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What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR
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What Is Content Marketing - Napier PR


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. What Is Content Marketing? Napier Partnership Limited @NapierPR
  • 2. Content Marketing• Generation and sharing of information with potential customers.• Valuable, informative content that presents the company’s products in the best light, and positions it as a thought leader.• Increasingly important element of lead generation.• White papers, case studies, analyst reports & videos.• Content marketing should use materials that add value to the company’s products or services.
  • 3. Why Is Content Marketing So Popular?• Increased customer engagement when they provide valuable content.• Company websites also offer the opportunity to place content behind a “registration wall”.• Now cheaper and easier than ever to distribute content.• Social media amplifies the message and distribution to a wider audience.
  • 4. What is the difference between contentmarketing and inbound marketing?• There is a big overlap between content marketing and inbound marketing.• Content marketing doesn’t have to generate inbound enquiries. .• Inbound marketing can use other approaches to engage potential customers.
  • 5. How Do You Make Content Marketing Effective?• Only effective if the content has value.• The more useful the information, the more likely customers are to engage and offer up their contact details in exchange.• Give away information that previously was proprietary.• Collect data about the customer in exchange for information.• Combine with email marketing, to target prospects at different stages of the sales process.• Tier the content: give away some, and put exclusive content is behind a registration wall to act as a lead generator.
  • 6. How Do You Start A Content Marketing Campaign? • Identify information, expertise and industry insight • Consider the needs of customers at each stage in the sales funnel, and create content that will help them move from one stage to the next. • Decide which content will be freely available and which will be hidden behind a registration wall. • Distribute and promote the content.
  • 7. Need Help?• With so many B2B technology companies running content marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to rise above the noise.• For help in making your content marketing campaign deliver outstanding results contact Napier -
  • 8. About the Author Mike Maynard Managing Director of Napier Partnership Limited Mike has directed major PR and marketing programmes fo wide range of technology clients throughout UK and Europ ranging from technology start-ups to global market leading companies. @NapierPR