Quality Assurance Testing


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  • Aim is to prove that all areas of the system interact with each other correctly (E.g:Oetker)Assures that each element of application meets the functional business requirementsProves that the documented performance standards/requirements are being metDefects and issues raised during development cycle should be retested to validate fixesBehave as an everyday user would – interact with application/website in unexpected manners – see how actions are handledPerformed after release of each phase.Ensure that there is no impact on any previous releasesTest the application in the production environment.
  • User can create test suites before writing test cases. User can start writing test cases in the relevant suite.
  • User can click the settings button on home page to open Settings window. Click ‘Add bug tracker’ and select Bug Tracker tab and enter relevant information. Click Set my Lighthouse user to enter lighthouse email and password.After adding the bug tracker, click ‘Edit’ button on the right side of the project name on home page. Select Lighthouse from the bug tracker drop down menu in the project settings window.
  • User can add a new lab. Click ‘Add lab’ to open ‘New Lab’ window. Enter relevant information to create the lab.
  • Quality Assurance Testing

    1. 1. SSoftware QualityAssurance
    2. 2. SDLC
    3. 3. Testing ProcessRequirements Test PlanningTest CaseDevelopmentTest CaseExecutionTest resultsReportingDefectsRetestingRegressiontestingTest Closure
    4. 4. Types of TestingS Integration testingS Functional testingS Performance testingS Defect fix validationS User acceptance testing (aka Ad hoc testing)S Regression testingS Production testing
    5. 5. RequirementsS Requirements can be gathered from different sources.S Examples:S Business requirement documentS Design specific documentsS WireframesS MeetingsS Use Cases
    6. 6. Test SuiteS A collection of test casesthat are intended to beused to test softwareprogram to show that ithas some specified set ofbehaviors.
    7. 7. Test Cases• Webpage Login Feature• 1. User attempts to login with wrong credentials• 2. User logs in with right credentials• 3. User logs out• Login with wrong credentials• Login with right credentials• Logout
    8. 8. Test executionS Test cases are assigned to tester.S Tester executes test cases in Test Lab.S User can pass and fail test steps.S A bug is reported for failed test cases.S Bug is created in testuffS Bug is posted to desired bug tracking tool.
    9. 9. Bug Reporting
    10. 10. Is it a valid bug?
    11. 11. Error ManagementS Meetings to discuss defects, priority and fixes involving:S QA Dept.S System & Interface developmentS Project Management
    12. 12. Questions?