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The December 2012 issue of NCEC\'s eNewsletter is here!

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Green Market Press December 2012

  1. 1. NAPERVILLE FOR CLEAN ENERGY AND CONSERVATION Green Market Press V O LUM E 1, I SSUE 2 D ECE M B ER 1 , 2 0 12 I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :IN THIS ISSUE Smart Meters, Pros 2 and Cons, Really?From the Editor... Home Weatherization 3 TipsIn this issue we could not help thefact that as the holidays seem to City of Naperville 4have come up too fast and with- Progress Notesout a whole lot of preparation thevast majority of us will shop with Fracking in Illinois 5a vengeance and most likely notthing “Green” first. Green Connections 6-7That said, we have used a great Green Directory 8resource called, “The DailyGreen”. This web site is a greatsource for everything from tipson shopping local and weatheri-zation to cooking and purchasing M A R K Y OU Rorganically. Annually, this web CALENDAR:source has provided a list of gifts that are reasonably priced and Dec 2, Sunday: 2:00PM House Party: Nicor & ComEd Energy Efficiency Programsustainably preferable for our  Dec 12, Wednesday: 7:30PM “Fracking”community. Take a look ... From, These staple-free staplers hold paper in place by cutting Program with Naperville for Clean Energy and Conservation a small notch and folding a small flap within the documents corner. Read more at The Daily GreenNCEC ACTION ITEM Starting Tuesday, De- Currently, the center is one-way drive off Fort Hillcember 11, the City’s Re- located off of Jefferson Drive and follow the lanecycling Drop-Off Center Avenue behind the south- designations provided towill move to the northwest east corner of the PWSC drop off their items. All ac-corner of the Public Works at 180 Fort Hill Drive. To ceptable items, including better facilitate an efficient electronics, may beService Center (PWSC) process for residents to dropped off on Tuesdays,property in an effort to bet- drop off electronics and Thursdays and Saturdayster facilitate the drop-off traditional curbside recy- from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.process. In addition, elec- clables, such as paper,tronics recycling, currently For more information plastic and glass, a new on the Recycling Drop-Offonly available on Tues- location is warranted. Thedays and Thursdays at the Center, last day of operation at the, will also be avail- existing location will be for residents who visit Saturday, December 8.the drop-off center on Sat- Starting December 11,urdays starting on Satur- people wishing to use theday, December 15. center should enter the
  2. 2. PAGE 2 V O LUM E 1, I S S U E 2Smart Meter Pros and Cons, Really? by Benevolus Green In addition the City of Naperville will receive accurate usage information much more efficiently, which will help them provide you with even better customer service and offer you new features and services that give you more control over your usage. Typical Arguments Against Smart Meters 1. Smart meters are less accurate than analog meters. Public service commissions require meter manufacturers to supply independently certified testing results to proveEditorial Cartoon by Don Landgren Jr., TelegramTowns that their smart meters provide accurate measurements. 2. Smart meters are a health threat because they com-Whats a smart meter? municate using wireless signals.When you were a kid, you probably noticed your electric There is no credible evidence of any threat to humanmeter spinning away on the side of your house. Maybe health from the radio frequency emissions at or belowyou’ve even had your dog bark like crazy when the meter limits developed by the Federal Communications Com-reader from your poles and wires company came into your mission. You get more exposure to radio frequency (RF)yard to take your monthly meter reading. In my house in the emissions from 15 minutes of cell phone use per day for a1970s my father, the kind teacher and Guidance Director- year than RFs from 375 years from a smart meter.was always yelling about the lights being left on or telling 3. Smart meters will not keep my data secure.the family to put on a sweater if you were cold. Now, new Consumption data is protected now and utilities are work-electronic meters called advanced meters or “smart” meters ing with nation cyber-security experts to audit their sys-may just change all that. tems.A smart meter is a new type of electric meter that provides 4. Smart meters are hazardous, increasing the risk ofaccurate, detailed readings about exactly how much elec- fire and explosion.tricity youre using and when you’re using it. They readsmart meters electronically, so no meter-reader visit is re- Provided they are installed by trained professionals, smartquired. Your dog may be disappointed, but you’ll be happy meters meet requirements and standards spelled out in theabout all kinds of new information about your electric usage National Electric Safety Code.that was never before available. Traditional meters only 5. Smart meters are an invasion of privacy.measured your total electricity consumption, but smart me- Unless you install a home energy management system,ters can give you information at a very detailed level (in 15- smart meters cannot tell how homeowners use energy.minute intervals) and they can help you monitor and man- There are laws regulating the use of personal informationage your electricity usage hour-by-hour, day-by-day or for business functions.week-by-week. 6. Smart meters do no provide any consumer benefits.The best thing about smart meters is all the information theysupply. They call it two-way communication, but smart This is perhaps the biggest myth. Once activated, smartmeters actually supply important information to three dif- meters improve power outage detection and recovery.ferent parties: They also provide near real-time energy usage informa- tion, including how you can manage the real-time pricing of power.You will be able to get a detailed, constantly updated snap-shot of your daily energy usage, either through an in-homeenergy monitor or an online portal.The Municipality will be able to use the information fromyour smart meter to detect outages to do an even better jobof delivering electricity to your home or business.
