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Applicant Tracking System

  1. 1. + Understanding Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Nargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley05/25/2012 Professionals
  2. 2. + Definition of ATS  Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application used for recruitment of personnel. ATS is often called Talent Management System or Candidate Management System  Usually it is used by large companies to handle job applications, however ATS is becoming popular among mid- sized companiesNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  3. 3. + ATS Functions  ATS scans and ranks résumés for job-related keywords to determine whether or not you can be shortlisted for a particular job  ATS can generate interview requests to potential candidates by e- mail  ATS can provide pre-screening questions, response tracking, and has multilingual capabilitiesNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  4. 4. + Keywords  Keywords are job-related words and phrases describing a particular job. Keywords are programmed into the ATS by recruiters  Keywords are nouns and noun phrases `used by recruiters searching through applicant databases and Web job sites for résumés  Example: "Assistant" and "manager" are nouns. "Administrative assistant" and "marketing manager" are noun phrases  When you apply for a job, your résumé is scanned, and if it does not contain enough of those words and terms, the ATS can store your résumé in the “reject bin” and depending on the ATS features, it can send a generic rejection emailNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  5. 5. + Keywords to include in a résumé  Words describing main criteria and terminology in the job description  Your past and present job titles, and the title of the job you are applying to  Names of tools (e.g., forklift), software (e.g., Microsoft Project), hardware (e.g., Mac), or techniques (e.g., forklift operation) youre qualified to use and that are specific to your job, profession, or industry  Relevant education and training, including degrees, diplomas, or applicable majors, coursework, licenses, certifications, etc.Nargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  6. 6. + Keywords to include  Professional committee or association memberships  Trade shows and conferences you have attended or where you have presented papers  Include both acronyms and phrases and explain each of them in the body of your résuméNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  7. 7. + Keywords to include  Use different forms of the same term. For example: "M.B.A," "MBA," "Master of Business Administration," "Masters in Bus. Admin," etc. so your résumé falls into the consideration list, regardless of the exact term used by the recruiters in their search  Add a section near the top of your résumé named "skills" or "keywords," where you list as many of your key words as possibleNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  8. 8. + Keywords to include  Include the word "resume" in your résumé. It is a word frequently used by recruiters searching for résumés: "M. Jonson’s Resume"), as well as in the file name (MJohnson-resume.doc., MJohnson-resume.html, or MJohnson-resume.txt).  Important: do not use the word "résumé” (its proper form) since most search software will not recognize “é” character as an "e" and will not find your résumé  See résumé sample: http://www.job-  Resume.jpg  Do not forget to include action verbsNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  9. 9. + Other strategies  Do not send a PDF version of your résumé because ATS may not recognize it  Do not include tables and graphics because ATS cannot read them  You can include a longer résumé. ATS will scan résumés regardless of their lengthNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  10. 10. + Other strategies  Call your work experience, "Work Experience”. Often the computer can skip over your experience if you call it “professional experience” or “career achievements”  Do not start your work experience with dates. Start it with your employers name, followed by your title, followed by the dates you held that title. (Each can run on its own line). Usually, ATS first searches company namesNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  11. 11. + Other strategies  Register a Personal Domain Name. This will give you much better search engine visibility.  How to register a personal domain name: _domain_name.html  Add Meta Tags. A meta tag is a coding statement in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that describes contents of a Web page. Follow link for instructions: http://www.job- Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  12. 12. + Cover letters  Some Applicant Tracking Systems render cover letters as searchable text  Thus, put additional keywords and skills in your cover letters  For more details, see article: advice/getting-cover-letter-noticedNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  13. 13. + Summary  Always have relevant keywords and phrases in your résumé  Think like employers when you write your résumé and cover letter, that is show that you understand their needs and that you can contribute value to the businessNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  14. 14. + Additional reading  acking_Systems  acking_Systems?page=2&taxonomyId=3123  responsibilities/  hr-black-hole/  resume/  your-resumes-first-impression/Nargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012
  15. 15. + References      noticedNargiza Jedwab Lehigh Valley Professionals 05/25/2012