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  • 1. AIZU GAME MAGAZINE COMPANY The purpose of the company : Having I make a game magazine, and many people read Price : 250 yen An advantage with our product : You can know recent game circumstances The example of the game that our company handles. Source KOANMI Details of the contact and three place (an address): University Of Aizu Speaking and Writing Group C of the office
  • 2. Cover Page ・ Aizu Game Company ・ Aizu-Wakamatsu Ikkityou Turuga ・ 0242-xx-xxxx ・ Takazumi Tanaka
  • 3. Executive Summary A. Company name and type  Aizu Game Company. Our company publishes a game magazine. B. Goals or objectives of the plan   We offer the latest gaming information to the people, and our purpose is to contribute to the sales improvement of the game industry. C. How the plan will be implemented As a foothold, I lay in stock of the information of the game and gather them up  and publish Aizu University as a magazine.  The source of funds is advertisement charges. D. Effect of the plan on the business If we publish a magazine written about a game, information is spread out to the  people and leads to the sales improvement of the game industry. A. Business Name:  Aizu game magazine B. Amount  of money  needed  A total of 50,000,000 yen C.  How the money will be used    The salary of the employee, print charges, the maintenance cost of the company  of the magazine. D. Effect of the money on the business If there is not a fund, I cannot publish a magazine. If funds are enough, the  pages of the magazine increase and can attach the appendixes.
  • 4. The Business: Description of the Business What your business is, or will be if it is a start­up situation?  I assume Aizu University a foothold. I contract with each game company  and collect the information that is necessary for a magazine.  I distribute a role every post in a company and make an article. I make  them a magazine in a mass. How you plan to run it?  Firstly we make a marketing research and gather up investigation, them  what kind of game there is and publish a magazine. Why you think it will be successful?  In late years the game industry spreads on a global scale, and many  people are interested in a game.  The business succeeds if I publish a magazine to handle about the game.  In addition, I can get advertisement charges from the other companies if I  prepare the page of the advertisement into the magazine, and the source  of revenue is stable.
  • 5. Industry Analysis Is it a fad?    Game in itself has the fashionableness, but a game magazine does not  have it. Is it seasonal?  I let you go through in a year and, regardless of a season, am stable. Is it increasing or decreasing?  There is the market in a growth supposition still more. Does it simply  grow with the population?  I do not grow up with the population. I depend on the life level of the  country and a technical level. Is the market  always  there, always  the same? Markets are the always same. What are the factors  affecting  the growth  of the market, and of market  share?   The life level of the country has an influence on the market. In addition,  the number of game production companies of the country affects it, too Where are they located? A developed nation is a market for the master that a technical level and  life level are high. How large  is the market?     World Wide What are their  characteristics? The game production company is different in the preference for the game  of the nation by a country, too. So the market has to be careful in the  tendency to growth. Who are the potential  customers  for the business' product  or service? A youth is the center mainly. However, the adults and old men for 
  • 6. rehabilitation become a customer recently, too. Vision Statement Five years later, I aim at the magazine known to people in Japan.  At first securing a stable customer and income source of the beginning is  aimed.  I make a contract with as possible many companies and obtain much  information. Vision Trigger   We always aim for offering the latest correct information for you who like  a game.
  • 7. Business Operations A. Marketing Marketing can be described using the basic marketing functions:  product, price, place and promotion. Product: I edit a magazine in the University of Aizu, and sell it by consigning it  to  a chapel. Price: I estimate an amount of money that I matched personnel expenses or  trust expense with, and I fix a price at yuan in it. I do 250 yen that are the price level of other companies in an aim. Place: I build it in the Aizu­Wakamatsu. Promotion: In the newspaper company of the magazine of oneself have put an  advertisement, and give the popularity. B. Competitive Analysis
  • 8. Our main rival is "Famitu" and "Gemadia". Our good point for them is height of the ability for intelligence. On the contrary, the weak point of us is not very well known. It is a characteristic that our company has high ability for intelligence in  comparison with them.       In addition, I carry out a questionnaire to meet the demand of the  customer to win competition with them. C. Legal Structure In preparing this section you should cover these areas 1. The president has all proprietary rights. 2. The president owns the assets of the company. 3. The officer watches work of the president, and the employee  keeps each power balance by watching the work of the officer. D. Management Expertise In preparing this section, you should cover
  • 9. 1. I studied business administration by self­education after graduation in  University of Aizu. 2. I committed a university after graduation in an editorial department  of the information paper. 3. The salary of the executive officer is considerably higher than a  general  employee. On the other hand, the responsibility is heavy in comparison with  the general employee so that it is left an important role of the  management of the company. 4. I can receive the support from the company by making a contract with  a company. E. Support Personnel In preparing this section you should cover describe in general  terms your personal needs. The person who know a lot of people who has a connection with other  companies.
  • 10. VI  Introduction to Financial Planning  The purpose of our company compiles the information of the game to  progress every day and publishes a magazine, and it is to sell it to  people. 1. Sources  of Information:  The source of information of our company is a game making  company. 2.Real estate  agents Our company intends to have Aizu University cooperate 3.Accountants  and/or  bookkeepers  We employ a specialized employee and leave accounts, the work of the  account book 4.Major  suppliers  The source of supply of the main fund is the company which I put on the  column of the advertisement of the magazine. Accounting System Because I intend to employ many employees, our company needs many  accounts.  I perform the salary to the employee including a swing. I write expense, the personnel expenses that sales of the month, the  publication of the magazine cost for the financial statements mainly. I think about money, and the movement means on the work is reduced as  much as possible. In addition, I intend to participate positively if there are  events to be connected with work.  I specify the money that I spent on  work finely out of necessity.
