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  1. 1. Aspi - India 2013 Chennai, India ITC Grand Chola May 17-19, 2013What successful infertility clinics & clinicians do differently? Yes! it is a conference with a difference...Highlights Evidence changing Practice & Practice changing Evidence Highly interactive sessions Providing clarity to many tricky grey areas in infertility management Luncheon meet Lots of educative surprises
  2. 2. InvitationDear Friends,Ever since the birth of Louise Brown, life of infertile couples and infertilityspecialists is not the same. Today we are an optimistic lot, trying to catch upwith the ever changing field of infertility management. The world is movingfast and our understanding of the problems associated with infertility areimproving day by day, but still many of us feel handicapped especially thosenot practising ART, on how to go about infertility management, withunderstanding of endocrinology limiting our management and also use ofcertain drugs, where to draw lines for a management by us and refer to ormove to ART and give the best possible benefit to our patients.ASPIRE (Asia Pacific initiative on reproduction) is the largest organisation inthis part of the world which will play a significant role and with responsibilityfor the future of reproductive medicine in this region. This region whichalready has the world leaders in the field at one end of the spectrum and theunder developed, still striving to reach somewhere with minimum resourcesat the other end. Our aim is to bridge this gap by sharing knowledge &technology.This is our first initiative towards, helping our friends understand andupgrade their understanding that too evidence based, with world classfaculty, which figures in the whos who in the field of infertility management.This is a conference with a difference as, it will be very interactive, will give anopportunity to all delegates to interact and clear their doubts, understand themanagement from an Indian point of view, rather than following the westblindly, as our issues are totally different, so will our management differ. It willalso give all an opportunity to develop protocols more suited for ourpopulation, including the understanding of safe and optimum use ofdiagnostic modalities, to operative techniques to economising drug costs andyet not compromising with the results and minimizing complications.We are looking forward to an electrifying experience in the beautiful city ofChennai from 17th to 19th May 2013 at the ITC Grand Chola.Robert Norman Jaideep Malhotra Yoshiharu MorimotoPresident ASPIRE President (Elect) ASPIRE Imm. Past Presi. ASPIREOrg. Chairperson Org. Secretary Org. Chairperson
  3. 3. Faculty from ASPIRENational Faculty International FacultyŸ Abha Majumdar Ÿ Nandita Palshetkar Ÿ Robert Norman, AustraliaŸ Asha Baxi Ÿ Natachandra Chimote Ÿ Yoshi Morimoto, JapanŸ Aswath Kumar Ÿ Nayana Patel Ÿ Louise Hull, AustraliaŸ Bharti Dhore Patil Ÿ N Sanjeeva Reddy Ÿ Juan Velasco, SpainŸ B.N Chakravarty Ÿ Padmarekha Jirge Ÿ Mizuno, JapanŸ C B Nagori Ÿ Parikshit Tank Ÿ James Catt, AustraliaŸ C N Purandare Ÿ Pere Mir, Spain Ÿ P.K Shah Ÿ Carmen Rubio, SpainŸ Deepa Bhartiya Ÿ Prabhakar Singh Ÿ Mette Nilson, DenmarkŸ Deepak Goenka Ÿ Prathap Tharyan Ÿ Suresh Kattera, SingaporeŸ Duru Shah Ÿ Prakash Trivedi Ÿ Romauldo sciorio,Ÿ Fessy Louis Ÿ Pratap Kumar PhilippinesŸ Geeta Haripriya Ÿ Priya KannanŸ Hema Divakar Ÿ Priya SelvarajŸ Indrani Lodh Ÿ Purnima NadkarniŸ Jatin Shah Ÿ Pooja NadkarniŸ Jaya Krishnan Ÿ Poonam Loomba National ConvenorŸ Jayam Kannan Ÿ Raghav Ÿ Manish BankerŸ Jaydeep Tank Ÿ Ramaraju Ÿ Narendra MalhotraŸ Joseph Kurian Ÿ Rekha Kurian Ÿ H D PaiŸ Jyoti Bali Ÿ Rishma Pai Ÿ Kuldeep JainŸ Kaberi Banerji Ÿ Sanjay Gupte Ÿ Madhuri PatilŸ Kamini Rao Ÿ Sankalp singh Ÿ Sujata KarŸ Kamla Selvaraj Ÿ Shivani Sachdeva Ÿ Sunita TandulwadkarŸ Kanthi Bansal Ÿ Shiuli MukerjiŸ Kannaki Ÿ Sonal PanchalŸ Khastigir Ghosh Ÿ Sudesh KamatŸ K.K Gopinath Ÿ Sujata KarŸ Korula George Ÿ Sujata MisraŸ Madhuri Patil Ÿ Surveen GhumanŸ Mala Arora Ÿ Sonia MalikŸ Mamta Deendayal Ÿ S.S BasanŸ Mridubhashni Ÿ S SureshŸ Madhuri Patil Ÿ Vanie ThaparŸ Nalini Mahajan Ÿ Vijay Kumar
