A pop star (хуулбар)
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A pop star (хуулбар)






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A pop star (хуулбар) A pop star (хуулбар) Presentation Transcript

  • The 5th of April Friday
  • Justine Bieber “Baby” 7
  • Home work: Exercise 4 complete the sentences. Erdenet is ............than Dundgobi. (cool) Ulaanabaatar is the ...........city in Mongolia.(cold) The weather is .........than it was yesterday. (hot) London is the .........city on today's weather chart. (wet) Beijing is ..........than London.(sunny) Spring is the .........season in Mongolia. (dry)
  • T o p i c A pop s tar ”
  • Aim :
    • Letting students
    • be able to share
    • about their
    • favorite pop
    • stars.
  • P u r p o s e: The students will be able to learn new song. The students will be able to learn new words. The students will be able to know about pop star’s life.
  • New words Pop and R&B star Rock star Hip & Hop star Opera star Rock &Roll star Boy band Girl band
  • Pop and R&B
  • Rock
  • Hip hop
  • Opera stars
  • Rock &Roll
  • Boy band
  • Girl band
  • My favorite pop star Do you know him? His name is Justine Bieber. He was born on March 1, 1994, in London , Ontario . He is a popular POP and R&B singer. Justine was a very musical child and he always dreamed of becoming a pop star. His first solo album “One time”. “Baby ” was written by Bieber. His hobby is playing sport - especially hockey because he's from Canada. He speaks French and his hero is Wayne Gretzky. Justin Bieber's favorite colors are blue and purple. His favorite food is spaghetti.
  • Read again. True or False
    • This pop star is American. (T/F)
    • He is 18 years old. (T/F)
    • He is a pop star. (T/F)
    • He was born in countryside. (T/F)
    • He likes play hockey. (T/F)
    • He speaks in Japanese. (T/F)
    #My favorite pop star
  • Fact file Name of singer: _______ Age: _____ First solo album: ______ Favorite sportsman: ___________ Favorite sport: _________ Favorite colors: __________ Favorite food: _________ #My favorite pop star
  • Home work Write your favourite star's #Fact file