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This is the dept. newsletter for the year 2011-2012 released by Mechanical Engineering Dept. of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

This is the dept. newsletter for the year 2011-2012 released by Mechanical Engineering Dept. of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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  • 1.               [Type the abstract of the document here. The  abstract is typically a short summary of the  contents of the document. Type the abstract of  the document here. The abstract is typically a  short summary of the contents of the document.]     
  • 2.   About the department The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 1979with an intake of 90 students. Over the years it has grown into a full-fledgedDepartment offering undergraduate and Post Graduate courses in MechanicalEngineering with the present intake of 120 students there has been significantimprovement in quality, stature, infrastructure and other facilities. It has so far graduated more than 4000 Mechanical Engineers who arecontributing significantly to the development and running of various public andprivate organizations in India and abroad in the fields of Academics, Research,Industrial and Social sector. The Department of Mechanical Engineering alsooffers two PG courses in ‘Design Engineering’ and ‘Computer Integratedmanufacturing’. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is Accredited by NationalBoard of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi, and is ISO 9001 certifiedInstitution.     
  • 3.  Message Dr CPS Prakash Professor and Head Mechanical Department It is a matter of Pride that we are bringing out Department Newsletter“YANTRA 20XI”. I heartily congratulate the student editorial team for all theeffort. The department is embarking upon lot of new Initiatives to reach a markof Academic Excellence. I am happy to share that Mr Yash Parikh of MTech(CIM) has secured First Rank and Gold Medal from VTU in this year’sConvocation. There had been a total turn around in the students attitude whichhas given rise to some interesting projects done this year, I wish this trend willonly develop to make our department one of the best in the country. I thank ourPrincipal, Secretary and Vice Chairman, Dr PremaChandra Sagar for supportingthe Department in its growth towards excellence. 1  
  • 5.  SCIENTIST INTERVIEW:Dr. U. ChandrasekharScientist ‘G’, Additional DirectorGas Turbine Research EstablishmentMinistry of Defence, Govt of IndiaBengaluruU. Chandrasekhar graduated from National Institute of Technology, Suratkal with BE (First class withdistinction) in Mechanical Engineering and joined the Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore asa scientist in the year 1986. He received MTech from IIT, Madras and PhD from VTU, Belgaum. He wastrained in Germany, UK and Belgium in advanced technologies.For past 25 years he is involved in the mechanical analysis and prototyping of aero gas turbine engines.Under his guidance, several projects have been carried out in the area of rapid prototyping.He received Gold Medal from Dr. AP J Abdul Kalam for academic achievements. He receivedcommendation medal from the Scientific Advisor to the Defense Minister in recognition of hiscontributions to rapid manufacturing of complex aeronautical systems.He was elected a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers in the year 2007. He is on the editorial board ofthe International RP journal. He is on the R&D vision team of the Visvesvarayya TechnologicalUniversity and also Anna University, a role through which he trying to usher in R&D culture amongengineering colleges.  3  
  • 6.  Excerpts from interaction session of Editorial committee with Dr U Chandrasekhar,Additional Director, GTRE Bengaluru. The interaction was based on “Research- A Careeropportunity for Young Engineers”.Ed: Where can a young aspirant look to build his/her Research Career?  Dr UC: Research as the career option is available for engineers at various organizations likeISRO, DRDO, CSIR labs, BARC etc and also with many global players like GE, GM, Bosch,Daimler Chrysler etc., have setting up their R&D centers in India, the research options are ona growth path. So the numbers are continuously growing for Indian engineers.Ed: Can you list few major research projects presently being carried out in India.Dr UC: India is home for many major research works, to list I can say, • Satellite based communication and navigation systems for rural connectivity, security needs and mobile services. • Development of Heavy lift launcher • Reusable Launch Vehicles - Technology demonstrator missions leading to Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) • Human Space Flight • Chandrayaan-2  Ed: Large number of students community doesn’t see Research as a career. What do you liketo say to them?Dr UC: Currently many engineers have started looking at R&D as a very important option.Many engineers from IITs are also joining. One example is recently department of spaceconducted entrance examination for their BE program (Trivandrum - IIST) and I understandlakhs of students wrote this examination.Ed: Freshers say “We dont find the growth in Research so fascinating as we get to experience in a Private or a MNC firm"Dr UC:This thinking is no longer valid - it has changed with global careers in R&DEd:Students in campus/ fresher feel "pace of work at Research" is a factor of concern for them to choose this field.Dr UC: Pace of work, excitement, sense of achievement in R&D labs are also veryprominent.Ed:What qualities should an engineer possess to build his/her career in the field of Research?Dr UC: Passion for research and commitment to cause.Ed: Piece of advice to students.Dr UC: If you are serious about R&D, please derive inspiration from great sons ofsoil like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr, Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Homi Bhabha, Dr. C V Raman, andyou can enable world-class achievements that can impact the lives of the people from allwalks of life.  4  
  • 7.  NANO ROBOMEDICINE enable  microscopic  robots  with  dimensions  comparable to bacteria.     The  artificial  mechanical  red  blood  cell  or  “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every “respirocyte”  is  a  bloodborne  spherical  1‐micron  opportunity; diamondoid  1000‐atmosphere  pressure  vessel  with  active  pumping  powered  by  endogenous  An optimist sees the opportunity in every serum glucose. It is able to deliver 236 times more  difficulty.” oxygen to the tissues per unit volume than natural  Winston Churchill, (1874-1965) red  cells  and  to  manage  carbonic  acidity.  An  artificial mechanical white cell of microscopic size, Nobel physicist Richard P Feynman, in the year of  called a “microbivore,” has as its primary function 1959, in his remarkably prescient talk, was clearly  to destroy microbiological pathogens found in the aware of the potential medical applications of the  human  bloodstream  using  a  digest  and  discharge new technology and proposed employing machine  protocol. tools  to  make  smaller  machine  tools,  these  to  be used  in  turn  to  make  still  smaller  machine  tools, and so on all the way down to the atomic level. In connection  with  biological  cells,  he  said  “that  we can manufacture an object that maneuvers at that level”   Albert  R.Hibbs,  a  mathematician  of  Jet  Propulsion Laboratory  NASA,  suggests  a  very  interesting possibility  for  relatively  small  machines.  He  said that,  although  it  is  a  very  wild  idea,  it  would  be interesting  in  surgery  if  you  could  swallow  the surgeon.  You  put  the  mechanical  surgeon  inside the  blood  vessel  and  it  goes  into  the  heart  and   looks around (of course the information has to be  Nanomedicine  is  the  process  of  diagnosing, fed out.). It finds out which valve is the faulty one  treating, preventing disease and improving human and takes a little knife and slices it out. Other small  health,  using  molecular  tools  and  molecular machines  might  be  permanently  incorporated  in  knowledge of the human body. Biotechnology will the  body  to  assist  some  inadequately  functioning  make possible even more remarkable advances in organ.  molecular  medicine  and  biobotics,  including   microbiological  biorobots  or  engineered The  vision  behind  Feynman’s  remarks  became  a  organisms.  Perhaps  10–20  years  from  today,  the serious  area  of  inquiry  two  decades  later,  when  earliest  molecular  machine  systems  and K.Eric Drexler, while still a graduate student at the  nanorobots may join the medical armamentarium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published a  finally  giving  physicians  the  most  potent  tools technical  paper  suggesting  that  it  might  be  imaginable  to  conquer  human  disease,  ill‐health, possible  to  construct  a  nano‐devices  from  and aging. biological  parts,  that  could  inspect  the  cells  of  a   living  human  being  and  carry  on  repairs  within  In the first half of the 21st century, nanomedicine them.  should  eliminate  virtually  all  common  diseases  of   the 20th century, and virtually all medical pain and Nano‐robotics  is  the  emerging  technology  field  of  suffering as well. creating  machines  or  robots  whose  components   are close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer  References:  −9 Current Status of Nanomedicine and Medical Nanorobotics (10   meters).  Due  to  the  advances  in  the  field  of  Robert A. Freitas, Jr., Journal of Computational and Theoretical nanotechnology,  nano‐device  manufacturing  has  Nanoscience. Vol.2, 1–25, 2005 been  growing  gradually.  With  the  expected  Institute  for  Molecular  Manufacturing,  Palo  Alto,  California, miniaturization  of  devices  provided  by  several  USA works on nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS),   nanomanufacturing  has  actually  become  a  reality   Dr. Bhaskar Pal for  the  ongoing  developments  of  molecular‐scale  Professor, Mechanical Dept electronics,  sensors  and  motors  are  expected  to  5  