  4. 4. Program at a Glance 17th May, 2013 Time Topic0900-1400hrs Workshop I What’s New and worth learning IN EMBRYOLOGY? Workshop II Ultrasound changing infertility practice and results?1400-1800hrs Workshop III Reporting and Assessment of results of infertility Workshop IV Certificate course-”Unravelling the Indian PCOS”?1900hrs Inauguration2000hrs Reception Dinner 18th May, 2013 - Conference Day 1 Optimising Results in Infertility0800-0830hrs Session I Session I (Breakfast Session) Key Note address- Select Investigations in select situations- Can it reduce the burden?0830-0930hrs Session II Common attitudes towards Infertility Testing0940-1000hrs Key Note address - Laparoscopy for all before infertility treatment is it a debatable issue?1000-1020hrs Debate - Is Hysteroscopy a must before IVF?1020-1030hrs Discussion with Experts1030-1100hrs ASPIRE Oration “Preconception care - an opportunity to start well” - Prof Robert Norman1100-1200hrs Session III Case Discussions: Clarity to Grey zones in Infertility Management1200-1300hrs Session IV Panel Discussion: On the truth about endometriosis affecting reproduction1300-1330hrs Lunch1330-1350hrs Session V Key Note address: Monitoring of ART cycles “what does the Evidence suggest”?1350-1410hrs Key Note address: Premature ovarian Failure “Turning the hands of the clock”.1410-1430hrs Key Note address: Fertility preservation in Cancer Patients “The need of the hour”.1430-1515hrs Session VI Video session: - "Evidence based session on ,Whats going wrong with IUI"1515-1530hrs Tea1530-1600hrs Key Note address: Oogenesis to Oocyte : modulation through stimulation protocols - Juan Velasco1600-1630hrs Key Note address: The Mitochondrial transfer - "the ultimate method for better quality oocytes"- Yoshi Morimoto1630-1730hrs On the other side of the fence - Contentious Issues in Infertility:Legal & ethical issues in ART - Manish Banker1930hrs Gala DinnerOnwards
  5. 5. Program at a Glance19th May, 2013 - Conference Day 2 Time Topic0800-0830hrs Session I Breakfast Session - Quiz Hormones! How well you know them?0830-0915hrs Session II Symposium: Ovarian stimulation Protocols with a difference.0915-1000hrs Session III Panel Discussion: Adjuvants in Ovarian stimulation and implantation (Evidence based utilities)1000-1030hrs Key Note address: "What do successful Clinics in ART do differently"? - Yoshi Morimoto1030-1045hrs Tea1045-1200hrs Session IV Embryo transfer strategies1200-1330hrs Session V Exciting options 1200-1220hrs Ovarian stemcell 1220-1240hrs Clinical assessment of embryo viability by array CGH technology: indications and results- Carmen Rubio 1240-1300hrs Non Invasive testing of circulating fetal DNA in maternal blood for prenatal diagnosis of common aneuploidies- Pere Mir 1300-1330hrs Key Note address: Why does Implantation elude us and can we something to improve?- Louise Hull1330-1430hrs Session VII Vote ansd Support for Luteal Phase1430-1530hrs Luncheon Seminar 1430-1500hrs Cryopreserve to improve practice and results 1500-1530hrs Outcome of ART Pregnancies1530hrs Valedictory Session - Free membership of ASPIRE to all present delegates during the session