  3. 3. G REEN M A R K ET P R E S S PAGE 3Home Weatherization TipsDrafts controlling the bacteria, mold, vi- huge difference when the cold windAccording to the U.S. Department of ruses and pollen that cause illness starts blowing. It is well worth it toEnergy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% and irritation. They cost $50 to get them out of the shed or attic andof your energy use. Start simple and $1,000 or more. Another good install them for the season.adopt that old Great Depression choice is a genuine HEPA filter,fixture -- the draft snake, which you which can remove at least 99.97% Heating System Tune-Upcan easily make yourself. Just place of airborne particles. HEPA filters Just like cars, heating equipmenta rolled bath towel under a drafty are based on Department of Energy needs periodic tune-ups in order todoor, or make your own. You can standards. But avoid "HEPA-like" run their best. Keeping your furnaceuse any scraps of fabric -- even filters, which can be vastly less ef- clean, lubricated and properly ad-neckties -- and fill with sand or kitty fective. justed will reduce energy use, sav-litter for heft. ing up to 5% of heating costs. Winterize A/C and Water LinesFurnace Filters Drain any hoses and air conditioner The good news is many utilitiesIts important to replace or clean pipes, and make sure you dont offer free annual checkups by quali-furnace filters once a month during have excess water pooled in equip- fied technicians -- but you oftenthe heating season. Dirty filters re- ment. If your a/c has a water shutoff have to call early, as HVAC crewsstrict airflow and increase energy valve, turn it off. get backed up once heating seasondemand. You may also want to con- starts. Some furnace manufacturerssider switching to a permanent filter, Make sure any hoses are drained and dealers also offer free or dis-which will reduce waste and hassle. and stowed away neatly. Turn off counted inspections.Did you know that disposable fiber- exterior water spigots. Its also aglass filters trap a measly 10 to 40% good idea to seal any water leaksof debris? Electostatic filters trap More Tips... around the place -- and dont forget For more winterization tips, pleasearound 88%, and are much better at to remove any window A/C units visit The Daily Green. and store them so you dont invite cold drafts all winter. is a consumers For excellent do-it-yourself guide to green living, with daily news, Install Storm Doors and Windows tips, recipes, features and more. The weatherization information The simple act of installing a storm information on this page has been door can increase energy efficiency adapted from "19 Easy Home Winter- use the U.S. DOE Public by 45%, by sealing drafts and re- ization Projects"http:// ducing air flow. Storm doors also Services web site at: offer greater flexibility for letting light latest/winterize-home-tips-energy- and ventilation enter your home. 461008 Look for Energy Star-certified mod- services/homes/home- els. weatherization Storm windows can also make a
  4. 4. PAGE 4 V O LUM E 1, I S S U E 2 Christmas Gifts for the Environmental Steward in your Life Everywhere we look, we see advertisements selling allthings “GREEN”. From conserving energy to recycling, the Solar Powered Watchtwenty-first century is chock full of companies and othersadvocating new plans of action that prevent excess waste. Of Powerful in looks and in eco-friendly technol- ogy, this solar-powered watch from Pulsar willcourse, like countless other earth-conscious people, I’m pro- keep anyone on time for that big appointment all the way and I try my best to implement every green or that deep-water dive on vacation. When fullytechnique that I can both in my business and family. That is charged, look forward to 180 days of uninter- rupted power. (, $89)why I try to remember an old mentor of mine back in the daywho argued to me that if a green product is to be viable in hisview, it must be of good quality, attractive to the user and costeffective. Well, he did not say it quite as clear. In his terms,“I don’t want to see a long hair, tie dye t-shirt and verachisandal wearing hippie trying to sell me something that lookslike it comes from a commune in the “Cali” desert some- Bamboo Mousewhere”. Whether its Mac or PC, this optical mouse is made with style from eco-friendly bamboo. That said, I have often used The Daily Green web site as a (, $22.85)source for products. Here are a few you may like: Photovoltaic Laptop Bag With a shell and interior lining made from 100% recycled PET (soda bottles), the Voltaic Gen- erator is the first solar energy- collecting bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. $599 at, 1-877- 304-6861.Chocolate Up-cycled Floppy Disc Note Pads Made from