  • 8.   GREEN ENGINE makes engine produce a high torque of output on  all  speed  range  is  achieved.  The  pump  loss  which   consumes the part of engine power is eliminated  GLOBAL ISSUES   Everyday  radios,  newspapers,  televisions  and  the   Direct Fuel Injection internet  warn  us  of  energy  exhaustion,  Direct fuel injection can provide higher output and atmospheric  pollution  and  hostile  climatic  torque,  while  at  the  same  time  it  also  enhances conditions.  After  few  hundred  years  of  industrial  the response for acceleration. development, we are facing these global problems   while  at  the  same  time  we  maintain  a  high  Self‐Adapting Sealing System standard of living. The most important problem we  It can eliminate a number of seal plates or strips to are  faced  with  is  whether  we  should  continue  achieve gapless seal and to provide most efficient developing or die.  and reliable sealing system with less friction.    Statistics  show  that,  the  daily  consumption  of   Vibration Free petroleum  all  over  the  world  today  is  40  million  As major moving parts, vanes which are counted in barrels,  of  which  about  50  percent  is  for  little  mass  and  operated  symmetrically,  the automobile  use.  In  accordance  with  this  performance of the engine is very smooth. Hence, calculation,  daily  consumption  of  petroleum  by  vibrations are eliminated. automobiles all over the world is over two million   tonnes. At the same time as these fuels are burnt,  CONSTRUCTION& WORKING poisonous materials such as 500 million tonnes of   carbon  monoxides  (CO),  100  million  tonnes  of  As  earlier  mentioned,  the  Green  engine  is  a  six hydrocarbons  (HC),  550  million  tonnes  of  carbon  phases,  internal  combustion  engine  with  much ©, 50 million tonnes of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are  higher  expansion  ratio.  The  term  phase  is  used emitted  into  the  atmosphere  every  year,  severely  instead  of  stroke  because  stroke  is  actually polluting  the  atmosphere.  Addressing  such  associated  to  the  movement  of  the  piston.  The problems  is  what  a  Green  engine  does  or  tries  to  travelling  of  the  piston  from  bottom  dead  centre do.  The  Green  engine  as  it  is  named  for  the  time  to  the  top  dead  centre  or  vice  versa  is  termed  a being  is  a  six  phase  engine,  which  has  a  very  low  stroke.  But,  in  this  engine  pistons  are  absent  and exhaust emission, higher efficiency, low vibrations  hence, the term phase is used. The six phases are: etc. Apart from these features, is its uniqueness to  intake,  compression,  mixing,  combustion,  power adapt to any fuel which is also well burnt. Needless  and exhaust. to say, if implemented will serve the purpose to a  The  engine  comprises  a  set  of  vanes,  a  pair  of large extent.   rotors  which  houses  a  number  of  small  pot‐like   containers. It is here, in these small containers that   TECHNICAL FEATURES  compression,  mixing,  combustion  are  carried  out. Compared  to  conventional  piston  engines,  The engine also contains two air intake ports, and operated  on  four  phases,  the  Green  engine  is  an  a pair of fuel injectors and spark plugs.  actual  six  phase  internal  combustion  engine  with   much  higher  expansion  ratio.  Thus  it  has  six   independent  or  separate  working  processes:  Intake intake,  compression,  mixing,  combustion,  power  The air arrives to the engine through the direct air and  exhaust,  resulting  in  the  high  air  charge  rate.  intake  port  in  the  absence  of  an  air  inlet  pipe, The most important characteristic is the expansion  throttle and inlet valves on the air intake system. A ratio  being  much  bigger  than  the  compression  duct is provided on the sides of the vane and rotor. ratio.  The  duct  is  so  shaped  that  when  the  air  moves   through,  strong  swirls  generate  when  it  gets Direct Air Intake  compressed  in  the  chamber.  The  air  pushes  the Direct  air  intake  means  that  there  is  no  air  inlet  vane  blades  which  in  turn  impart  a  proportionate pipe,  throttle  and  inlet  valves  on  the  air  intake  rotation  in  the  small  rotor  which  houses  the system. Air filter is directly connected to the intake  chambers.  port  of  the  engine,  and  together  with  the  less   heating effect of air intake process, benefited from  Compression lower  temperature  of  independent  intake  The  rushing  air  from  the  duct  is  pushed  by  the chamber,  a  highest  volumetric  efficiency  which  blades  into  the  small  chambers  in  the  rotor.  The  6  
  • 9.  volume  of  these  chambers  is  comparatively  very  combustion  with  controllable  time,  the  Green small. As mentioned earlier, the compressed air is  engine becomes the only real multi‐fuel engine on in a swirling state, ready to be mixed with the fuel  our  planet;  any  liquid  or  gas  fuels  can  be  burnt which  will  be  injected  into  the  chamber  when  it  well. will  be  place  before  the  injector  by  the  already   rotating rotor.  Ideal to Hydrogen Fuel   Separation  of  working  chambers  from  each  other Mixing  is an ideal design for any fuel to prevent backfire, As soon as the chamber comes in front of the fuel  especially for the hydrogen fuel. injector,  the  injector  sprays  fuel  into  the   compressed  air.  Because  of  the  shape  of  the   Low Cost chamber, the fuel mixes well with the compressed  Limited  parts,  small  in  size,  light  in  weight  and air.  Mixing  phase  has  enough  time  to  produce  an  depending  upon  current  mature  materials  and ideal  air‐fuel  mixture  as  the  spark  plug  is  manufacturing  technologies.  By  the  above positioned  towards  the  other  end  of  the  rotor  or  contents  and  proper  explanation,  it  can  be burner  concluded that e green engine is sure to serve the   purpose of mankind to large extent.  Combustion   A  spark  flies  from  the  plug  into  the  air‐fuel mixture.  .  As  soon  as  the  whole  charge  is  ignited,  ***** the burner rotates to position itself in front of the narrow exit.   BUGATTI VEYRON – THEPower  ENGINEERINGThe  expanded  gas  rushes  out  of  the  chamber through the narrow opening, thereby pushing the  MASTERPIECE!!!name  in  the  process.  The  sudden  increase  in volume ensures that more power is released.  Am sure everyone has heard of the word BUGATTI    VEYRON. Yes!! It’s the fastest street legal car in the  Exhaust  world with a top speed of over 400 km/hr!!!  The As the thermal energy is fully utilized, the exhaust  car  is  named  after  French  racing  driver  Pierre gases  bring  along  comparatively  less  heat  energy.  Veyron, who won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1939 This  mainly  helps  in  the  thermal  efficiency  of  the  while racing for the original Bugatti Company.  The engine.   car  wears  the  initials  of  vettori  Bugatti,  an  Italian    who built extremely fast n powerful cars between   1909 and 1947. Bugatti came back to life when VW  ADVANTAGES  bought  the  rights  in  1999,  in  2001  they  decide  to   build  a  car  with  a  whopping  1001  BHP  which  I As  obvious  from  the  technical  features  which  think  changed  the  dimensions  of  the  automobile include  effective  innovations,  the  advantages  of  industry. the  Green  engine  over  the  contemporary  piston engines are many.    The Veyron has 2 transmissions built into   one  which  makes  the  gear  change  extremely  fast  Small Size and Light Weight   and  helps  it  reach  60kmph  from  standstill  in  just  High Efficiency  2.5s!  Since  the  car  is  extremely  fast,  the  brakes Because  many  great  innovations  are  being  have to be very powerful and are made of hi tech employed  in  the  engine  design  such  as:  direct  air  carbon, ceramic and titanium. This combination of intake,  sequential  variable  compression  ratio,  materials  makes  it  work  till  1800  degree super  mixing  process,  constant  volume  Fahrenheit. But what if the temp exceeds 1800 f?? combustion   bugatti’s engineers had a solution to this problem . Multi‐fuels  They  designed  a  retractable  rear  spoiler  which Due  to  six  phases  of  working  principle,  super  air  comes  up  automatically  while  braking  and  while fuel  mixing  process  and  constant  volume  cruising  at  very  high  speeds  in  order  to  keep  the  7  
  • 10.  vehicle  firmly  on  the  ground.  The  sensors  for  the  THE T-800 spoilers  come  from  a  company  which manufactures sensors for aircrafts.  Driving a Veyron would be like driving an  Robot  researchers  led  by  Markus  Grebenstein  in  Germany have taken a step towards making the T‐aircraft  on  road  because  most  of  the  parts  are  800 a reality this week by creating a super strong manufactured by the companies who manufacture  robot  hand.  It  even  looks  a  little  a  lot  like  the  T‐parts  for  aircrafts.  The  Veyron  has  custom  made  800: Michelin tyres which can take it safely to the car’s top  speed  of  407kmph.  The  company  says  those tyres can withstand torture till 447Kmph!! The bugatti’s factory which is in France has just 17 workers!! U may be surprised to know that this car doesn’t  have  a  chassis  at  all.  It’s  made  up  of  3 different  sections  which  are  later  joined  together using bolts and nuts!! The car was tested in VW’s secret test track which has a 9km straight stretch. Interestingly,  u  cant’t  see  the  other  end  of  the track as its following the curvature of the earth!    VEYRON STATS    No.  of  cylinders  –  16!!  (2  V  engines  joined together)  Displacement – 8000cc Material  used  in  the  engine  –  titanium  (the material which you would find in an aeroplane!!) Ihp – 3000 Bhp – 1001   No. of radiators ‐10  As  the  picture  above  shows,  this  hand  is  very Top speed – 407 Kmph   strong  and  one  of  the  fingers  can  be  hit  with  a  hammer at speed and not get damaged. It has 38 Top speed of the GT edition which has 1200 bhp –  tendons with a motor attached to each finger and 430+ Kmph .  is  of  similar  size  to  a  human  hand.  Dexterity  is Cost of the basic model – 10cr!  built‐in  and  the  hand  has  19  degrees  of  freedom  (one  less  than  us)  and  a  force  of  30  N  can  be Cost of GT – 16cr!  applied at the fingertips.  Source‐ top gear, Wikipedia, and few magazines.  The  hand  was  developed  at  the  Institute  of   Robotics  and  Mechatronics  at  the  German  Aerospace  Centre.  The  secret  to  its  strength  is  a Compiled by‐  combination  of  a  synthetic  fiber  called  Dyneema  and a spring attached to each tendon. That allows Vikram rao B  each  finger  to  take  a  hard  blow,  but  at  the  same 6th sem c sec  time  move  to  reduce  the  force  while  easily e‐mail – vikram_nov24@yahoo.co.in  springing back to its original position.    The end result is a very strong hand with almost as  **** much  freedom  of  movement  as  a  human  hand.  Movement  speed  at  the  joints  can  reach  2,000  8  
  • 11.  degrees  per  second  allowing  the  hand  to  snap  its fingers.  ERGONOMICS:Not only is it strong, but the use of springs on the  A Management Asset andjoints  allows  the  hand  to  monitor  and  adjust  the  Manufacturing Excellenceforce  of  its  grasp  based  on  the  object  being  help. The lower the tension on the joints the softer the  Ergonomics is a study of the relationship between object must be and can therefore be grasped more  people and their working environment as a means lightly.  to improve efficiency. A workplace whether it is a  factory  or  an  office,  needs  to  be  planned  and  systematically  designed  to  provide  the  best  possible support for quality work.    A  new  study  shows  that  one‐third  of  workers  in  the  western  countries  are  chronically  overworked  and  even  more  feel  over  overwhelmed  and  stressed  by  their  jobs.  The  figures  in  Indian  industries are not exactly known. We know in the  short  run  that  if  employees  are  overworked,  they  are  more  resentful  and  angry  and  commit  more  mistakes. In the long run, we are talking about the  effects of stress and work conditions on health.   Ergonomics: A Management Asset     Employees are one of the most expensive and yet    the  greatest  asset  to  any  organization.  They  develop  a  set  of  skills  that  is  acquired  on  the  job The main reason for the development of the hand  through  training  and  experience,  and  which was to improve the robustness of robotic hands in  increase that employees value in the marketplace. general.  Grebenstein  points  out  that  even  the  In a successful ergonomics process, the employees most  agile  of  robot  hands  can  easily  break  with  are not "blamed" for injuries and/or waste, but the small  amounts  of  pressure  on  them.  This  new  jobs  themselves  are  assessed  and  changed  when design  solves  that  problem  without  inhibiting  needed. movement or speed.  Ergonomics  deals  with  risk‐return  trade‐offs. As for how much this hand cost to develop: it’s less  Ergonomics  engineering  mitigate  risk  by than  $135,000.  Now  the  research  team  is  turning  engineering  out  a  problem.  By  removing  the  risk, its  efforts  to  a  two‐armed  torso.  Thankfully,  no  potential for additional costs and labour problems one yet seems to be working on legs so this thing  can  be  ended  and  can  manage  and  control  the could  only  escape  by  dragging  itself  across  the  expenditure  for  the  solution.  Risk  can  be floor.  transferred  through  means  such  as  insurance  coverage.  With  this  method,  you  are  paying  the  - Aditya Narayanan S M insurance company to assume the risk but you still  VI Sem, Mechanical Engineering pay.     The  ergonomics  engineering  can  provide  the  ****  roadmap  to  cost  reduction  by  imparting  the  knowledge  and  increasing  the  intellectual  capital   for  all  employees.  By  using  intellectual  capital  to  reduce  costs,  it  can  maintain  experienced  employees  rather  than  the  "revolving  door"   syndrome,  create  solutions  to  jobs  that  produce  risk  factors  to  the  human  body,  understand   "upstream" design prior to cutting a piece of steel  in  the  plant,  train  office  employees  in  the  proper  9  
