Shape, Form & Space


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Shape, Form & Space

  1. 1. Naomi Smart (211067113)
  2. 2. Shape, Form and Space These fantastic sculptures, both similar in design are in fact quite different. One being a sphere (top) and the other (right) being a plat circle. I also love the way the audience is used to show a sense of perspective…..
  3. 3. Shape, Form and Space In Art Its amazing, how in both these images there is a wonderful feeling of form and space at the same time. The right image also has the wonderful quality of an optical illusion….is it flat? Is it rounded???
  4. 4. Shape, Form and Space These images show wonderful examples of shape and form. It just shows you how much form can illustrate size, this oversized head almost looks of place (even though its brilliant) as apposed to this sculpture out of sand of a building and figures. The man is the only sense of scale, otherwise it would be hard to judge!
  5. 5. Shape, Form and Space This image, I Adore!!! These wonderful suspended droplets are made from coloured glass tiles, through the perspective of the photo, its hard to image if these drops are huge in size, or relatively we are just small…
  6. 6. Shape, Form and Space In architecture, shape, form and space don’t just get recognised on the exterior of the building, on the inside is a whole new sense of the words…
  7. 7. Shape, Form and Space Space can be seen in many different ways, Negative space, Too little space, Gaps, clearings All these things can complete a design by merely bringing the eye through the design
  8. 8. Shape, Form and Space The image on the right is a wonderful sculpture that when viewed from various angles, looking at the space formed between the two shapes, a different shape can be observed… The shadow art is a beautiful example of how things can be manipulated into anything is we think hard enough….letters of the alphabet transformed into a face by mere light..
  9. 9. Shape, Form and Space This statue, with a gap down its centre, somehow makes the sculpture seem even more large, just through seeing light, almost a sense of movement too!!!
  10. 10. Shape, Form and Space This artist (Julian Beaver) a renowned pavement artist, his unparalelled use of perspective is able to give his flat drawings on walkways form and space…. Top image: Viewed from the wrong angle Right Image: Viewed correctly, looks real!!
  11. 11. Shape, Form and Space In this photo, I love the way it looks like the shape, and its form are spilling from something, even though there's nothing holding its contents together at the bottom of the sculpture.