postconsumer recy-Conventional chocolate production isnt good for the Earth, fueling cled paper and seemingly ancientwars in Africa, engulfing rain forests, spreading toxic pesticides and floppy disks, these Recycledpaying out meager wages. But luckily for us there is a sweet story to Floppy Disk Notepads are atell, with organic and fair trade chocolate becoming much more radical throwback to early 80swidely available, and supporting sustainable agriculture and worker technology. $5.95 eachhealth and rights. A good example of this is “Sweet Earth Organic at, 1-888-562-Chocolates”, which offers a potpourri of sumptuous chocolate hearts, 8873.filled with everything from natural organic peanut butter to vanilla, tofresh raspberry and more! The Cupids Cups (pictured) go for $14.50. 3D Wooden Alphabet $10 = YOUR AD HERE! Puzzles NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit For young kids, this 3D wooden alphabet puzzle is a triple threat: organization. Your sponsorship helps us building dexterity and language continue and develop our environmental skills in the playful form of a colorful crocodile. Better still, its education programming which benefits made from sustainably harvested our residents, businesses, community pine by Golden Palm International, an organization that pays fair and our future! wages to artisans in Sri Lanka. $34 from
  5. 5. G REEN M A R K ET P R E S S PAGE 5Make Your Personal Sustainability PledgeWhat is a personal sustainability pledge? more sustainable, healthy future.As part of NCEC’s mission, our goal is to educate residentsabout how their personal actions effect global climate change. Send us your pledge and we’ll add it to the list and keep a tallyAs part of our mission, we are encouraging residents to submit of the difference we collectively make!to us their personal actions they are taking in their own lives tohelp reduce the green house gasses in our community. Al-though the City of Naperville, and many of our local business Send your pledge to Kelly at: a_design@earthlink.netalong with a significant number of individuals in our commu-nity have sustainability plans, it will take all of us collectively TODAY!to pitch in, turn off, conserve, reduce, recycle, and re-evaluatedaily habits in order to make the substantial difference needed As of November, 2012, I pledge to make a personal change into reduce the green house gasses in our community. habits that will reduce the green house gasses in my commu- nity by:We invite you to pledge your personal efforts to address energy __________________________________________________conservation, renewable, sustainable food, commuting, water __________________________________________________conservation, green space, recycling and any other sustainabil- __________________________________________________ity issues directly affecting our community. By making your __________________________________________________pledge public, it not only might subconsciously help you staycommitted, but will also help build a sense of community andsupport for one another as we all journey on our paths to aNCEC Member Personal Sustainability Pledges enced earthquakes linked to frack fluids pumped into deep injectionJodi : Taking my bike (and trailer for toting) for all trips un- wells. With two major faults, the New Madrid and Wabash faults,der 2 miles one way. underlying southern and eastern Illinois, understanding the potentialStephanie : Continue to remind my children to turn off the seismic threats is imperative.lights and take shorter showers. Additionally, according to Scott Tinker, the State Geologist for Texas and past president of the American Association of PetroleumBill : Donate to NCEC on an annual basis Geologists, “although a lot of people are drilling and fracking a lot ofKelly: Keep active and donate more to NCEC wells in a lot of formations across the country and producing a lot of oil and gas, it is just that that the state of the art technology -- even at a fabulous, historic, energy-focused legacy institution like UT -- is stillNCEC / SIERRA CLUB OF ILLINOIS finding its learning curve.