  6. 6. Registration Early Bird Regular Category 15 Feb.13 15 Apr.13 Indian Delegate Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 6,000/- Overseas Delegate Rs.13,500/- Rs. 15,750/- Accomp. Person Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 6,000/- P.G. Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 5,000/- Residential Package for Residential Package forResidential Package 02 Nights 03 Nights (Check -in: May 17) (Check -in: May 16) Categoryies (Check -out: May 19) (Check -out: May 19) Delegate on Twin Sharing (per person) INR 14,800/- INR 19,200/- Delegate in Single Room INR 23,600/- INR 32,400/- Delegate with one accompanying person INR 29,600/- INR 38,400/- Delegate with one accompanying person INR 34,600/- INR 43,400/- and child b/w 5-12 Yrs Workshops-17th May, 2013 (Limited Seats, so please select any Two) Workshop 1 : What’s New and worth learning IN EMBRYOLOGY? Workshop 2 : Reporting and Assessment of results of infertility. e Workshop 3 : Ultrasound changing infertility practice and results? e Workshop 4 : Certificate course-”Unravelling the Indian PCOS”? Fr “WIN EXCITING PRIZES ALSO” l The registration fee includes kit, lunches & inaugural dinner. l Children above 5 years will have to be registered as accompanying person. l For PG students, a certificate from head of department / institution is compulsory. l For Spot registrations, only cash will be accepted. Spot registrants will be provided delegate kit subject to availability. Cancellation l A request for cancellation must reach the conference secretariat by 15th April, 2013. l 25% of the amount will be deducted towards handling charges. l All refunds will be made after the conference. No request for refund will be entertained after 15th April, 2013. Bank Details Beneficiary : Obs Gyn Ultrasound Course Bank A/c No. : 026601000044545 Bank Name : Indian Overseas Bank Swift Code : IOBAINBB266 Address : 1/7, Nath Complex, Dhakran IFSC Code : IOBA0000266All payments must be made as a bank draft in favor of Obs Gyn Ultrasound Course,payable at AGRA and send toDr. Jaideep Malhotra, T:+91562-2260275/76/77, Email:,jaideepmalhotraagra@gmail.comFor details and clarifications regarding conference and exhibition please contactKenes (India) Conferences Pvt Ltd, T; +91 1145199100, email:
  7. 7. Aspi - India 2013 Optimizing Results in Infertility REGISTRATION Chennai, India ITC Grand Chola FORM May 17-19, 2013 Name (Dr./Prof.) Sex : M F (Please write your name in Capital letters clearly, as to be printed on Certificate & Badge) Address City Pin State Country STD Code Phone Mobile(Mandatory) Email (Mandatory) Accompanying Persons :Registration Category: 1. Indian Delegate [ ] 2. Overseas Delegate [ ] 3. Accomp. Person [ ] 4. P.G [ ]Registration Type: 1. Non Residential [ ] 2. Residential for 02 Nights [ ] 3. Residential for 03 Nights [ ] Workshops (17th May, 2013) (Choose any two) In House Package (Choose any one) Whats new and worth learning in Embryology? Twin Sharing Reporting and assessment of results of Infertility. Single Occupancy Ultrasound changing infertility practice and results? One accompanying person Certificate course-”Unravelling the Indian PCOS”? One accompanying person & child b/w 5-12 YrsAll payments must be made as a bank draft, in favor of Obs Gyn Ultrasound Course,payable at AGRA and sent toDraft/Cheque No................................Date ..................... Rs. ................... Bank .............................................. Please send dully filled registration form, along with payment to Secretariat : Dr Jaideep Malhotra c/o Kenes India Kenes (India) Conferences Pvt Ltd Aggarwal Complex, 301, 3rd Floor, LSC, A-1/B Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058 Tel No: +91 11 45199100 Email : P.T.O.
  8. 8. What successful infertility clinics & clinicians do differently? Aspi - India 2013 Chennai, India ITC Grand Chola May 17-19, 2013 for further clarifications please contact:Conference SecretariatDr. Jaideep Malhotra84, M. G. Road, Agra - 282 010. Kenes (India) Conferences Pvt Ltd Aggarwal Complex, 301, 3rd Floor,Phone : +91-562-2260275 / 76 / 77 LSC, A-1/B Janakpuri, New Delhi -58E-mail :, T : +91 11 Email :