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Facebook Marketing


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Overview on how to use Facebook to market your business.

Overview on how to use Facebook to market your business.

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  • Social Media GoalsShort term goal in social media (drive more traffic to site, SEO)Long term goal (Receive “X” fan base in 6 months, year, brand awareness, etc)Measurable performance indicatorsCompetitionWho are your competitors?What social media sites do they use?What specific strategies do they use? Target MarketWho is your target market?DemographicsWhat social media platforms do they use?
  • It’s a rule, if Facebook finds out you violated their terms of service, they can and have deleted your profile and all of your friends.Pages offer analytics and widgets to interact with your website “Like” buttons, sharing, etc.Personal profiles are limited to 5,000 friendsNew Pages: Use facebook as a business page – comment on other business pages postsSelect correct category and subcategory – the different categories give you different features to your page. For example, local business category gives you the option to add your business hours to your info. Your business category also shows up in Facebook search results, so it will help people find you.
  • Fill out as much information as possible, use keywords in your descriptions, include links to your website, blog, other social media accounts. Utilize the 5 photos that show up at the top of your profile to highlight your products, services. Get creative. Custom tabs: Welcome tabs, highlight your products, contests, promotions, coupons, contact form/newsletter sign-up, list your locations, include your menus or specials, video
  • Visual Branding on FacebookProfile Picture - give it visual weight as it occupies the “power corner” of the page. Maximum dimension-180px x 540pxUse the photo strip at the top of the page to display your products, post photos of employees. Get creative. You can choose the 5 photos that show up here, but the order is random.Tabs – Organize your tabs, set your landing tab, whether it’s a custom welcome tab, coupon, or info page. If you have custom pages with iFrame you can now change the photo that shows up next to the tab name. Delete tabs from this area that you are not using. Think of it as your website navigation.Profile thumbnail. Be sure to set your profile thumbnail so your logo or image isn’t skewed. The profile image is what people will see throughout Facebook, so you’ll want it to be a clean, clear image.Other notes – you can now set your featured “Likes” for your page. Choose up to five pages that you want to be associated and their logo/icon and link will show up on your page. In return, ask partners, clients, vendors to include you in their featured like section for more visibility.
  • Customfacebook tabs we’ve created for clients – Welcome tabs soliciting “likes” in return for a coupon. Recipe tab that links to the company’s recipe section on the website and a lead generation/contact/newsletter sign-up tab.
  • Email Marketing – newsletters, event invites, eblasts - always include links to your social media profiles / pagesYou can also include links to your social media profiles within your email signatureInclude social media plug ins on your website, blog and ecommerce sits - share buttons, like buttons
  • EdgeRankThe formula is based on three factors:1) how often two people interact on Facebook2) how many comments and likes a particular post has and3) how old the post is.
  • If you host an event, take pictures. Post them to Facebook and ask your fans to tag themselves. (Make sure when you upload the photos you don’t restrict tagging.)Ask fans to post pictures – photos them using your product, make it fun. Have a photo contest and offer to use the best photo as your profile photo.
  • Monitor page comments. This should be a part of your online reputation management. B2C - even more susceptible to customer feedback. Immediate urge is to delete negative comments. Refrain from doing so unless it’s REALLY offensive or includes obscenities. If possible, turn the negative review into something positive. Research shows that companies that respond promptly and publicly to feedback and criticism can actually increase their “Know, Like and Trust” factor with their customers.
  • Use the profile status example and ads for local wedding vendors.LocationAgeGenderKeywordsEducationWorkplaceRelationship StatusRelationship InterestsLanguages
  • Use insights to review trends. Demographics of your fan base, external referrers, what content works best. Insights can also be exported to excel – includes more detailed data if you want to manipulate.
  • Some things to mention, but not enough time to really discuss. Facebook is launching Deals. Businesses can offer coupon, promotions to customers who “check-in” using their smart phone. The also just launched Questions, which allows business to do polls, surveys, and discussions.
  • Transcript