“DEC. 12 MEETING It also means that "we" -- as in the U.S. and the rest of the energy- consuming world -- are a long way from being able to make clear-On Wednesday Dec 12, at 7:30PM, the Naperville for Clean Energy headed, long-term energy policy and investment decisions based onand Conservation will be discussing a “Fracking” Program presented true understanding of the Fracking technology the Sierra Club Illinois Chapter. So, what does this mean to us here in Naperville? Quite simply, if Industry is proposing to use high-volume horizontal hydraulic frac- this form of drilling is allowed in “far off places” of our state that weturing to reach oil and/or natural gas in the New Albany Shale. After don’t have the opportunity to view frequently, it opens the flood gatesdrilling into the shale, which is located between 4,000 to 5,000 feet for additional and fracture drilling in Lake Michigan, which is ourdown, the well bore is then drilled horizontally for up to a mile. Fol- primary water source and threatens all of our livelihoods. Join Naper-lowing the drilling the well is then “completed” or “fracked.” Fracking ville for Clean Energy and Conservation, Sierra Club, Environmentis process in which water, sand and toxic chemicals (Fracking fluid) Illinois, and Natural Resourceare injected into the well at high pressure to create small cracks in the Defense Council On Wednes-rock that allow natural gas to freely flow to the surface. day, 12-12-12 to learn about Each well uses between 2 to 8 million gallons of fresh water taken this critical issue facing us all.from our lakes and aquifers. Since one well is often fracked up to 18times and there could be one well for every forty acres of land withinthe New Albany Shale, this amounts to an enormous quantity of freshwater permanently taken out of the system. In some areas, after a well has been fracked, people’s well water hasbecome contaminated by chemicals (some radioactive) that migrateinto aquifers through natural fissures and/or possibly through aban-doned wells. Several states, including Ohio, Texas and Arkansas have experi-
  6. 6. G REEN M A R K ET P R E S S PAGE 6A Green Christmas with Reduced LightingIn the past, the house with the most lights use up to 95% less energy than mini-lights for only 8 1/2 feet of length,decorative holiday lights used to be larger, traditional holiday bulbs and last while some 100 mini-light strings coverconsidered the best. Times have up to 100,000 hours when used indoors. up to 40 feet in length. For the mostchanged. The cost of electricity goes LED holiday lights use .04 watts per efficient outdoor holiday lighting, con-way beyond the utility bill. Electricity bulb, 10 times less than mini bulbs and sider the new solar LED strings nowdrains natural resources. 100 times less than traditional holiday available. bulbs. Over a 30-day period, lighting 500 traditional holiday lights will cost 4. Turn tree lights and outdoor house1. Reduce the size of outdoor lighting you about $18.00 while the same num-displays decorative lighting off at bedtime ber of LED lights costs only $0.19. As an added bonus, if one of the LEDA smaller presentation of lights can still lights burns out the rest of the strand Its simply a waste of energy to leavebe attractive, and more appropriate in will stay lit. the holiday lights on at night after eve-the season of giving. Saving electricity ryones gone to also a way of giving, since conserving 3. Outdoor Mini-lights will also saveresources benefits everyone. energy2. Use LED lights for house and Christ- A 100-light string uses only 40 watts. Ifmas tree lighting youre buying a new set of lights, com- pare based on equal lighted lengths.LED (Light Emitting Diode) holiday Some higher priced brands have 100Meetup With Naperville Area Sustainability GroupNaperville Area Sustainability Group is will find posted on their site include There is no fee to join the group, anda local Meetup group NCEC meetings, most Meetups are free of charge as well.established to act as Green Drinks Log in to the Meetup site and JOIN US!a local connecting Naperville Area Sustainability Group events, Fox Valleyplace for green peo- Electric Auto Asso-ple, groups, events, ciation meetings, asand activities. Set well as a myriad ofup in June of 2010, other fun, localthe group now has gatherings that areover 300 members, of particular inter- is growing every est to “green” sustainability-groupday. Meetups you minded people.Green Drinks — NapervilleEvery month people across the globe who are interested in environmentalissues meet up at informal sessions known as GreenDrinks. GreenDrinks -Naperville, which was founded in February 2010, is just one of 750+ ofthese chapters worldwide. Its a lively mixture of people from business,NGOs, academia, our community and government. Come along and youllbe made welcome-TEETOTALERS TOO. Its a great way of catching upwith people you know and also for making new contacts. Everyone invitessomeone else along, so theres always a different crowd, making GreenDrinks an organic, ever expanding network. These events are very casual,and food and drink are on your own. There is no fee to participate. Weare a green social networking event in every sense - self-organizing andorganically-growing - so spread the word and see you at the next Green-Drinks - Naperville! We meet the last Wednesday of most months, be sureto check the webpage for location: .