  • 12.  adjustability  of  their  equipment,  educate  - Ergonomics  can  impact  work  organization  by healthcare  workers  in  proper  lifting  techniques,  adding  to  efficiency  and  reducing  errors  and take warehousing and supply chains and design in  waste.  Ergonomics  can  identify  risk  factors  to solutions while designing out problems.   reduce workers’ compensation, disability costs  and  lost  work  time  costs.  Ergonomics  leads  to Ergonomics : A Manufacturing Excellence  the design of workstations and accessories that  Companies  need  to  meet  the  expectations  of  are comfortable, and helps create new designs "doing  more  with  less".  To  achieve  this  one  for  products,  equipment  and  tools  that approach  that  has  proven  effective  in  scores  of  enhance productivity. manufacturing companies is to leverage the efforts   of  ongoing  improvement  initiatives  to  accelerate  - The  quantity  and  quality  of  work  can  be ergonomics improvements. Generically referred to  improved  by  using  the  correct  layout  plan, as  "manufacturing  excellence",  these  initiatives  storage, furniture, colour scheme, and lighting. range  from  Lean  Manufacturing  to  Six  Sigma  to  Office  interiors  have  been  proved  through Demand  Flow  Technology.    The  techniques  may  research  to  influence  the  behaviour  of differ,  but  they  all  have  a  common  goal:  drive  employees. Appropriate colour schemes, which bottom‐line  improvements  by  working  smarter.  are  preferably  pastel  or  bluish,  have  been Manufacturing  excellence  initiatives  are  how  proved  to  help  in  concentration  and  work things  get  done  in  manufacturing  today.  If  you  productivity.  Excessively  bright  or  dull  colours want to modify a manufacturing process to reduce  should  be  avoided.  Health  of  employees ergonomic  risks,  the  simplest  approach  is  to  align  depends  to  a  certain  extent  on  the  interior with  the  Kaizen  improvement  team  activities.  design.  Dull  stodgy  colours,  scattered  storage Integrating  your  ergonomics  efforts  with  these  spaces and uncomfortable work areas can slow initiatives,  however,  means  one  have  to  ensure  down work productivity and cause illnesses and that  ergonomics  process  is  systematic  and  data‐ absence  from  work.  The  opposite  happens  to driven.  be true. If the design can incorporate pleasant,  motivating  interiors  with  comfortable  chairs The  ability  to  manage  ergonomics  knowledge  and  desks  with  proper  storage  and  a  layout represents  one  of  the  primary  opportunities  for  plan, the possibilities of better work progress is achieving  substantial  savings,  significant  likely.  improvements  in  human  performance,  and  In  the  present  scenario  ergonomics  engineering competitive  advantage.Manufacturing  excellence  present many avenues for students and engineers initiatives  do  not  tolerate  opinion  and  intuition,  from  all  streams  to  specialize  in  this  flourishing decisions  are  formalized  and  projects  are  funded  field.  Organizations  and  universities  has  realized based on data analysis  the worth of this specialized science of ergonomic  engineering  and  many  courses  and  training  programs  are  been  conducted.  Ergonomics Engineering  ergonomics  can  foster  continuous  engineering  is  not  only  an  asset  to  the improvement  in  any  organization  by  using  the  management, it also a manufacturing excellence. science  for  changing  a  corporate  culture  through the  education  and  transfer  of  knowledge.  Training an  organizations  engineering  staff  in  applied ergonomics  for  processes,  product  design,  design for manufacturing and assembly, equipment design and  selection,  supply  chain  management,  facility environments  and  maintenance  can  produce  a variety of benefits. Other personnel such as health, safety,  maintenance,  purchasing  and  production   employees  need  to  be  trained  after  the  engineers. This  allows  a  natural,  logical  chain  of  events  Haseebuddin.M.R   whereby  an  employee  identifies  an  ergonomic  risk  Faculty factor  and  the  engineer  has  the  knowledge  to  Department of Mechanical Engineering  understand  and  develop  the  solution  to  reduce  or  DSCE eliminate  the  hazard.  Otherwise,  labor  and management may have a real schism when a risk is  ****found and no one can change it.   10  
  • 13.  INDIAN DEFENSE FLYINGWITH OWN WINGS Indian defense is proud about the recent developments in its R&D Division which came out with Light Combat Aircraft‐ TEJAS. Tejas, the Indian Light Combat Aircraft, re‐scripted the history of Indian Aeronautics in Golden letters. Success  story  of  Tejas  is  an  epitome  of  corporate collaboration involving R&D laboratories of DRDO,   CSIR,  CEMILAC,  DGAQA,  and  Defence  PSUs  like HAL,  BEL  and  many  more.  Private  sector  “The good thing about Tejas is thatparticipants  and  prominent  Educational  it’s a pilot’s aircraft. It has beenInstitutions,  all  coordinated  by  nodal  organization  designed by the pilots for and for theAeronautical  Development  Agency  (ADA)  was established  with  the  sole  purpose  of  developing  pilots.”Tejas, delta‐winged machine.  - Group Captain Sumeet KrishnaThe  Tejas,  or  ‘radiance’,  is  an  indigenous  fighter   aircraft  jointly  developed  by  Aeronautical Development  Agency  and  Hindustan  Aeronautics  Configuration:  limited.  It  is  the  smallest  light  weight,  multi‐role, single‐engine  tactical  fighter  aircraft  in  the  world  Tejas has a tailless, compound delta configuration and  is  being  developed  in  single‐seat  fighter  and  with  size  and  weight  advantage  and  better  close twin  seat  trainer  variants  for  the  Indian  Air  Force  combat  high  speed  and  high  angle‐of‐attack and  Indian  Navy.  The  aircraft  will  enter  service  to  characteristics. The longitudinal stability is relaxed replace  the  erstwhile  warhorse  of  the  IAF,  the  to  enhance  agility,  maneuverability  and MiG21 (Mikoyan‐ Gurevich MiG‐21). For the Navy,  performance. To improve high speed handling and the  Tejas  will  replace  the  Sea  Harrier  and  reduce  wave  drag,  the  wing  is  optimized  with complement  the  MiG  29K.  The  Tejas  has  been  camber  and  twist,  wing  body  blending  and  area conceptualized and designed by India, and its open  ruled fuselage architecture  design  will  allow  the  designers  to continuously  adapt  and  upgrade  it  to  meet  the   challenges  of  modern  warfare.  Its  small  size  and footprint will enable frontline units to quickly and  Structure: effectively  deploy  it  for  combat  operations.  The  Tejas has an air Airframe designed for strength and sheer  flexi  that  Indian  Design  and  development  stiffness  under  specified  loads  in  extreme brings  to  the  Tejas  weapon  system  means  that  it  environment  with  durability  and  damage will be a simple matter to modify and upgrade the  tolerance.  The  wing  of  Tejas  is  of  multi  spar Tejas at any stage of its service life, thus making it  construction  with  monolithic  Carbon  Fiber the most cost effective fighter platform for the IAF  Composite  wing  skins.  The  Fin  is  fabricated  with in the decades to come.  state  –of‐the  –art  co‐curing,  co‐bonding Tejas‐LCA  is  ready  for  the  Initial  Operational  technology. clearance  (IOC).  After  the  certifications  namma  Systems: Bengaluru  based  state  owned  aircraft  maker‐ Hindustan  Aeronautics  Limited  (HAL)  will  start  Tejas  incorporates  a  highly  reliable  quadruplex rolling out Tejas in the next few months.  digital  fly‐by‐wire  Flight  Control  System.  The  new  generation glass cockpit comprises Multi Function    Displays (MFD), Head Up Display (HUD) and stand  by  Instrumentation  System  driven  by  Open  Architecture  Mission  and  Display  Computer,  11  
  • 14.  providing  effective  Human  Machine  Interface (HMI).  The  cockpit  has  two  76mm×76mm  colour liquid crystal multi‐function displays developed by Bharat Electronics, a head up display developed by the  Indian  government‐owned  Central  Scientific Instruments  Organisation  (CSIO)  in  Chandigarh,  a liquid  crystal  return‐to‐home‐base  panel  and keyboard.  The  pilot  also  has  a  helmet‐mounted display. Tejas  has  a  quadruplex  fly‐by‐wire  digital automatic  flight  control.  The  navigation  suite includes  Sagem  SIGMA  95N  ring  laser  gyroscope   inertial  navigation  system  with  an  integrated  Specifications: global positioning system.   The  communications  suite  includes  VHF  to  UHF radio  communications  with  built‐in  counter‐ General characteristics countermeasures, air‐to‐air and air‐to‐ground data links  and  a  HAL  information  friend‐or‐foe  Length:     13.20 m (43 ft 4 in) interrogator.  The  cockpit  is  fitted  with  an  Wingspan:     8.20 m (26 ft 11 in) environmental  control  system  developed  by  Height:     4.40 m (14 ft 9 in) Spectrum InfoTech of Bangalore. The avionics suite  Wing area:     38.4 m² (413 ft²) has an integrated utility health‐monitoring system.  Empty weight:  6,500 Kg (14,300 lb) The  advanced  utility  and  health  management  Loaded weight:   10,500 Kg (23,100 lb) system  provides  system  health  and  warnings  to   the pilot through an Open Architecture Computer  Performance (OAC).  Maximum  speed:  Mach  1.8,  1,920  Km/h   (1,195 mph) at high altitude  Range:     850 Km (530 mi)   Service ceiling:   15,250 m (50,000 ft)  Wing loading:  221.4Kg/m²(45.35 lb/ft²)   Thrust/weight:   1.07          Abhinandan M  th 4  MTech, CIM              Source: Internet   ****  12  