    • 1. FacebookMarketing
      Presented by:
      Naper Solutions, Inc
    • 2. Agenda
      Why Facebook?
      Importance of Strategy
      How to Create a Facebook Page
      Facebook Integration
      Engage & Interact
      Facebook Advertising
      Reporting & Analytics
      Future of Facebook
    • 3. Why Facebook?
      More than 500 million active users
      The average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
      20 million Facebook users become fans of Pages per day
      60 million status updates are made per day
      More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.
      Visualization of Facebook Friendships by Facebook intern, Paul
    • 4. Why Facebook?
      Brand awareness
      Connect with customers/clients
      Create loyalty
      Public relations
      Links help with search rankings
      Increase in web traffic
      Lead generation
    • 5. Why Facebook?
      Why Facebook users “Like” a brand on Facebook
      25% want to receive discounts and promotions
      21% are customers of the brand
      18% want to show support for the brand
      What caused Facebook users to like a brand’s page in the first place?
      75% connected because they were invited by the brand directly
      59% connected because they were invited by a friend
      49% connected as the result of personal research
    • 6. Importance of Strategy
      #1 Step in Social Media – CREATE STRATEGY
      Research Competition
      Target Market
      Image: Renjith Krishnan
    • 7. Facebook Page – 5 Tips & Tricks
      1. Create a “Page” not a profile. Why?
      • Facebook says so
      • 8. SEO – search engines index pages
      • 9. Analytics & widgets
      • 10. Unlimited fans
      • 11. New Page format (eff. March 11) offers more ways businesses can utilize pages
      • 12. Customers might not feel comfortable becoming friends with a company or brand
      2. Select your category and subcategory
      • Local business or place
      • 13. Companies, organization, institution
      • 14. Brand or product
      • 15. Artist, Band, Public figure
      • 16. Entertainment
      • 17. Cause, community
    • Facebook Page – 5 Tips & Tricks
      3. 25 Fans = Facebook username
      4. Use keywords in your company descriptions and newsfeed updates
      5. Be Creative
      Profile picture
      Top 5 Photos
      Custom tabs
    • 18. Facebook Page – More Tips & Tricks
      Get Connections!
      • Suggest your page to friends. Ask friends to suggest your page to their friends.
      • 19. Upload your contact list on Facebook to send an invitation to “Like” your page
      • 20. Send an eblast to your contact list with a link to your new Facebook page
      • 21. Offer deals to Facebook fans – coupons, special offers, contests, promotions
      • 22. Integrate Facebook marketing –more on this later
      Appoint Page Administrators
      • Decide who will have access to post to your Facebook page and make sure this is part of the overall strategy
      • 23. Don’t have to be friends with other administrator, just have to have email address
      Use Tools to help Manage Social Media
    • Facebook Page – More Tips & Tricks
    • 26. Facebook Page – More Tips & Tricks
      Other Custom Page Examples
    • 27. Facebook Integration
      Integrate Social Media with ALL marketing efforts
      • Websites – utilize plugins – link to page
      • 28. Sharing tools on blogs, articles, products
      • 29. Social media links in email signatures
      • 30. Email Marketing links to page (newsletters, eblasts, event invitations)
      • 31. Print marketing, direct mail– list usernames or mention social media presence (Find us on Facebook)
    • 32. Engage & Interact
      How often?
      Post status updates no more than twice a day, but at least every other day
      Post when other people are using social media.
      • Newsy posts – work hours
      • 33. Fun posts – Evening, Friday afternoons
      • 34. Trial and error – keep track of what you post and when -measure when you receive the most interaction – use Insights
      EdgeRank – Facebook’s formula for newsfeed posts - quantifies behavior.
      In Facebook lingo, these three qualifications are termed affinity, edge, and decay, respectively.
    • 35. Engage & Interact
      What to post?
      Ask questions. Be conversational and relatable. Ask for comments and likes.
      In other words: be social! “Like” This is you want to know more about Facebook!
      “Fill in the blank. I’m using my tax refund to buy_______.”
      Post links to relevant articles and post links to articles on your blog.
      Listen to your customers and fans. Don’t make Facebook all about you and your brand.
      Promotions, sales, contests...
      Events, Photos, Video
      Now pages can interact with other pages. “Like” your customers pages, partners, industry associations on Facebook, comment on their posts (as your business page) for more visibility.
    • 36. Engage & Interact
      Monitor your company and brand – respond in timely manner
      • Interact with customers, respond to posts on your page
      • 37. Respond to negative feedback – online reputation management
    • Facebook Advertising
      Benefits of Facebook Advertising
      • Number of active users
      • 38. Can be inexpensive
      • 39. Ability to reach smart phone users
      • 40. Flexibility of ad platform
      Targeting Capabilities
      There are 182,820 people within 10 miles of Naperville on Facebook
    • 46. Facebook Insights - Analytics
    • 47. Future of Facebook
      Additional marketing opportunities on Facebook
      • Facebook Deals, Check-ins
      • 48. Facebook Questions
      • 49. Facebook Messaging
    • Thank you!
      For help managing or setting up your social media presence, please contact
      Naper Solutions at 630-548-5614.