  7. 7. PAGE 7 V O LUM E 1, I S S U E 2Green Business of the Month Contributed by Kelly Andereck, A Design Consulting After 20 months of construction and a full class “Good Day Sunshine” year of operation, Rock Valley College is beginning The Karl J. Jacobs Center for Math & Science in Rockford, Illinois Provides Sunlight & Power to welcome students into its new Math and Science Center. College President, Jack Becherer says, “We are defining our future…” with the $30 million building. The “Green” project is a modern structure with a miesian style of minimalist aesthetic. That is, one of beautifully articulated steel and glass at the north entry, not necessarily orthogonal boxes but traditional house profiles to the south with a modu- lar façade floating between and reinforcing the Mid- west landscape of its regional location. The Karl J. Jacobs Center for Math & Science is the second USGBC registered building on campus and is rede- fining the community college’s academic proviso. Course offerings on campus range from an Associ- ate of Applied Science in Sustainable Energy Sys- tems where graduates have the skills to become aPhoto 1 South Entry to Karl J. Jacobs Center for Math & Science  certified Alternative Energy Hybrid System Integra-Building at Rock Valley Community College  tor. The program trains site feasibility analysis through which students learn how to determine the best application of alternative energy sources toAnother year and another class begins at Rock Valley use for any particular residence or small business.College where, nestled in the Forest City and county In another program, students can seek a Greenseat of Winnebago County, the 217 acre college of Energy Certificate having four (4) basic compo-9,000 students will be having classes in its newest nents similar to other professional certifications: aMath and Science Building. The Karl J. Jacobs Cen- basic math review; electric power systems opera-ter opened its doors last year and has a 1.2kW Photo- tions; solar photovoltaic systems and an introduc-voltaic (PV) Integrated Curtain Wall located at the tion to the design & installation of wind poweredSouth and South East corner of the 106,000 square renewables. Some of these classes are taught infoot institutional building. The curtain wall designed by this building that showcases alternative energy sys-Demonica Kemper Architects, has a Visible Transmit- tems that help the building reduce its energy usagetance of 50% harvesting needed light into the second by 46% below an ASHRAE 90.1 standard baseline.floor Greenhouse while producing electricity from the Moreover, the savings is expected to reduce annualsun through a mosaic of photovoltaic cells. Atlantis Operation and maintenance overhead costs byEnergy Systems, Inc supplied the outer glass layer of $165,000.00 annually.the integrated unit with 6”x 6” Polycrystalline silicon ormulti-crystal Si cells in 10 different glass sizes. Thecircuited layouts laminated with an advanced, long-lifeencapsulate that hermetically seals the PV cells andwiring to withstand entrance of environmental contami-nants completing the outer layer of the PV glazing.In Pursuit of USGBC LEED Gold Certification, the pro-ject includes a 420 Ton Geothermal System, ChilledBeam Cooling, VAV air handling, Energy Star ratedequipment and countless other measures that assurestakeholders that this project will secure the commu-nity college’s standing in Illinois as the first academicinstitution to have two (2) LEED Gold buildings on itsgrounds. Designed primarily to control the amount of solar heat permitted into the greenhouse space, the
  8. 8. PAGE 8 V O LUM E 1, I S S U E 2GREEN BUSINESS DIRECTORY $10 = YOUR AD $10 = YOUR AD HERE! HERE! NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organi- NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organiza- zation. Your sponsorship helps us tion. Your sponsorship helps us con- continue and develop our environ- tinue and develop our environmental mental educational programmingeducational programming which bene- which benefits our residents, busi-fits our residents, businesses, commu- nesses, community and our future! nity and our future!
