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Karlene Francis

  1. 1. Ministry of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications (MEMT) “Partners and Policies for a Sustained Library and Information System” Presenter: Karlene Francis, Director General
  2. 2. ICT STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK 2007/08  Electronic Transactions Act 2006  Draft Telecommunications Policy 2007  National ICT Strategy 2007-2012  National Development Plan 2030 (PIOJ)
  3. 3. E-TRANSACTIONS ACT - OBJECTIVES  Facilitate electronic transactions by means of reliable electronic communications;  Promote the development of the legal and business infrastructure necessary to implement secure electronic commerce;  Eliminate barriers to electronic commerce resulting from uncertainties over writing and signature requirements;
  4. 4. E-TRANSACTIONS ACT - OBJECTIVES  Promote public confidence in the integrity and reliability of electronic communications and electronic transactions, through the use of electronic signatures;  Establish uniformity of legal rules and standards regarding the authentication and integrity of electronic communications;  Facilitate electronic filing of information with government entities and to promote efficient delivery of government services
  5. 5. Draft Telecom Policy 2007 • Sets the framework for telecommunications as an instrument for national development to improve the global competitiveness of local industries. • Seeks to improve overall efficiency in the public and private sectors, promote increased investment in Jamaica and utilize ICT to create an educated and knowledge-based society. • Recognizes telecommunications as a key enabler for all sectors including ICT, commerce, education, health, security and entertainment.
  6. 6. Draft Telecom Policy 2007 Universal Service and Access  Broadband Internet access  Access devices, e.g. computers  Information literacy  Access to telecommunications services
  7. 7. Draft National ICT Strategy 2007-2012 •The vision is for Jamaica to achieve Accelerated Economic and Human Development and Global Competitiveness. It embodies the national goals of: developing our people, fostering innovation, strengthening governance, and creating jobs •The mission of the NICT Strategy is e-Inclusion: Open Access to ICTs and Participation in a Knowledge-Based Society. •The Strategy is organized in seven interlinked strategic thrusts, areas of activity & emphasis
  8. 8. Draft National ICT Strategy 2007-2012 Strategic Thrusts Strategic Objectives E-Inclusion Open Access to ICTs and Participation in a Knowledge-Based Society Education and Training Highly Educated and Well Trained Jamaicans Available to the ICT Sector Network Readiness and Widely Available, Affordable, Secure and Reliable Infrastructure Development High Speed Connectivity to ICT Network Infrastructure e-Government Greater Adoption of e-Government Services by the Government and those whom it Serves e-Business and ICT Expanded Job Creation, Entrepreneurship and Industry Development New Business Development Research and Innovation Growth in Innovation and Development of New ICT Products and Services Cultural Content and Greater Global Recognition of and Rewards from Creativity Brand Jamaica Legislative and Policy Greater Confidence in the Conduct of Digital Framework Transactions
  9. 9. National Development Plan 2030 The Plan will put Jamaica in a position to achieve developed country status by 2030 The vision is to make ‘Jamaica the place of choice to raise families, live, work and do business’ • The PIOJ is responsible for the preparation, articulation and monitoring of the Plan • Organized in three sectors: Social, Sustainable Development and Economic. Each sector has several Taskforces for certain key elements
  10. 10. National Development Plan 2030 • MEMT chairs the ICT Taskforce under the Economic Sector, which consists of key government reps, private sector representatives and academia • The Task Force is responsible for developing the ICT Sector Plan for the NDP • Decision to adopt the goals, objectives and strategies of the NICT Strategy for the first 5 years of 2030 • Preparation Jan 2007 – March 2008 to be tabled in the Houses of Parliament, April 2008
  11. 11. Opportunities for Libraries • Jamaica is suffering from an education and skills divide when compared with other countries and also need to bridge the digital divide • The Policy, Strategy and Sector Plan promote the utilization of ICT to: transform the educational system and to improve the skills • Provide knowledge and expertise • Facilitate research and innovation • Development of Content (archives) • Universal access and service
  12. 12. Specific Opportunities • Institutional Networking among libraries • Improved administration through implementation of various systems • Electronic books • Access to on-line training courses and on-line universities • On-line subscription to magazines, periodicals and journals • Provision of Information Literacy and Literacy Programmes • Creation of cultural and historical content • Access point for community
  13. 13. Ministry of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications (MEMT) THANK YOU !!! E-mail: kfrancis@mct.gov.jm Please visit our websites at: www.mct.gov.jm www.cito.gov.jm