle crazy as the UK festival season kicks into gearfor what should prove to be one of the best festivalseasons ever.
  • 2. Reading and Leeds• One for those who like to rough it in the mud, Reading and leadsoffer some of the most current music up to date with everythingfrom metal, rock, indie, RnB, drum and bass, dance and rap. Wellloved by a younger audience who love to cut loose and get a littlecrazy.• Headliners: Green Day, Eminem, Biffy ClyroV Festival• One for the pop addicts here. All your favourite chart toppers upclose and live over a weekend that is set to be packed to the rafterswith avid pop fans looking to get a glimpse of their favourite stars.Beyonce will no doubt be one of the best performances of the year .• Headliners: Beyonce, Kings of Leon
  • 3. GlastonburyWith over 1000 artists to choose from, this is arguably the mosthistory and most loved British festival. Drawing huge crowds and thebiggest names in music. This years Glastonbury will be one toremember as, finally The Rolling Stones headline the festival with atwo and a half hour set.Headliners: The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys, Mumford andSonsLatitudeEclectic and extraordinary, Latitude has a bit of everything. Arts,music, theatre and comedy, film, dance, fashion and food. This yearthe legendary Bobby Womack performs as well as BBC Radio 6 havingtheir own stage.Headliners: Bloc Party, Kraftwerk 3D, Foals
  • 4. Bestival• Arguably the best line up of the season with some of the hottestacts of the year appearing alongside genuine legends, Bestival willbe something special this year. With the festival theme this yearbeing all things nautical, bring your pirate costume and yourswimming trunks and get ready to party.• Headliners: Elton John, Snoop Dogg, Fatboy SlimBeach Break Live• The UK’s biggest student festival heads down to Newquay this yearfor the biggest beach party this year. Beach Break Live is takingover town, with gigs in local cafes, bars, venues and a main stageout on the beach, it promises to be one of the best small festivalsof the year.• Headliners: David Rodigan, Jake Bugg, Dub Pistols
  • 5. Wilderness• Probably the most beautiful festival this year, Wilderness is set to bethe most idyllic, cerebral and beautiful festival in the British Isles. Heldin the Oxfordshire countryside this is a feast for the senses with longtable banquets, feasts, Shakespearian theatre and a philosophicaldiscussion tent as well as a stellar line-up in terms of music. Theperfect chill out festival for families.• Headliners: Empire Of The Sun, Noah And The Whale, RodriguezFestival Number 6• Voted best new festival and best small festival last year, FestivalNumber 6 boasts the most stylish festival site possible in the town ofPortmeirion. Explore the ocean, the mountains the forests and thestunning city, and maybe take in some culture, music, film or theatrewhile you’re at it.• Headliners: My Bloody Valentine, Manic Street Preachers, Chic
  • 6. Remember! You’re going to have to carry allyour bags and beer with you into the arena, soit’s important to only take what you can carry.You’ll need a big rucksack rather than asuitcase, dragging a heavy case through themud isn’t much fun so get yourself a goodcamping bag.Itinerary• Tent• Sleeping bag• Roll mat• Wellies• Comfortable Socks• Beer• Snacks such as chocolate bars andfruit• Waterproof clothesDon’t Forget To Take These!• Torch• Toilet roll• Wet wipes• Hand sanitizer• Sun cream• Watch• Hat
  • 7. Make sure you’re ahead of thecrowd with some festival gadgets.These things can make or break yourweekend, with them you’ll be moreorganised and well prepared,without them you could findyourself a little lost.• Pop up pint and wine glassWant to put some class in yourcampsite? The pop up pint and wineglass are great for allowing you tolook rather refined as you treat youself to a midday tipple. Fold it up andpop it in your pocket and take yourplastic glass with you.• Walkie TalkiesLose your friend in the crowd? Noproblem with these walkie talkies.Give your self code names, over andout , ten-four , see you in the dancetent.• Pebble BatteryThere’s nothing worse than your phone goingdead at a festival. Keep your batteries chargedfor the whole weekend with the Pebble Batteryportable charging device and make sure youcapture all those unforgettable festival momentswith your smartphone.
  • 8. Festival fashion is all the rage now, whetheryou’re going to glam up on your way to seeBeyonce or go scruffy for The Rolling Stones. It’simportant to look good and feel comfortable.Remember that you’ll be bouncing round anddancing for most of the day so you’ll need somecomfortable boots or wellies to dance the dayand night away.You’ll also need to stay dry, if the heavens openand you’re stuck in nothing but a t-shirt andshorts then you’re going to feel pretty rotten.Your tent might be a half an hour walk awayfrom your tent so keep that in mind.Wacky headwear is always good for festivals,stand out with a peacock headdress or just acrazy hat!Fancy dress is always a great idea, somefestivals pre set themes so check the website tosee if there are any organised festivities. If not,set your own theme with your friends and getdressed up.
  • 9. Here’s a couple of secrets that the festivalorganisers wont put in the brochureToilets – Be in for a bit of a shock. If you’re at afestival with portaloos then they should getcleaned once a day. But be prepared fornothing more than a hole in the ground and awooden seat to perch on.Booze – Do not take any glass into yourcampsite, it will be confiscated. Take plasticbottles of booze and cans of beer. Alcohol is notallowed inside the main arena but it is possibleto sneak some in if you’re smart enough.Cash Points – There will be cash points insidethe arena but they will charge you for making atransactionFestival Etiquette - It’s every manand woman for themselves outthere, so if you want to get to thefront of the crowd and get a goodspot to see the band, get thereearly and hold your ground.
  • 10. • Food and Drink –With everything fromfull English breakfasts, gourmet burgersand noodle bars on offer at festivals,there’s plenty to choose but don’texpect it to be cheap.• Buy a Guide – They might be expensivebut they’re well worth having. Get allthe stage times and make sure youdon’t miss a thing.• Get Your Bearings – Take some time towalk around the arena and yourcampsite. You’ll need to know you’reway around when you’re trying to findyour tent in the middle of the night.You Will Get Lost – There’s no avoidingit. You could be talking to a friend oneminute, turn around and they’ll begone the next. Avoid this by settingout meeting points at each of the mainstages and organising your groupbefore you set off for the arena eachmorning.
  • 11. • The festival season has become an integral part of the British summertime, there’ssomething for everyone on the calendar this year. So whether you want to dancethe night away to some of the most exciting DJ’s in the world, listen to some of thebiggest names in music on some of the biggest stages in the world or just sit back,relax and enjoy some fine food, music theatre or comedy, it’s all out there waitingfor you