  9. 9. PAGE 9 V O LUM E 1, I S S U E 2Green Business of the Month ing in a small local/municipal or state rebate theK. Andereck payback becomes an estimated 24-36 months (Federal IRS Tax Rulings on this subject are avail- able at ( and http://sustainability-6”x6” photovoltaic cells supplied by Chinese com- LOF, reduces the amount of daylight through energy-property-qualifying-for-investment-tax-credit/the clear low iron gl2ass by 50% (typical solar heat or search IRS for private letter ruling 201043023)gain coefficients range from 0.17 to 0.72 with anoptimal daylight transmittance range of 5 to 35%) inaddition to providing a secondary benefit of reducingelectricity consumption by 3,819kWh annually.The10 glass panels making up the south east andsouthwest corners of the second story greenhouseare integrated glass units filled with argon and as-sembled with Tyco Electronics (TE) SOLARLOKStraddle Edge Junction box. The top row of PVlaminated glass uses Multi-Contact PV-JB2 JBoxes. Wiring of the series connected curtain wallwas provided in the horizontal mullion and was thenpassed through to the utility vault located on theground floor.   Naperville’s Kelly Jon Andereck, LEED AP, Principal of A Design Consulting provided design assistance and specification writing. Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc. coordinated and performed the PV integration with Syracuse Glass the manufacturer of the IG Units all of which took place in New York outside the USGBC LEED Regional materials (MRc5) option where those building materials and/or systems are extracted, harvested, and manufactured within 500 miles of a project site. Finally, Rock Valley Glass bid the installation of the BIPV Curtain wall. As the specification was written, the team focused on the technical issues surrounding the glass, lamination and series connections with bypass diodes. The stumbling block had become the J box or edge con- nection that linked the Individual PV Integrated IG Units in series. Unable to provide conformance to UL Standards or IEC certification for the Edge Con-Cost nection with the Multi-Contact PV-JB/EM at 1.34 inch profile, the AES team searched in vein for aA typical first cost of a curtain wall is approximately suitable edge connection that would work with the$100.00 per square foot with an additional cost for low profile mullion design specified by the architects.integrating thin film PV products of about $80.00/sf. It became clear that very few approved productsConsequently, a Federal Tax Credit in place until were available to U.S. projects unlike in Europe2017 providing businesses with a 30% direct reduc- where various products are available to use as thetion of the tax burden reduces net cost burdens to connections. Never the less, with the TE Connec-$54.00/sf (of the $80.00 premium cost). In addition, tivity straddle edge junction box the design teamthe MACRS accelerated depreciation allows the was allowed to conceal the edge connector into thebusiness to depreciate any BIPV curtain wall in 5 building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules withyears rather than a typical capital investment of 39 a 0.39 inch (10mm) profile and innovative edge ofyears. As a result, the actual net cost becomes a the solar window mounting, literally fitting into the$14.00 per year tax savings, not to mention, factor- mullion of the IG units.
  10. 10. Naperville for Clean NCEC, founded in 2007 became an official 501c3 Energy and Conservation not-for-profit organization August 2008. We 3835 Caine Court Naperville, IL 60564 strive to educate, demonstrate and develop means Phone: 312-523-4347 Fax: 630-983-6124 to help ourselves and community move toward a more sustainable and carbon-free way of living inYour business tag line order to protect our planet and ensure a healthy sustainable life for future generations. here. Yes, I want to make a tax deductible donation TODAY to help develop a CLEAN FUTURE For myself, my community, and our children! DONATE More than half of the new solar stores will get non-traditional solar panels, dubbed thin film. Wal-Marts use of thin film on rooftops is expected to be one of the largest commercial installations of the technology in the U.S., says Jonathan Bass, spokesman of SolarCity, which is installing the solar at the stores. We are wondering, will the new 170,000 square-foot store in Naperville use solar panels? Let us discuss at our next meeting Upcoming NCEC .…. Next Quarter: 2013 Meeting Dates Our meetings are always We are looking for your input open to the public, and 1/9: Meeting Room A 7/10: Meeting Room B&C we hope you can join us. Meetings are at 7:30 PM, 2/13: Meeting Room A 8/14: Meeting Room A And much more as we continue generally on the second 3/13: Meeting Room B&C 9/11: Meeting Room A to help our community develop Wednesday of the monththe means by which we can grow 4/10: Meeting Room A 10/9: Meeting Room A at the Naperville Munici- as a sustainable community pal Center located at 400 5/8: Meeting Room A 11/13: Meeting Room A South Eagle in Down- 6/12: Meeting Room A 12/11: Meeting Room A town Naperville.