  • 15.     As panacea for the above gesture, we have started RECENT DEVELOPMENTS a  blog  “KINJUNKTION”  with  a  frenzied  euphoria  building  in  us.  We  like  to  advert  the  blog  with  a IN FIELD OF IC ENGINES clear  purpose  to  facilitate  a  just,  equitable,  humane  and  sustainable  society.    Kinjunktion  In  today’s  context,  the  word  fuel  has  aspires  to  catalyse  social  change  by  developing gained  much  importance  because  of  depletion  of  talent,  creating  knowledge,  providing  institutional fossil fuel and growth of technology. In late 1990’s vegetable  oil  were  considered  as  the  alternatives to fossil fuels, but  along with these vegetable oils ethanol,  methanol  (GASHOL,E‐DIESAL)  were  also consider as best alternatives. All these things mentioned above are with respect to  fuels,  but  latest  development  like  dual  fuelled engine  and  HCCI  technology  were  other alternatives. Now the technology is striving towards better fuel efficiency,  stringent  emission  norms.  In  dual fuelled  engines  alternate  fuel  like  producer gas/biogas  is  substitutes  instead  of  fossil  fuels  solutions and building social pressure for change. (gasoline, diesel) there by reducing usage of fossil fuel either completely or partially substitution.   In HCCI technology CI engines combustion which is   heterogeneous  is  made  to  behave  like  The  initiative  will  gesticulate  on  the  nuances  and homogeneous  combustion  for  its  completeness  in  build  the  blog,  having  its  head  and  heart  in  the combustion. So that economy in fuel consumption.  right place. Our ethos clearly speaks and earnestly So that economy in fuel consumption and power is  gives the conflicting views about the conventional obtained.  and  unconventional  topics.  For  this,  we  have The  students  of  mechanical  engineering  discipline  garnered a whole lot of humble inspirations and in can  make  a  career  by  taking  up  project  this regard, we are still a tyro in this process. work/specialising them in this field. They can apply   even  CFD  techniques  for  theoretical  validation  Our initiative is an allegory and an underdog which which  will  give  them  an  edge  over  others  in  this  alludes  the  freckle  brevity.  We  invite  the competitive era.  passionate  to  join  us  in  this  exciting  journey  as  - M R Kamesh  resource persons and vehemently dileterate in the  Senior Lecturer  endeavour.  ****    This  advert  in  front  of  you,  underpins  the  unbiquitous  issue  of  the  prodigious  initiative.  So KINJUNKTION do  troop  in,  to  pick  up  some  useful  junk  of  this “KNOWLEDGE NETWORK” blog. All are welcome, to pour in your suggestions  regarding the blog as we are open to constructive  Timidity  and  self  distrust  are  almost  as  great  as  criticism.  faults  as  conceit  and  over‐confidence.  There  are  ‐Praveen s and Aravind Vasudevan many  people  who  have  real  talent  in  different  Administrators and Authors            lines,  and  yet  who  never  accomplish  anything successfully  because  they  are  afraid  to  make  the    kinjunktion                                     first  venture,  and  in  this  way  good  and  useful things are lost to the world. A reasonable amount                                                                                                                   of confidence in ones own proves is necessary for  Blog address: www.kinjunktion.blogspot.comsuccess.     Join us in facebook: www.facebook.com/kinjunktion   Contact us: kinjunktion@gmail.com  13  
  • 16.    parts  and  in  assembly  operations.  However,  sizes  and positions of those mating features can be criti‐ CONVEY DESIGN INTENT cal,  with  extremely  tight  tolerances.  An  inspector  measuring  those  features,  but  referencing WITH GD&T dimensions from the wrong  positions  may  make  the  wrong  decision.  Properly   specifying  and  using  datums    in  GD&T  can  help   avoid such errors.  In  the  days  before  globalization  of   manufacturing,  parts  were  designed  made  and  The GD&T evaluation environment inspected in the same facility. Any disputes about   interpretation  of  design  intent  during  inspection  Inspection  equipment  measures  parts  for  two were  easily  resolved  by  face‐to‐face  discussion  main  reasons—production  acceptance,  which  is with the designer.  compliance  to  specified  tolerances,  and   troubleshooting  or  problem  solving  of  the  manufacturing process. Today,  with  products  being  designed  in  one   country  and  manufactured  in  others,  such  GD&T  drawings  typically  reflect  the  first  reason: communications  are  difficult  and  unlikely  to  take  they  specify  conditions,  or  tolerances,  for  part place.  With  designers  and  inspectors  in  different  acceptance  from  a  functional  point  of  view.  A time  zones  or  unable  to  communicate  in  a  timely  drawing  will  have  one  or  more  datum  reference fashion,  the  drawing  is  the  only  link  between  frames (DRF) with tolerances located and oriented them.  This  open‐loop  process  can  have  costly  relative  to  each  DRF.  The  ability  to  properly implications with good parts being rejected or bad  construct  a  DRF  during  the  inspection  process  is parts  being  accepted.  It  helps  if  the  inspector  has  crucial to the succes s of the evaluation. an  understanding  of  the  way  the  part  is  expected   to  function.  A  good  drawing  should  provide  this  To  properly  construct  a  DRF,  it  is  important  to information.  Geometric  Dimensioning  and  strictly  follow  the  rules  as  specified  by  the Tolerancing  (GD&T)  makes  it  easier  for  designers  standards  ASME  Y14.5  and  ASME  Y14.5.1.  These to convey design intent so inspectors know how to  rules  determine  th e  sequence  of  the  datums,  the do their measurements.  degrees  of  freedom  that  are  e liminated,  the   constraints  the  primary  datum  has  on  the  secondary  and  tertiary  datums,  and  the What is GD&T?  mathematical  fitting  technique  used  to  construct   the  individual datum simulators.  GD&T  is  a  communications  protocol  that  is    A  typical  old‐fashioned  measuremen t  would particularly  helpful  in  a  global  economy  where  simply  execute  a  measuring  program  line‐by‐line parts  may  be  made  in  one  part  of  the  world  and  and  print  the  results.  While  this  approach  is used  in  another.  GD&T  is  increasingly  being  acceptable for certain cases such as verifying sizes accepted as the best way of specifying 3‐D design  of features, it is not acceptable in all cases and will dimensions  and  tolerances  on  engineering  design  lead  to  incorrect  results  when  the  drawing drawings. The currently recognized GD&T standard  contains  DRFs  that  do  not  fully  constrain  all  the in the United States is ASME Y 14.5M (1994). The  degrees  of  freedom  or  have  maximum  material  condition (MMC) or least material condition (LMC) ISO  parallel  of  ASME  Y14.5  is  ISO  1101.  Although  modifiers attached to a datum reference. both  standards  have  the  same  goal,  they  are  not   exactly  equivalent,  and  it  is  important to  know  to   which  standard  the  drawing  complies  when  In  these  cases  the  DRF  can  only  be  correctly measuring a part.  determined after all of the measured points in that    DRF are collected.   This means that before starting  As  design  software  and  machine  tools  have  the  evaluation  process,  the  nominal  data  (CAD) become more capable, increasingly complex parts  tolerancing  information—datums,  toler  ance are being designed. Designers use computer‐ aided  callouts and  the measured  data must be available.  design (CAD) software to design parts with specific  This is called a GD&T Evaluation Environment. dimensions  tha t  must  be  verified  during  the   in spection phase of manufacturing those parts.    Working in the GD&T environment An example of a part with critical dimensions and   tolerances  is  a  plastic  part  designed  to  eliminate  The first step to working in this environment is to fasteners.    By  making  a  part  with  features  that  import the nominal data of the geometry typically mate  to  another  part,  assembling  those  parts  can  available  as  a  CAD  model.  It  is  important  to eliminate  the  need  for  screws,    reducing  costs  in  understand  that  CAD  design  software  and  14  
  • 17.  inspection software are two separate things.   technique  for  datum  creation  will  produce  an    average  plane  instead  of  the  necessary  tangent CAD  software  may  introduce  uncer‐  tainties  into  plane. A tangent plane properly simulates the way the inspection process. One example is rounding of  the  part  will  work.  At  the  same  time,  free  least dimensions. If features used as datums have  squares  inside  cylinder  instead  of  a  maximum rounded  dimensions,  problems  may  result.  The  inscribed cylinder calculated constrained to datum conversion  process  from  native  CAD  formats  to  A,  will  lead  to  creation  of  a  DRF  which  does  not IGES,  VDA,  STEP  or  other  formats  may  modify  or  represent how the part functions. As a result there lose some geometrical data.  will  be  a  systematic  error  for  all  of  the  results It  is  important  to  understand  that  even  if  the  evaluated in that DRF and certainly a probability of metrology  software  claims      that  it  is  able  to  use  bad parts being accepted and good being rejected. native  CAD  formats,  the  interpretation  of  these   formats is left to the measuring software and can   become  a  source  of  discrepancies  due  to   interpretation issues.    Tech Tips Typical  problems  encountered  during  CAD  import   are  introducing  form  error  on  the  nominal  • GD&T makes it easier for designers to convey geometry or the incorrect location of the imported  design  intent  so  inspectors  know  how  to  do features.CAD software uses NURBS (B‐splines) as a  their measurements. generic way of describing any geometrical surface  • GD&T  drawings  typically  specify  conditions, and does not contain information  if the shape is a cylinder,  plane  or  a  circle.  That  forces  the  task  of  or  tolerances,  for  part  acceptance  from  a nominal  dimension  calculations  to  the  measuring  functional point of view. software. During this process good GD&T software  • Best fitting is used to correctly construct the would  have  some  tools  available  to  expose  any  DRF  and  then  to  optimize  all  the  measured CAD import issues.  deviations.   • Using  ASME  Y14.5  and  ASME  Y14.5.1  is  the The  next  step  is  to  import  the  measured  data.  If  right  way  to  go  when  specifying  drawing the  data  is  collected  by  a  CMM‐like  device,  it  is  requirements  and  evaluating  parts  for imported  directly,  but  if  the  data  is  from  a noncontact  technology  such  as  a  laser  scanner,  acceptance. there  may  be  a  need  for  intelligent  data  filtering.   Intelligent data filtering means that the measured   data  is  evaluated  and,  if  needed,  measurement   noise  is  removed  and  the  number  of  points  is reduced.    This  process  can  reduce  the uncertainties of the raw data quite significantly.  Is least squares enough?  Best‐fitting is fundamental to the GD&T evaluation process.  Best‐fitting  is  used  to  correctly  construct the  DRF  and  then  to  optimize  all  the  measured deviations.  The  difference  between  good and  bad evaluation  software  is  its  ability  to  use  the   appropriate  not  the  most  convenient  fitting  • Manjunath SB technique.  There  are  a  number  of  fitting  1DS09MDE06  thtechniques available including least squares, mini‐ MTech 4  sem Design Engineering max,  tolerance  envelope,  fitting  with  constraints,   weighted best‐fitting, maximum inscribed cylinder   (circle),  minimum  circumscribed  cylinder  (circle),   and tangent line or plane.  These techniques exist for  a  reason  and  address  specific  goals.  They  can   be applied to geometric element fitting or to point   clouds to surfaces best fitting.     Consider  DRF  creation.  Assume  evaluating  a  part   with  a  plane  for  a  primary  datum  ‘A’  and  a   perpendicular inside cylinder deriving a secondary datum  axis  ‘B.’  Using  the  least  squares  fitting  15  
