Campus Life in the United States                                        By	  Nargiza	...
 Academic/Arts/Social OrganizationsOther university campus groups can comprise of hundreds of clubs and societies to cover...
 events hosted by local communities are held in order to help international students becomeacquainted about the local cult...
 student is issued before arrival to the United States. For example, after the first academic year,students with F-1 type ...
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Campus life in the united states


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Campus life in the united states

  1. 1.   Campus Life in the United States By  Nargiza  Jedwab   February  19,  2011    The United States of America is a nation of immigrants, and its melting pot identity is exhibited onthe campuses of its colleges and universities. Many higher educational institutions and programsin the United States offer international students great opportunities for learning and enrichment.Universities and colleges help their students become involved in university life through a variety ofactivities with one common goal engaging students and inspiring leadership as they create an unforgettable collegiate experience. Opportunities for students vary from university to university. Traditionally, a vast variety of university student organizations include: advisory councils, academic, campus media, diversified interest, Greek Life, performing arts, public service, residency issues, social justice, spiritual, special interest, sports (club and recreation), and visual arts affiliates; musical entertainment,dances, lectures, comedy, excursions, and cultural events.Greek LifeUniversities across the United States have a rich tradition of runningfraternity and sorority community groups called “Greek life”. Greeklife provides many opportunities to meet people, promote academicachievement, contribute to the community through service andphilanthropy projects, and develop leadership skills. Fraternities,referring to male group members, and sororities, female members,represent these organizations and offer academic support,fellowship, leadership training and prepare future graduates as theystart their careers upon graduation. Traditionally, these groups are named with letters of theGreek alphabet and go by the name of Greek Chapters.International  Programs,  Kutztown  University  
  2. 2.  Academic/Arts/Social OrganizationsOther university campus groups can comprise of hundreds of clubs and societies to cover everyacademic subject including arts and music, as well as community and voluntary serviceorganizations. For instance, students organize science, law, political, business, anthropology,history, English and many other clubs in order to discuss the role of their subject in the societyand keep up-to-date with its current developments. Arts and music organizations range from atraditional Marching Unit that performs during sports tournaments, to singing, dancing andentertainment clubs that participate in events in off-campus events.Students inspired in bringing awareness and fundraising for organizations that deal with the socialand economic concerns of the society, form community outreach groups and volunteerorganizations that serve in bettering the lives of local communities. Students participating in theseclubs are exposed to a personal benefit of contributing to the larger society. International Student Services International education is an important component of academic excellence and a part of many universities’ strategic initiatives. With the rapid growth of the international student population in the United States, many colleges and universities are committed to creating the environment that fosters ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as diversity of thought. Today’s colleges and universities strive toprepare students to live and work in, and contribute to an increasingly global society. In order tobetter serve the international student body, many universities have departments that provide theprospective, accepted and current students the necessary guidance and resources to assist andencourage students in their educational studies. Furthermore, they are dedicated to supportinginternational students and making their academic and personal experiences in the United Statesas productive and fulfilling as possible.Many colleges and universities in the United States are also committed to promoting friendshipand culture exchanges between local communities and the international population. VariousInternational  Programs,  Kutztown  University      
  3. 3.  events hosted by local communities are held in order to help international students becomeacquainted about the local culture, customs, traditions and daily life. Often local citizens areinterested in learning more about the cultures international students represent, as well as helpingnew students to settle in their local communities.International Student Organizations (ISOs) present in many universities across the United States,are made up of students from all corners of the globe. International Student Organizations areconsidered to be one of the major international student bodies on America’s campuses. Manyinternational students who become active in the International Student Organizations experienceits important role in their social life. ISOs are usually non-political bodies whose primary goal is tobe an effective avenue for addressing issues pertaining to the needs of international students.International Student Organizations seek to work with the university administration and variousother departments and student organizations to ensure that the welfare and rights of internationalstudents are upheld during their course of study.Campus AthleticsNumerous universities in the United States boast of their outstanding athletics departments thatoffer a range of options for athletes who are interested in intramural and club sports, to varsityteam sports. As members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) manyuniversities offer athletic scholarships to allow students to use their athletic talent and pursue anacademic degree at the same time. Since college athletics departments continue to grow due tothe increase in popularity of inter-collegiate sports, a number of colleges and universities are nowlooking for athletes internationally.Career development centersCareer Development Centers services range from helping students compile résumés to assistingthem in deciding on a major, offering information about career fields and finding an internship or aprofessional position. Career Development Centers partner with local businesses to provideinternships opportunities for current students and graduates.Student life and employmentIt is common for international students to combine their study with employment. While mostinternational students are not allowed to work off campus, they can accept on-campusemployment subject to certain conditions and restrictions. This depends on the type of visa aInternational  Programs,  Kutztown  University  
  4. 4.  student is issued before arrival to the United States. For example, after the first academic year,students with F-1 type visa can seek off-campus employment. The United States Citizenship andImmigration Services website offers detailed information onemployment possibilities for international students.American universities offer outstanding educational opportunities to international students.Collaborating with various facets of the university life and the local community, they allow a trulyintegrated collegiate experience, bridging the journey from prospective student to alumnus.American university programs are designed to foster student well-being, address the needs of adiverse student population and prepare students for lifelong challenges and responsibilities.International  Programs,  Kutztown  University