  • 11. VII Summary Our company takes up various games with a magazine, we work hard to  lay in stock of information quickly to have the people of a wide age group  read.  In addition, I strengthen cooperation with the game company not to be  defeated by the other companies and can facilitate acquisition of the  information.
  • 12. VIII. Supporting Documentation 1.Resume The main ability that is necessary for our company is ability to edit  information to put on a magazine, artistic ability to make the picture  which the person who watched a magazine can enjoy, communicative  competence to make friends with a fellow worker. 2.Letter of Intent When covenanting with our company, the information received from  client's company in our game magazine is carried. More goods a client  would like to advertise in people are carried in a magazine. It requires the  advertisement rate, but I never make them waste. Letter of Recommendation s1170023 Naruki Shirai  s1170027 Takazumi Tanaka Newspaper and Magazine Clippings I use the media such as a television commercial or the newspaper to have  people know the product of our company.  The contents are a product of  our company being a magazine dealing with a gaming information, a  price, sale dates. Additional Relevant Information Supporting Your Business Our company has University Of Aizu cooperate and intends to solve  problems such as the office construction.
  • 13. Feasibility Report A. The purpose of our business publishes a magazine a pine by information about the game, and it is to tell people. In late years the game becomes the global entertainment. The people wanting the information of the game in that increase. Our business succeeds by all means if I take out a magazine written about a game. The game progresses every day. I operated it with a controller until this, but a thing moving a body such as Wii of Nintendo is developed recently. A lot of information about it cannot be troubled with the editing of the magazine by lack of the information in games always progressing in this way. In addition, our company thinks about a project not to be defeated by the other companies. People intend to carry an idle good old game with a magazine in old days. All the game magazines of other companies carry only new information. Therefore I can collect the interest of people if I carry out the project of our company, and the project succeeds. It is easy to buy our magazine than the magazine of other companies to set a price cheaply from the other companies. Therefore, demand increases and can anticipate success. Collect advertisement charges from the game company to print in a magazine; because do it, can secure the source of funds. B. It seems that it is comparatively easy to get human resources. Because our company's main work that to collects information and edit it, so even if we don't have special qualifications, we can work. In addition,for reasons of the above the institutions bringing up talented person is not necessary, and a possible thing is expected by the recruitment from the public. In our company, it seems that it is easy for to prepare items, because we use PC to edit magazines. C. We have unique information from game companies. We are a small company, so it would be difficult. We are not famous. game magazine company. There are many famous game magazine company. so We need a public relations. We need to get computer for the magazine editor. and We need people to edit the magazine. we must sale and print our magazine, so we need cooperation of other companies.
  • 14. D. a. company hours open 10:00 close 20:00 b. pricing of your product 400yen c. The location that will be rented or bought A bookstore, a magazine retail store, and a game store. d. advertising your product I cover all the latest gaming informations and convey the information of the game which I am correct newly, and is interesting which other magazines do not write. In addition, it is the gaming information paper that it is unusual to carry processes before reaching it from a released old game in history of the game and the fun, now in old days
  • 15. Instructional guide A. A brief overview of the company and its products. Our company publishes a game magazine. B. How is one of the products created or used? We contract with each game company and collect information about the game, and er carry it, and the game magazine of our company prints them on a magazine in large quantities in a mass and profits from what we send out in bookstores of the whole country. C. How does a person (customer or employee) decide what to do (what to make or what to buy)? The role of the employee is important, and there is a role to ask a role to edit a magazine, a role to attract information, the print company for printing. When we employ it to decide those roles, we hear a qualification or the experience of the employee and decide after having considered it. In addition, the role of the customer purchases the magazine of our company at a bookstore and has you read and has you evaluate it. D. How are the products packaged? The article does not wrap it to get it for the hand of the customer. E. Is there a training program to teach employees or customers about the product? (How to use it or how to make it?) In addition, as for the training, it is necessary how we should gather up the prose of the magazine to ascertain it what kind of information is an important thing. F. Is there any extra support available for employees or customers if they need it? For example, is there a help line? Is there a FAQ (frequently asked questions)? Is your guide multi-lingual? For time when we employed a foreign worker, we make the training plan in not only the Japanese but also the foreign languages such as the English. G. How can employees or customers contact human sources of help? Our company makes a post to talk with for a customer and the employee who had a problem. In addition, on the page of the last of instructional guide, I specify the e-mail address of the address, a phone number, a number of the FAX.
  • 16. Aizu Game Magazine Company Group C
  • 17. About Web-brochure The following information is put on our Web-brochure ・The purpose of our company ・The price of the magazine ・An advantage with a magazine The place of a name and the office of our company
  • 18. About Business plan ・Executive summary ・Content of product ・Marketing ・Competitive Analysis ・Financial Planning
  • 19. Importance of Web- brochure ・We made the cover of magazine. ・The cover is seen first. ・The cover can show the summary of the magazine. ・The cover influences sales of the magazine.
  • 20. Importance of Business Plan ・When we start business, we understand what we should do. ・The role of the each business manager is understood. ・We need the business plan to against other companies. ・It can explain our company to people.
  • 21. Web-brochure's Contents ・Our Web-Brochure puts the purpose of our company, the price of the magazine, the advantage of the it, and the information of the place of the office. ・We carried only important information so that information made it easy to come to the person who read. ・We considered a color and the size of the letter to attract the attention of people and carried the reference image of the game and to still deal with.
  • 22. Business Plan's Contents ・All the information to be necessary when we launch business is written for our business plan. ・If the purpose of the company, a marketing research, explanation of the business have you read it, you can know our company. ・Above all, Description of the Business and Industry Analysis are confident.
  • 23. Web-brochure's key word ・Company name ・About our product ・Address
  • 24. Business plan's key word ・The purpose of our company ・About fond ・A difference with other companies ・Management after starting business
  • 25. Thank you!