  • 18.     Screen Shot 1      Screenshot 2           Screen Shot 4  Screen Shot 3                 Screen Shot 1: Least squares evaluation causes this good part to fail. Notice that the unconstrained profile failed as well as the A and A|B datum reference frames. Source: OGP          Screen Shot 2 :  The same part passes when an ASME evaluation is applied. Source: OGP        Screen Shot 3:  Least squares evaluation causes this bad part to pass due to the fact that it produces   larger AMS at holes, which allows a larger mobility zone when datums are referred at.MMC. Source: OGP   16 Screen Shot 4: The same part fails when an ASME evaluation is applied. Source: OGP   
  • 19.  NEW GRAPHENE higher  tensile  strength  and  13  times  higher  bending rigidity. MATERIAL IS PAPER-THIN "The  exceptional  mechanical  properties  of  synthesised  GP  render  it  a  promising  material  for AND STRONGER THAN commercial and engineering applications.  "Not  only  is  it  lighter,  stronger,  harder  and  more STEEL  flexible  than  steel  it  is  also  a  recyclable  and  sustainable  manufacturable  product  that  is  eco‐ Researchers  at  the  University  of  friendly and cost effective in its use." Technology  Sydney  have  created  a  new  material  The  results  promise  great  benefits  for  the  use  of that  is  lighter,  less  dense,  harder,  and  stronger  graphene  paper  in  the  automotive  and  aviation than  steel.  But  this  material  isn’t  one  of  those  industries, allowing the development of lighter and breakthroughs that only sounds good on paper. It  stronger  cars  and  planes  that  use  less  fuel, is  paper,  and  it  could  be  a game‐changer for  generate  less  pollution,  are  cheaper  to  run  and materials  science  if  it  can  live  up  to  researchers’  ecologically sustainable.  hopes.   This  graphene  paper  is  constructed  of  graphite reformed  by  chemical  processes  into  monolayer hexagonal  carbon  lattices  stacked  as  thin  as  a sheet of paper, and it is remarkably strong. Compared  to  steel,  the  prepared  GP  is  six  times lighter,  five  to  six  times  lower  density,  two  times harder  with  10  times  higher  tensile  strength  and 13 times higher bending rigidity. That’s  no  incremental  improvement  on  the qualities of steel, but a huge leap forward in terms of  overall  material  strength  (plus,  like  paper,  it  is     flexible).  And  because  it  is  graphene,  it  is  also  He said large aerospace companies such as Boeing imbued  with  some  interesting  electrical,  thermal,  have already started to replace metals with carbon and mechanical properties.  fibres  and  carbon‐based  materials,  and  graphene But  perhaps  best  of  all,  graphene  paper  not  paper with its incomparable mechanical properties outrageously  difficult  or  expensive  to  would be the next material for them to explore. manufacture,  and  as  such  it  could  have  huge  The production of GP from graphite also provides a implications  for  the  aviation  and  automotive  remarkable amount of added value for the mining, industries,  where  manufacturers  have  already  material  processing  and  manufacturing  industries been  turning  to  composites  and  carbon  fiber  in  Australia.  In  the  last  decade,  metals  have materials  to  cut  weight  and  thus  increase  fuel  increasingly  and  rapidly  been  replaced  with economies. Graphene paper (GP) is a material that  carbon‐based materials. can be processed, reshaped and reformed from its  Australian mines have immense graphite resources original raw material state ‐ graphite. Researchers  making  the  new  material  a  favourable  option  to at UTS have successfully milled the raw graphite by  industry  as  an  economical,  home‐grown  and purifying and filtering it with chemicals to reshape  world‐class  technological  advancement  for  mass and  reform  it  into  nano‐structured  configurations  production and industrial application. which  are  then  processed  into  sheets  as  thin  as   paper.  These  graphene  nanosheet  stacks  consist  of monolayer  hexagonal  carbon  lattices  and  are placed  in  perfectly  arranged  laminar  structures which  give  them  exceptional  thermal,  electrical and mechanical properties. Using  a  synthesised  method  and  heat  treatment,   the UTS research team has produced material with  ‐SRIDHAR MP(IDS09MCM15)  thextraordinary  bending,  rigidity  and  hardness  4  SEMESTER, MTECH [CIM] mechanical  properties.  Compared  to  steel,  the   prepared  GP  is  six  times  lighter,  five  to  six  times lower  density,  two  times  harder  with  10  times  Source ‐ Internet  17  
  • 20.   JOB!!! Not to Worry There  are  plenty  of  other  openings  for  young  graduates  who  should  not  be  demoralized  if  he/ Freshers  largely  depend  on  their  college  she  could  not  make  it  for  an  offer  letter  within  campus. Students‐  keep your options open and be placement  cells  to  get  employment  but  campus  ready to take up the interview.  recruitment is not the only way to get the elusive first  job.  With  the  Indian  economy  growing  at  a   fast clip (8.5% annually), there are a large number of opportunities for freshers if they know where to  ALL THE VERY BEST!!!  look.  WISH U ALL A BRIGHT FUTURE.  The first thing that a graduate should do is to join the  mailing  lists  for  an  entry  level  job.  Chetana‐  jobs  (www.chetanas  forum.com)  is  one  the  most popular  groups  offering  details  on  freshers  ‐Editorial Board  openings.  The  site  also  gives  tips  on  clearing   interviews  and  preparing  resumes.  Other  sites  of  Source‐ similar  nature  are  www.freshershome.com,         Internet and newspapers. www.afterbtech.com       Naukri  has  also  brought  focus  to  fresher  hiring through  www.firstnaukri.com.  Apart  from  entry‐ level  openings.  It  also  offers  internships  with  the  www.chetanas forum.comtop  companies  and  sample  assessment  test.  www.freshershome.com    www.afterbtech.comGovernment  jobs  have  become  attractive  again  www.firstnaukri.com. thafter  the  6   Pay  Commission  recommendations.  www.aiesec.orgThe Employment News weekly (www.employment news.gov.in)  is  a  one  stop  shop  for  exam  www.indianintership.comnotifications  and  jobs  advertisements  for  a  large  www.indiainterns.comnumber  of  government  and  public  sector undertaking jobs. The college Alumni network is a rich source of jobs and tips on finding them. Many of the alumni may even  be  willing  to  recruit  bright  youngsters  from the  alma  mater  for  their  own  entrepreneurial ventures.  Newspapers  are  a  treasure  trove  of  appointment news if one has the patience. Freshers should keep scanning  the  classifieds  section  on  a  regular  basis to find hidden gems. Internships  are  a  great  way  to  connect  with companies and explore job opportunities. AIESEC ( www.aiesec.org)  is  the  world’s  largest  student driven organization and arranges internships at an international  level  as  well.  Other  online  resource for  internships  in  India  are  www.hellointern.com, www.indianintership.com    and  www.india‐interns.com  Placement  aggregators  bring  together  final‐year students  from  colleges  in  a  particular  geography and conduct job fairs with leading companies.     
  • 21.  Let’s know NPTEL better!! Bangalore, and is funded by the Ministry of Human  Resources  Development  of  the  Government  of    India.   As  of  December  2009,  over  250  courses  were  Gone  are  the  days  when  we  had  to  slog  available online. The course videos are available in in  classrooms  and  follow  the  lectures  accurately,  streaming mode, and may also be downloaded for scribble down notes knowing well that even if we  viewing  offline.  The  video  files  are  also  viewable intended to miss a single class for a reason, indeed  via the IIT Channel in Youtube. we  would  be  in  two  minds  as  there  was  a  fair chance of losing a good amount of that important  Seven IITs and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) lecture for a subject which was considered a mass  have worked together to develop web and video backlog paper and even if we managed to get the  based material for basic undergraduate science  and engineering courses in order to enhance the notes later from our friends, it was a real struggle  reach and quality of technical education in India.to understand it. Cut to the present day. It is now possible to obtain  The NPTEL Program a  degree  from  Harvard  University  while  you  are  Participating Institutions relaxing in your living room. It is possible to access MIT  courses  on  your  personal  laptop  and  even  if  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore you  are  not  a  student  at  Stanford  University,  you  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi can still catch most of the lectures on Youtube.  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Wait I know what you guys are probably thinking.  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Where  do  our  country  India  stand  in  this  race  of  (coordinating Institute) imparting  free  technical  knowledge  in  the  global  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai stage. Well I have an answer.  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur It is called NPTEL. Here’s all that you need to know about it and hence broaden your horizons.  History of the Programme  The idea of having a Technology enhanced learning  initiative  involving  IITs  and  Indian  Institutes  of  Management  (IIMs)  was  first  proposed  by  IIT  Madras  in  the  year  1999  immediately  following  a  Workshop  on  Technology  Enhanced  Learning  (WoTEL)  conducted  in  Chennai  in  collaboration  with  Carnegie  Mellon  University  (CMU),  Pittsburgh, USA.  Cost  of  the  initiative:  The  Ministry  of  Human    Resource  Development,  Government  of  India    approved funding of 20.47 crores (204.7 million) of   Indian  Rupees  for  Phase  I  for  three  years  from NPTEL June  2003  till  June  2006,  which  was  eventually  extended till June 30, 2007. The  National  Programme  on  Technology Enhanced  Learning  (NPTEL)  is  a  Government  of  Following  that,  significant  infrastructure  for  the India  sponsored  collaborative  educational  production  of  video‐based  teaching  material  by programme. By developing curriculum‐based video  the institutes was set up. In the first phase of the and web courses, the programme aims to enhance  NPTEL  project  (June  2003‐June  2007),  110  video the  quality  of  engineering  education  in  India.  It  is  courses  and  129  web‐based  courses  were being  jointly  carried  out  by  7  IITs  and  IISc  19  
