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  1. 1. AeonsFrom Final Fantasy X
  2. 2. Contents• A little bit about • Shiva Aeons • Bahamut• Fayth • Yojimbo• Yuna • Anima• Sin • Magnus Sisters• Valefor • Final Aeons• Ifrit • Reference Page• Ixion
  3. 3. A Little Bit About Aeons• In Final Fantasy X, the player can summons these creatures to fight alongside them in battle, they are also crucial to the story line as they are needed to defeat one of the last bosses, therefore saving the game’s world, Spira.• The Aeons can only be summoned by Yuna• They are collected by entering a “Cloister of Trials” in Temples throughout the Spira.• The word Aeon means ‘age’, ‘forever’ or ‘ for eternity’.
  4. 4. Bodies of Fayth who are dreaming. Fayth • Fayth are humans who have willingly had their souls sealed in statues in a state of dreaming. • Summoners can use ther power to summon Aeons in hope to defeat Sin Bahamut’s fayth in the Chamber of Fayth at St Bevelle
  5. 5. Yuna• Yuna is the main female lead in Final Fantasy X• She is the daughter of a High Summoner and hopes to become a High Summoner herself one day• To do this she must defeat Sin.
  6. 6. Sin• Main enemy in Final Fantasy X• Summoners would travel along Spira to learn how to summon Aeons which are used to defeat Sin• Summoners would give their life to transform one of their guardians, who travel with them, into a Final Aeon.• Sin’s spirit would possess the Final Aeon and turn it into a new Sin, thus continuing the cycle.
  7. 7. Valefor• Valefor’s fayth is a young girl• Prayed for in the Temple of Besaid• She is the first Aeon obtained.• Does not excel at a particular element but as an aerial aeons, she can easily dodge attacks from the ground.
  8. 8. Ifrit• Ifrit’s fayth is a young male soldier.• Prayed for in the Temple of Killika• Excels at fire element attacks but is weak against ice element attacks.
  9. 9. Ixion • Ixion’s fayth seems to be a strong man dressed with clothes from the sea. • Prayed for in the Djose Temple • Excels at Thunder element attacks but is weak against Water based attacks. • Has high Defence and high Magic Defence attributes.
  10. 10. Shiva• Shiva’s fayth is a young priestess.• Prayed for in Macalania Temple• Is strongest when dealing with Ice element attacks, but is weak against Fire element attacks• Possesses high agility and evasion attributes.
  11. 11. Bahamut • Bahamut’s fayth is a young boy • Prayed for at The Palace of St Bevelle • Does not excel at a particular element but is consider the strongest Aeon in the game, albeit with low speed.
  12. 12. Yojimbo• Yojimbo is the first optional Aeon and does not need to be obtained to complete the game.• Yojimbo’s fayth is a soldier and his dog• Originally prayed for at the Temple of Yevon, it is now in the Temple of Stolen Fayth• Yojimbo is unique in the way you have to pay him to attack and the probability of a better attack increases with pay, loyalty and his overdrive bar.
  13. 13. Anima • Is also an optional Aeon • Anima’s fayth is Seymour Guado’s Mother. • Prayed for in Baaj Temple. • Doesn’t excel at certain elements but deals immense damage with a high chance of instant death with each attack.
  14. 14. Magus Sisters• An optional Aeon• The Sister’s fayth is three sisters• Prayed for at Requiem Temple which is hardly visited due to it’s out of way location• Like Yojimbo, their attacks can not be controlled, however Yuna can shout encouragment, this is countered by the fact they have exceedingly high damage
  15. 15. Final Aeons • The Summoner gains the Final Aeon at the end of their pilgrimage. • They are created from someone the Summoner has a deep connection with such as a close family member, friend or lover. • The Final Aeon is strong enough to defeat Sin but after, is possessed by Sin’s spirit and then kills the Summoner.
  16. 16. Reference• All information was taken from• All Images were taken from, apart from an Bahamut picture, which was taken from ve/2011/03/30/cosblog-50-bahamut-by- orochi-x.aspx