  • 22.  developed  by  the  faculty  members  of  these  As  of  December  2009,  web  and  video  courses  in institutions.  the following disciplines are available. Future Plans of the Project:  Branch Web  VideoPhase II: The next phase of the programme is now  Basic Course (Sem I and II)  16  13ongoing. Over 1000 web and video courses will be created.  Civil Engg 25  17 Computer Science & Engg  22  18There  are  several  enhancements  being  included for Phase II  Electrical Engg 16  23 • All  IITs  and  IISc  will  participate  as  Electronics & Communication Engg  20  22 partners.  In  addition  NIT  and  other  Mechanical Engg 27  20 premier  University  faculty  will  have  the  opportunity  to  join  for  open  content  Ocean Engg 0  2 creation as associates.  • Private  industries  will  be  called  on  to  Biotechnology 0  2 provide  value‐added  case  studies  and  Mining 0  1 experiential learning.  • There  is  increased  emphasis  on  having  a  Total 126  118 modular structure for the courses  • Question  banks  and  case  studies  will  be  included  as  part  of  the  courses  where  Distribution Channels for the Courses  applicable  • The course materials will be developed to  1.)  The  web  and  video  courses  are  distributed  via  contain  greater  relevance  to  professional  the following channels:  examination and industrial practices  • Course specific NPTEL wikis for increased  2.)  The Official  NPTEL  Website  has  all  the  courses  interaction and user‐content generation  available for free viewing and download. Engineering Disciplines for NPTEL Courses  3.) Youtube has an IIT channel, from which all the  courses  (approximately  40  hours  of  lectures  per In  Phase  I,  five  branches  of  engineering  (Civil,  course) are available. Electrical,  Electronics  and  Communication, Computer  Science  and  Engineering,  and  4.) DVDs of individual courses (3 DVDs per course) Mechanical)  were  addressed  in  the  first  phase.  is available from the NPTEL website. These can be Each  Institute  identified  the  courses  in  which  it  obtained from the btechguru website. would  like  to  participate  as  video  (V)  or  Web  (W) based  content  contributor.  The  core  courses  5.) Additionally, academic and learning institutions common  to  all  these  disciplines  including  basic  can  also  obtain  the  entire  set  of  all  courses  by science and engineering were addressed by a core  contacting NPTEL. courses group.  6.) Television Channel: The courses have also been   made available from July 2006 with video lectures  being  broadcast  through  the  Eklavya  channel   provided  by  Gyan  Darshan  (DoorDarshan  Television, a Govt of India enterprise).    - Tridib Das BE 6th sem  20  
  • 23.  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES cleaning nuclear active rooms/areas. Recent  developments and researches have opened up the IN ROBOTICS window of medical sciences wherein robots are   used to assist surgeries and in few applications  used to assist the support staff in hospitals in  In  the  last  few  decades  technology  has  better caring of patients. Opportunities to kick been  the  major  force  driving  industry  forward. Automation  has  been  the  most  important  start a career are plenty and readily available in component  to  instill  efficiency  into  industrial  robotics in these budding fields. processes. On the other hand, human resources to   achieve  automation  have  also  been  required  in  Besides all these fields, you can also find an great  numbers.   opening in off the focus areas such as‐ deep sea   ocean exploration, the study of volcanoes, the  Robotics  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  Antarctic, and in archaeology. For quote ‘A technological  innovation  into  more  and  more automation.  It  is  the  science  and  technology  that  hitherto unknown tunnel was found in the main drives robots to do all sorts of process related jobs  pyramid at Giza in Egypt through use of a more efficiently than humans can ever do without  miniature robot’. Astronomy is the field wherein getting  tired.  Robots  are  mechanical  devices  that  robots play an important role in many of the are  computer  controlled.  celestial expeditions. We can all remember the   Pathfinder robotic vehicle still working on Mars.  The development of robotics and robots obviously requires  human  resource,  expert  in  diverse  areas.  It  is  important  to  see  that  robots  are  used Requirement  list  begins  with  mechanical  exclusively  in  certain  areas  and  conditions.  They engineers,  computer  scientists,  process  are specifically used where the reach of humans is technologists,  experts  in  material  sciences,  and  highly  impossible,  such  as  hostile  environments‐ system  integrators.  Further  field  needs  quality  dusty,  chemically  active,  high  temperature control engineers, instrumentation engineers, and  applications  and  many  such  areas  where  the control  system  engineers.  involvement  of  humans  may  be  hazardous  to   health. The  mechanical  engineers,  control  system        It is therefore not very difficult to forecast that, designers, and information technology experts are  in  the  coming  years  more  and  more  career the  most  prominent  personnel  required  for  robot  opportunities  will  be  forthcoming  in  the  field  of design,  construction,  and  actual  operation  of  robotics  for  young  engineers‐  brain  filled  with robots  for  specific  industrial  processes.  innovative  ideas  and  knowledge.  An  interest  in   robotics and systems development is an important The  automobile  industries  across  the  globe  are  pre‐requisite to pursue a career. A basic degree in extensively  using  robots  in  assembly  lines.  Their  a  compatible  engineering,  science,  or  technology development  requires  knowledge  about  discipline  is  what  is  essentially  required.  You  will automobile  assembly  processes  and  mechanical  have  better  growth  in  robotics  if  you  gain engineering.  Control  system  engineers,  software  worthwhile  experience  in  the  initial  two  years  of developers,  instrumentation  engineers,  and  your career. electronics  engineers  are  also  required  for   developing  and  improving  them.     - SUNIL MAGADUM Information  technology  (IT)  is  also  an  area  where  Lecturer robots  are  used.  Intel  and  AMD  use  robots  in  Dept. of Mechanical Engineering developing  the  latest  microchips.  Nanotechnology is  a  recent  domain  wherein  robots  are  seen  as   requirement. Besides industry, robots are    being used more and more for personal use as   toys or as security guards. Robots are also used in    21  
  • 24.   Mixed Bag (Creative Section)Mind teasersThink about it……………….. • Can you cry under water…? • If you only have one eye……..are you blinking or winking…..? • Whenever an adult is kidnapped…why isn’t it called adult napped…….? • If all the ACME’s products back fire…….why does Wile Coyote keep buying them…..? • Why does Flammable and Inflammable mean the same…? • Why don’t you ever see baby pigeons…….? • Can good looking Eskimo girls be called hot…? • In a library, will the Bible be kept in the fictional or non-fictional section..? • Does a postman deliver his own mail…….? • How many teeth does a mosquito have…? ATM for Engineers, • Load the card into the transverse slot at 46’ south • Affix the numerical sequence into the keypad to confirm coordinates • Choose the variant differentiations:- *Longitudinal transference of each. *Contraction variance from your account *Separation of spouse’s credit card from principal turbine producer *Visual mathematical calculation of account balance telemetry • Dislodgement of card is required. • Remove the crystallization of products • Project completed. Turn your structure 94’ with differential allowance of 0.4925 and mobilize yourself out of here.    Praveen S BE 4th sem    
  • 25.   Puzzle urself.. Across Down 2. Every cloud has a silver 1. Modern method of ahereing 5. Sets the shift patern in a gearbox 3. Often reamed to fit 7. Not the barking kind 4. Often warn off on old gears 8. Not second or forth 6. In both gearbox and sowing kit 10. Number one 9. Locks collors on a shaft 12. Gear construction method often noisy 11. Fibre that may fall out when clutch is dismantled 14. Allows shaft to turn 12. Sliding gear but has no cuffs 15. Locking method as we shift up or down 13. Keeps side load on a bearing 16. Takes up some slake 20. Slips in agrove on a shaft 17. Used to pick the next speed 21. Top gear in many an old bike 18. Large sprocket with linings in a pre unit 22. Transmits motion from input to drive 19. Ppposite to up 23. You get a red ribbon 20. Used to carry beer 24. Holds in place 23. Gearbox manufacture in early british bikes 25. Missing a few you get a jerky ride -Puneet Subramaniam 26. Home for a bearing 27. With peter and mary but spelt differently B.E 6th sem 28. Secondary shaft with more gears  Solution on next page 23  
  • 26.   £ÀªÀÄä PÁ¯ÉÃdÄ zÀAiÀiÁ£ÀAzÀ ¸ÁUÀgÀ£ÀªÀÄä PÁ¯ÉÃdÄ "zÀAiÀiÁ£ÀAzÀ ¸ÁUÀgÀ".EzÀ£ÀÄß ¸Áܦ¹zÀªÀgÀÆ, zÀAiÀiÁ£ÀAzÀ ¸ÁUÀgÀ,CªÀgÀ ªÀÄ£À¸ÀÄì «±Á® ¸ÁUÀgÀ,CzÀPÉÌ E°èUÉ ºÀjzÀħgÀĪÀÅzÀÄ d£À¸ÁUÀgÀ. UÀÄgÀÄUÀ¼À PÀAqÀgÉ «zsÁåyðUÀ½UÉ DzÀgÀ, UÀÄgÀÄ ²μÀågÀ ¸ÀA§AzsÀªÀÇ ¸ÀÄAzÀgÀ. E°è£À ¥Àj¸ÀgÀ £ÀAiÀÄ£À ªÀÄ£ÉÆúÀgÀ, DzÀÝjAzÀ¯ÉÃ, ±Á«UÉ ªÀÄ°èUÉ UÀÄqÀØzÀ°è £É¯É¹gÀĪÀ£ÀÄ ²ªÀ-±ÀAPÀgÀ.E°è ªÀiÁqÀĪÀgÀÄ «zsÁåzÁ£À,«zsÁåyðUÀ¼À ¨sÀ«μÀåªÉà ¥ÀæzsÁ£À."PÁåA¥À¸ï ¸É¯ÉPÀë£ï" DVzÉ £ÀªÀÄUÉ ªÀgÀzÁ£À,«zsÁåyðUÀ¼À ¥ÉÇÃμÀPÀjUÉ EzÉà §ºÀĪÀiÁ£À. - ²æÃzsÀgï JA ¦ 4£Éà ¸É«Ä¸ÀÖgï JA.mÉPï ¹LKA Solution for Puzzle: 24  
  • 27.   Motivational StoryBoy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage.They were a Loving couple and the boy was the gem of their eyes.When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw amedicine bottle Open.He was late for office so he asked his wife to cap the bottle and keep it inthe cupboard. His wife, preoccupied in the kitchen totally forgot thematter.The boy saw the bottle and playfully went to the bottle fascinated by itscolour and drank it all.It happened to be a poisonous medicine Meant for adults in small dosages.When the child collapsed the mother hurried him to the hospital, where he died. The motherwas stunned. She was terrified how to face her husband.When the distraught father came to the hospital and saw the dead child,He looked at his wife and uttered “I am with you"The husbands totally unexpected reaction is a proactive behavior.The Child is dead. He can never be brought back to life.There is no point in finding fault with the mother. Besides, if only he hadtaken time to keep the bottle away, this would not have happened.No one is to be blamed. She had also lost her only child. What she needed at that moment wasconsolation and sympathy from the husband. That is what he gave her.If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective, there would be much fewer problemsin the world. "A journey of a thousand miles Begins with a single step." Take off all your envies,jealousies, Unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. And you will find things are actually not asdifficult as you think.MORAL OF THE STORYSometimes we spend time in asking who is responsible or whom to blame,Whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know. By this Way we miss out somewarmth in human relationship. Prof. Yash. B. Parikh Alumni , DSCE Mech (Rank holder and Gold medal Winner MTech CIM 2008-10) 25  
  • 28.  Technically.. !!! just smile: Praveen BE 4th sem • Compaq is considering changing command “Press any key” to “Enter any key” because of the flood of alls asking where is “Any key” • I told my EC friend I had a ringing in my ears due to heavy explosion caused by a big capacitor. His answer was “don’t answer it” • A confused caller was having troubles printing documents. He told the technician that the computer had said ‘could not find the printer’. The user had even tried turning the computer screen to face the printer, but the comp screen could not see the printer • Bill Gates in Hell Upon dying, Bill went to purgatory. St. Peter said to him, “Now Bill, you have done some good things and you done some bad things. Now I am going to let you decide where you want to go.’ So, Bill takes a look at hell and see’s the beautiful women running around on the beaches. Then he looks at the heaven and finds it nice. So he said St. Peter that he would like to go to hell. About a week later St. Peter Saw him being whipped by the demons And then he asked St. Peter ‘ What happened to all the beautiful women and the Beaches…. St. Peter replied, “That was just the screen saver”  Make a Difference:I awoke early, as I often did, just before sunrise to walk by the oceans edge and greet the newday. As I moved through the misty dawn, I focused on a faint, far away motion. I saw a youth,bending and reaching and flailing arms, dancing on the beach, no doubt in celebration of theperfect day soon to begin.As I approached, I sadly realized that the youth was not dancing to the bay, but rather bendingto sift through the debris left by the nights tide, stopping now and then to pick up a starfishand then standing, to heave it back into the sea. I asked the youth the purpose of the effort."The tide has washed the starfish onto the beach and they cannot return to the sea bythemselves," the youth replied. "When the sun rises, they will die, unless I throw them back tothe sea."As the youth explained, I surveyed the vast expanse of beach, stretching in both directionsbeyond my sight. Starfish littered the shore in numbers beyond calculation. The hopelessness ofthe youths plan became clear to me and I countered, "But there are more starfish on thisbeach than you can ever save before the sun is up. Surely you cannot expect to make adifference."The youth paused briefly to consider my words, bent to pick up a starfish and threw it as far aspossible. Turning to me he simply said, "It made a difference to that one."I left the boy and went home, deep in thought of what the boy had said. I returned to thebeach and spent the rest of the day helping the boy throw starfish in to the sea. Based on the story by Loren Eisley Puneeth 6th BE 26  
  • 29.   Musings of a Confused Engineering Mind “Should I wear this red tie or should I pick up the maroon one instead for today’s meeting withmy client?”...”Should I laze around in the house for the weekend or just chill out with my friends at the discotheque?” I believe each one of us at some point of the day go through a similar phase of indecisiveness. Any guesses? The word is “Confusion”. Yes, it is this confusion that rules the world and beyond.Till date even the top notch scientists are speculative over the origin of the universe and space- time and hence they had to seek refuge into a number of theories such as the Big-Bang Theory, the String-Theory among others. But this doesn’t end confusion from their minds for they are constantly at work to find a full-proof theory that would describe every property andcharacteristics of the universe and answer the myriad questions hurled by the critics out there. Now that was about the scientific world where confusion reigns supreme. Now coming to our practical world, confusion plays no lesser part in almost every aspect of our lives. Very few smart and able men can keep confusion at bay. The remaining are confused right from dawn to dusk. I belong to the latter category. About me, I was as much confused in childhood as I am now. Confusion seems to be synonymous with my name. Confused? Let me clarify. My name is an amalgamation of a complex set of unpronounceable syllables as a result of which often people find it difficult to pronounce my name and as a result end up spelling it wrongly. No doubt most of my marks card bare the same name but with different spellings. My fate!Another trait of my eternal confusion is that it was only when I was in the seventh grade that I came to distinguish between the left and right sides over which I get confused sometimes even now. Moreover, after being confused for all these years I can say that I’ve attained some sort of mastery over this special trait possessed by me. My confused state of mind can be divided into three categories. The first one is that I am a person who is scientifically confused. No doubt I nursed a personal grudge against Newton when I was in school. As a result I ended up messing my grades quite often in school which was followed by a letter to my parents from the principal. But interestingly or rather confusingly the letter never found its way to my home. However, I am proud to belong to this class of scientifically confused people because I personally believe that all great scientists were a confused lot and in the process of removing their confusion they ended up discovering or inventing something extraordinarily great. Now I am not saying that I am great for I have my confusions over that as well! Secondly, I’m a person who is spiritually confused. I am confused for that matter because if God is one and all religions preach the same tenets of finding God, then how come so much hatred and sin in the name of religion all over the world. All these make me all the more confused. Lastly, I am a person who is simply confused. I sometimes wonder had there been some sort of Confusion Quotient (CQ) to measure the degree of confusion of the mind, I am sure I would have had a high CQ level. None of my tasks are completed without the timely intervention of confusion. But I must say that I am proud to possess such a powerful quality for with the help of this special trait many minds have produced many things unheard of before. So why can’t I?With this bit of solace I continue my journey hand in hand with this faithful companion for many more confusing days to come in future...  - Tridib Das, BE6th Semester 27  
  • 30.    DEPARTMENTAL ACTIVITIES Our department is actively involved in various activities with constant support from our beloved HOD, Dr. C.P.S. Prakash. On 22nd September 2010 Engineer’s Day was celebrated by Department of Mechanical Engineering, a Commemorative Talk on “Sir M Visvesvaraya” by Mr. Vivekananda, Professor, Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. The Guest of Honor was Smt. Shankuthala Krishnamurthy (Niece of Sir M Visvesvarayya). She exhibited the Bharat Ratna Medal of Sir M Vishvesvaraya to all the students and spoke about his life and works. A video presentation on the same was also shown to students. The function was presided over by Dr. Nethaji S Ganesan, Principal, DSCE. The official forum “AVISHKARA” and Robotics club “MECHANOIDS” of our department was opened. The official website of the department (www.dscemech.com) was also launched. A Fresher’s Day Celebration and the Mechanical Cultural Fest “TORQUE 2010” were also organized on 22nd September 2010 following the Engineers Day Celebration. The department T- shirt for the academic year 2010-11 was released The Bharat Ratna Medal being displayed. L-R: Dr. C P S Prakash, Prof Vivekananda, Smt. Shakuthala Krishnamurthy, Dr. Nethaji S Ganesan The dignitaries lighting the lamp.      Dr. Nethaji S Ganesan handing the memento.  28  
  • 31.   Mechanical Engineering Students performing in ‘Torque 2010’Industrial Visits:The department also organises many industrial visits every month for the benefit of students toget practical knowledge. A visit to Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Ltd. Students of 3rd semester on an industrial visit to by 5th semester students on 20/08/2010. RAPSRI (Foundry) on 22/10/2010. Technical Sessions: 29  
  • 32.       30  
  • 33.  Technical Talks & Guest Lectures:Department also makes arrangements for technical talks once every fortnight. Technical Talk Series by subject experts for the Even Semester 2011 was organised. The first talk on the subject Modeling & Finite Element Analysis was given by Dr. C. S. Ramesh, Director, R&D, PESIT on 04/03.2011. 31  
  • 34.   Talk by Mr.Shirgurkar,CMD,ACE Designers,Bangalore on 25/10/2010 A Talk by Prof. Nicolas Ferrand, Professor at Lyon Engineering Technical Institute, France on Product Life Cycle Management was organized on 14/10/2010 32  
  • 35.   A Talk by Dr. P. S. Krishnan, Director, DRDO on Technologies at ADE – A Perspective on 18/09/2010 A talk on Recent Trends and Advances in IC Engines by Dr. P. A. Lakshminarayan, Head, R & D, Ashok Leyland, Hosur on 02/09/2010. 33  
  • 36.  Affiliations:ISHRAE [Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers] Found  in  1981  at  New  Delhi  by  a  group  of  eminent  HVAC&R  professionals.  ISHRAE  has  more than  8500  HVAC&R  Professionals  and  3000  Students  as  Members  with  38  chapters  and  102 Student Chapters in India and abroad. It is an affiliate Society of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating  Refrigerating  and  Air  Conditioning  Engineers).  ISHRAE  conducts  International  and National Expositions, Seminars and Workshops to achieve its primary objective of furthering the Arts and Sciences of Heating, Refrigerating and Air‐conditioning. ‘Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Student Chapter’ was inaugurated and started on  14th of February 2011 by ISHRAE Bangalore chapter office bearers. It was an eventful day for students (27) who enrolled themselves to be part of this organization. The chapter was started with  support  from  our  HOD,  Dr.  CPS  Prakash  and  our  principal,  Dr.  Nethaji  S  Ganesan. Subsequently the DSCE student chapter office bearers headed by lecturers Mr. Senthil Kumar & Mr. Narahari were named. Currently the student chapter office bearers include;  President: Puneeth M S Secretary: Nitin Khatri  Treasurer: Supreeth G Vattam The volunteers include Sachin B, Nikhil Chowdhary and Ankith Ramesh.  Since  its  inception  the association  has  been  doing  activities,  career  counseling  and  organizing industrial visits related to same. Currently first industrial visit to ‘Armstrong Designs Pvt Ltd.’, a branch of centrifugal pump assembly unit based in Canada was organized. For details Visit: http://www.ishrae.in             34  
  • 37.  IIF [Institute of Indian Foundrymen]The  Institute  of  Indian  Foundrymen  (IIF)  was  set  up  in  1950  to  promote  education,  research, training  and  development  to  Indian  Foundrymen  and  to  serve  as  a  nodal  point  of  reference between  the  customers  and  suppliers  of  the  Indian  foundry  industry  on  a  global  scale.  With  its  Head  Quarter  in  Kolkata,  IIF  presently  services  the  entire  country  through  its  26 Chapters  under  four  Regional  Branches  located  at  Kolkata,  Delhi,  Mumbai  &  Chennai. The Institute is a member of the World Foundrymen Organization (WFO) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). IIF DSCE Student Chapter was inaugurated on 21st March 2011 in presence of many dignitaries of IIF Bangalore Chapter. Around 50 students got enrolled themselves on this day. Students are planning to organize industrial visits, guest lectures, expositions and many more. IIF also helps by  organizing  domestic  events  like  Asian  Metallurgy  2011,  Equipment  and  Product  Trade  Fair 2011, Aluminium India 2011.    35  
  • 38.   Mechanical Engineering Toppers of 3rd Semester                                                                               ARMAN ALI  RAJESH N DUBAL  1DS09ME015  1DS09ME068  765/900  769/900    Toppers of 5th Semester  JEEVAN. C. R  RUDRA PRATAP  1DS08ME036  1DS08ME081  713/900  705/900    Toppers of 7th Semester       GANESH. C  VIKRAM. B  1DS07ME032  1DS07ME017    718/900  711/900   
  • 39.    MTech CIM 1st SEM TOPPERS                                        NAVEEN KUMAR S  PRAVEEN BA    1DS10MCM09  1DS10MCM06  652/800  648/800   Congratulations!!! to all 1st year CIM students for securing 17 distinctions and 1 Firstclass   MTech DESIGN 1st SEM TOPPERS                                                                   BHAVESH G NAYAK  ARUN KUMAR   1DS10MDE02  1DS10MDE01  606/800  583/800  37  
  • 40.   MTech CIM 3RD SEM TOPPERS                                        SRINIVAS RAO K  SRIDHAR MP  ESHWARI N    1DS09MCM16  RAGHAVENDRA PRASAD KK  1DS09MCM15  1DS09MCM06  1DS09MCM10  434/500  404/500  404/500  404/500   Congratulations to all 2nd year CIM students for securing First class with Distinction in 3rd sem.Congratulations again for, setting a new benchmark of 18/18 distinctions.     MTech DESIGN 3RD SEM TOPPERS                                                           AKBER HUSSAIN  BASAWARAJU EKLURE  RUDRESH M  1DS09MDE01  1DS09MDE02            1DS09MDE11  391/500    404/500 391/500         38   
  • 41.     AWARDS AND MEDALS     Mr Yash Parikh receiving Gold Medal from his Excellency Hansraj Bharadwaj,Governor of Karnataka at the convocation. (L-R ) Dr.GN Krishnamurthy, Registrar(E)VTU; Dr Maheshappa, Vice Chancellor,VTU ; Dr VS Acharya, Minister for HigherEducation, Government of Karnataka   We take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Yash Parikh, MTech CIM 2008-10for securing 1st rank and a gold medal from the university, this year 39  
  • 42.  NIRMAANA – 2011  Department of Management Studies had organised a national-level business plan contest“NIRMAANA” 2011 recently. wherein Shanmuga, a second year Mecanical Engineeringstudent at DSCE and his team, emerged as the winner for their innovative buisness plan“High Clean Solution”. They won the cash prize Rs one lakh.Dr. Lakshmi Jagannathan, Head of the Department for Management Studies quoted ” Weare really happy on the kind of response that we have recieved for this contest. There is nodoubt that this competition has helped the future entrepreneurs.” V R Ferose, MD, SAPLabs and Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director of titan Industries were also present at theevent 40  
  • 43.   CONFERENCE, SYMPOSIA, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS ETC. ATTENDED BY TEACHERS (FROM 01.04.2010 TO 31.03.2011) No. of SL Name of the Invited / Name of the Conference etc Place Date Paper No. Teacher Deputed Presented Design & Optimization of Vertical Tail 21/04/2010 – 1 Fuselage Fitting Attachment Bracket on DSCE, Bangalore -- 1 23/04/2010 Vertical Tail Side of LTA “Standard Coordinate Systems for reporting -- 2 1 the mass properties of flight vehicle” “Review of Literature on Effect of Various -- 3 Fillers and Reinforcements on Wear 1 Organized by Institute Behavior of Polymer Composites” of Engineers, Mysore Rapid Prototyping and its Engineering -- 4 on 24th & 25th 1 Applications Dr. C. P. S. “Modern Trends in September 2010 Prakash Optimization of Vertical Tail Fuselage -- Mechanical Engineering, Fitting Attachment Bracket on Vertical Tail 5 MTME-2010” 1 side of LTA) ITC Royal Gardenia, 6 HTC 2010, National Conference 4th – 6th August 2010, Invited -- Bangalore chaired a session on “Modern Trends in Mechanical New Horizon College of th 7 24 September 2010 Invited -- Engineering, MTME-2010” Engineering,Bangalore morning ANSYS R-13 Leela Palace, Bangalore 18th February 2011 8 Invited -- Dr. H. V. ITC Royal Gardenia, 9 HTC 2010, National Conference 4th – 6th August 2010, Invited NIL Lakshminarayana Bangalore 41  
  • 44.   No. of SL Name of the Invited / Name of the Conference etc Place Date Paper No. Teacher Deputed Presented Jain Research -- “Effect of Chip Morphology during National Level Foundation, Jain 1 10 Grinding Bearing Steel using Single Layer Conference “Knowledge Dr. Bhaskar Pal University on 28th Brazed and Galvanic Bonde” Utsav” August 2010 ANSYS R-13 Leela Palace, Bangalore 18th February 2011 -- 11 Invited Powder Metallurgy Processing & -- Prof. Prabhakar 21/04/2010 – 1 12 Characterization of Microwave Ferrites & DSCE, Bangalore Kuppahalli 23/04/2010 Dielectric Resonators for VHF Applications Classification of different Machined -- Prof. Prabhakar 21/04/2010 – 1 13 Surfaces Based on surface Texture and DSCE, Bangalore Kuppahalli 23/04/2010 Evaluation Surface Roughness Determination of Mixed Mode Stress -- 21/04/2010 – 1 14 Intensity Factors for Arbitrarily Oriented DSCE, Bangalore 23/04/2010 Cracks in Conical Shell Structures Impact Damage Resistance of Composite 2011Naval Materials 15 Laminates and Structures: Prediction and Research Laboratory, 4th – 5th February 2011 -- 1 Verification Ambarnath, Maharashtra Prof. Shivashankar R Srivatsa ITC Royal Gardenia, 16 HTC 2010, National Conference 4th – 6th August 2010, Invited Bangalore -- 42  
  • 45.   No. of SL Name of the Invited / Name of the Conference etc Place Date Paper No. Teacher Deputed Presented National Instruments India LabVIEW NIMHANS Convention 17 12th October 2010 Deputed NIL Conference 2010 Centre, Bangalore JN Tata Auditorium Prof. Analysis of Composite Materials and Indian Institute of 5th January 2011 18 Shivashankar R Structures by Deputed NIL Science Srivatsa Prof. J.N. Reddy Bangalore 560012 ANSYS R-13 Leela Palace, Bangalore 18th February 2011 Invited NIL Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element 21/04/2010 – Deputed 1 19 DSCE, Bangalore Bearings Using Artificial Neural Networks 23/04/2010 Rajiv Gandhi Institute of th Deputed 21 Mechanical Vibrations 29 October 2010 NIL Technology, Bangalore Prof. Shridhar U Kurse MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Deputed 22 Mathworks, Bangalore 11th November 2010 NIL Education 23 Solid Edge – ST3 Software Bangalore 30th November 2010 Deputed NIL Comparative evaluation of alternative Deputed 1 24 working fluids for improvements in a solar flat plate (concentrated) collector Prof. Narasimhe 18th – 19th November SIT, Tumkur Deputed 1 Gowda A Methodology for Comparative Analysis 2010 International Conference 25 of Energy Sources for Setting up Power on AMMMT-2010, Plants 43  
  • 46.   No. of SL Name of the Invited / Name of the Conference etc Place Date Paper No. Teacher Deputed Presented Teaching, Learning practice, Research Narasimhe K.S.Institute of 24th – 25th January Deputed 26 Methodology and Writing Project Proposals NIL Gowda Technology 2011 Narasimhe Aerospace Vehicles K.S.Group of 2nd – 4th February Deputed 27 NIL Gowda Institutions, VTU 2011 Mr. Rajashekhar 28 Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing DSCE, Bangalore 20th October 2010 Deputed NIL Hosalli Indian Institute of Mr. C. Senthil Transport Phenomena in Phase-change and Technology, 10th – 14th Deputed 29 Kumar, NIL Reacting Systems Kanpur(UP) 208016 January, 2011 Senior Lecturer India Dept. of Mech. ICRAME-2010 Engg. International Noorul Islam Mr. Manikanda Design and Fabrication of Throttle Controller for Conference on Recent University, Deputed 1 30 Pirapu Ducted Axial Fan Advances in Kumaracoil- Mechanical 629180, Tamil Engineering Nadu, 8th & 9th April 2010 Thermal Analysis of a die casting “Automotive International National Institute Deputed 1 31 Delivery Piper” used in a Passenger Car Conference on of Technology Mrs. N. Frontiers in Karnataka, Jayalakshmi Experimental Verification of Mold Filling Mechanical Surathkal Deputed 1 32 Analysis for an Automotive Reclinear Lever Engineering – FIME 20th – 22nd May 2010 2010 44  
  • 47.   SL Name of the Invited / No. of Paper Name of the Conference etc Place Date No. Teacher Deputed Presented “Modern Trends in organized by Institute 1 “Standard Coordinate Systems for reporting Mechanical of Engineers, Mysore Deputed 33 the mass properties of flight vehicle” Engineering, on 24th & 25th MTME-2010” September 2010 Mr.Sunil Magadum SIT, Tumkur 1 International 18th – 19th November 32 An Expert System for Four Bar Mechanism Deputed Conference on 2010 AMMMT-2010, “Modern Trends in organized by Institute 1 “Review of Literature on Effect of Various Mechanical of Engineers, Mysore Deputed Fillers and Reinforcements on Wear Engineering, on 24th & 25th Behavior of Polymer Composites” MTME-2010” September 2010 SIT, Tumkur 1 Three body abrasive wear behavior of glass th th International 18 – 19 November fiber reinforced epoxy composites with Deputed 34 Conference on 2010 Mr. Haseebuddin alumina-graphite filler AMMMT-2010, Effect Of Alumina-Graphite Filler Blending 1 35 On Tensile Behavior Of Glass Fiber Deputed New Horizon Reinforced Epoxy Composites College of Engg. 20th October 2010 Recent Developments in Composite Bangalore 36 Materials & Metal Matrix Deputed NIL 45  
  • 48.   Papers presented by Students Names of Type ofSl. No. Names of the Guides Title of Paper Details of Paper Student Authors Event ICSE – Design & Optimization of Vertical Tail 2010 Dept. of Mech. Engg., DSCE, 1 Rajesh. Y Dr. C. P. S. Prakash Fuselage Fitting Attachment Bracket International Bangalore, 21st – 23rd April 2010 on Vertical Tail Side of LTA Conference ICSE – Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element 2010 Dept. of Mech. Engg., DSCE, 2 Shivanna. D. M Shridhar U Kurse Bearings Using Artificial Neural International Bangalore, 21st – 23rd April 2010 Networks Conference Eshwari. N Mr.Haseebuddin.M. Review of Literature on Effect of 3 3rd Sem M.Tech R Various Pillars and Reinforcements on Modern Student (CIM) wear behavior of polymer composites Trends in Abhinandan.M Dr. C. P. S. Prakash Organized by Institute of Engineers, Rapid Prototyping and its Engineering Mechanical 4 3rd Sem M.Tech Mysore on 24th & 25th September Applications Engineering, Student (CIM) 2010 MTME- Rayesh. Y Dr. C. P. S. Prakash Optimization of vertical tail fuselage 2010 5 4th Sem M.Tech fitting attachment (on vertical tail side Student (CIM) of LCA) Effect Of Alumina-Graphite Filler Blending On Tensile Behavior Of International 6 Chidambaram G, Mr.Haseebuddin.M. Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Conference SIT, Tumkur Puneeth MS, R Composites on Tridib Das Three body abrasive wear behavior of AMMMT- Dept of Mech. Engg. 7 glass fiber reinforced epoxy 2010 composites with alumina-graphite filler 46   
  • 49.   Best Paper Award MEcholics ‘ 11 New Horizon S. Naveen Dr. C. P. S. Reverse Engineering in Natinal Level 8 College of Kumar Prakash Manufacturing Technical Engineering, Symposium Bangalore Conferences, Seminars attended by Students Sl. Name of the Guide Type of No Title of the Event Date & Venue Student Event Anil Kumar. Dr. Bhaskar Pal 1 T.A Ankitha K 2 Mr. M. R. Haseebuddin Recent Developments Sagar in Composite One Day 20th October 2010, New Horizon 3 Eshwari. N Materials & Metal Workshop College of Engg. Bangalore Matrix Shanth 4 Kumar. B Srinivasa Prof. Shridhar Kurse 5 Rao. K  47  
  • 50.   Credits: capturED L-R Chidambaram G 6th Sem BE Puneeth M S 6th Sem BE Abhinandan M 4Th Sem CIM MTech Tridib Das 6th Sem BE Haseebuddin M R lecturer (not in pic)