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Enjoy our company presentation where we introduce nanofibers and therr innovative approach. Nanofibers can help in various fields such as healthcare, water filtration, environment, batteries, packaging.

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  • NAFIGATE Corporation - Company Presentation - Updated

    1. 1. NAFIGATE CORPORATION © Ladislav Mareš, September 2013
    2. 2. Owned by Ladislav Mareš, Elmarco founder NAFIGATE Corporation is a group of companies that develops international markets for nanofibers NAFIGATE Corporation is a Global Center of Excellence NAFIGATE Corporation Background
    3. 3. NAFIGATE Corporation Advisory Committee Cooperation since 2005-2007 = Global Center of Excellence …supported by the best on the word
    4. 4. NAFIGATE Corporation is strongly supported by
    5. 5. NAFIGATE Corporation creates Global Innovation Center for Nanofiber Application
    6. 6. On the basis of this platform we create the project teams for development of Low-Carborn technologies The platform is based on 3 main principles: 1. Cooperation 2. Strong personal relationship with world-renowned experts 3. Focus on business Global Innovation Center for Nanofiber Application = platform, where we bring together world-class experts and companies
    7. 7. 1. Cooperation • NUS is ranked as No.1 research organization on membrane, desalination and water reuse by Lux Research • Collaboration on the research and development of a cost-effective green packaging, energy saving/storage and water membranes • Together with NUS we established the Advanced Water Technologies Center National University of Singapore
    8. 8. • Collaboration on Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation (EWTCOI) • Joint development of new applications for nanofibers for the clean technology industries such as water treatment, energy storage and conversion • Their research lab is an important part of the Advanced Water Technologies Center and together with them we are developing new technologies and nanofiber membranes for water filtration Ngee Ann Polytechnic 1. Cooperation
    9. 9. 1. Cooperation Materials Research Center (MRC) • MRC is a separate research center under the Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology, and is primarily focused on applied research in the field of inorganic materials and transport systems and sensors • Their main objective is to enhance cooperation between university research and application sphere in the form contractual research cooperation on research projects and speed up the transfer of knowledge and technologies into practice • Together with MRC we are working on biotechnology and developing new polymer for electrospinning
    10. 10. • Works as the Professor and the Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore and his research is focused on: – potential of electrospun nanofiber membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration – recognizing the importance of structural and biological roles of nanofibers in regenerating damaged or diseased human tissues – and on Biomimetic nanofiber scaffolds suitably promote cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions essential for regeneration of human tissues 2. Strong personal relationship with world-renowned experts Prof Seeram Ramakrishna
    11. 11. • is Chair of Macromolecular chemistry II of the Universität Beyreuth in Germany and his research is focused on: – Functional polymers metal catalysis of polymerizations – Electrospinning of fibers – Monomer and polymer synthesis – Electrospinning of polymer nanofibers – Liquid crystalline polymers – Advanced polymer processing 2. Strong personal relationship with world-renowned experts Prof Andreas Greiner
    12. 12. • is currently professor in Tokyo Institute of Technology and has strong focuses on the application development of nanofibers for antifouling or biocompatible coatings for medical devices, high- performance filter media, drug delivery systems, biomaterial scaffolds for tissue engineering, addition of high functionality on membrane surface for water purification and biosensors and biochips • holds numerous potential patents that attract industries and companies globally and has the strong networking and tie-ups with industries and also leading universities around the world 2. Strong personal relationship with world-renowned experts Prof Akihiko Tanioka
    13. 13. • is currently professor in North Carolina State University and his research is focused on: – novel multi-component fiber and nonwoven processes for a myriad of technical applications such as medical, hygiene, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, geononwovens, air and water filtration, bioseparations, pathogen detection and removal – microscopy and image analysis, nonwovens products and processes, fiber science, nano fibers, multi-component fibers and so on 2. Strong personal relationship with world-renowned experts Prof Behnam Pourdeyhimi
    14. 14. • is currently professor in Technical University of Liberec and his research interests include Nanofiber-covered yarns, and the study of mechanical and physical properties of nanofibers • is the one among the academic group globally who successfully developed lab-scale machines that are suitable for industrial applications and provided accredit in the field of the nanofibers technology • developed the needle-less electrospinning machine for mass production in industrial scale, which was developed into the NanospiderTM machine by Elmarco 2. Strong personal relationship with world-renowned experts Prof Oldřich Jirsák
    15. 15. 3. Focus on Business Nanovia & Nanotex • Nanovia has one of the biggest production capacities of nanofibers in Europe and offers custom production of filtering materials and functional membranes • Nanotex uses nanofibers in textile manufacturing and succesfully developed textiles with innovative properties • Together with Nanovia and Nanotex we are working on production of final filtration materials and samples
    16. 16. 3. Focus on Business NANOPROTEX • In cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, NANOPROTEX was the first to develop a new nanofiber membrane for outdoor, sports and military purposes with excellent properties • NANOPROTEX products can also be used in other industries that require Hi-tech technologies • Together with Nanoprotex we are working on the development and testing of nanofiber membranes
    17. 17. • Highly motivated team selected from the best professionals • World-class businessmen and scientists with many years of experience in both research and business • Marketing experts with strong background and experience with launch of global brands NAFIGATE Core Team Who we are:
    18. 18. NAFIGATE Core Team • successful entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in international nanofibers business • CEO of NAFIGATE and board chairman of NFG Services a.s. • co-inventor of Nanospider (needle-less electrospinning) technology and also founder of Elmarco • co-author of 48 patents, a member of the Scientific Board of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation in Liberec and the Materials Research Centre in Brno and also a special member of the IEEPA Advisory Board Ladislav Mareš
    19. 19. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 ELMARCO established 20 mil. USD 100 employes 50 mil. USD over 250 employes Licence agreement with TUL NAFIGATE Corporation established US and JapaneseOffices opened Market Development sale of the first industrial line Ladislav Mareš - Career Path NAFIGATE Core Team
    20. 20. • works as a Director for Strategy in NAFIGATE Corporation and has more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, project management, and supervising of projects in the sphere of Market Intelligence • is also project manager of project in the field of biotechnology development • works as a head of the Expert Team of the World of Technology and is responsible for popularization of science and marketing of science and research Lenka Mynářová NAFIGATE Core Team
    21. 21. Jana Svobodová • works as a project & product manager at NAFIGATE Corporation and has more than 7 years of experience in research and development of nanofibers and their applications • was at the beginning era of Nanospider technology development • the key area of her new nanofiber-based product development is the environment including liquid filtration • is as the author or co-author of several publications, patents and utility models focused on nanofibers Project Managers NAFIGATE Core Team
    22. 22. Daniel Pohludka • works as a project & product manager at NAFIGATE Corporation and has extensive experience in new product development from idea to successful commercialization thanks his long-term working in large multinational companies • has experiences with creating concepts, with the protection of intellectual property, with setting of implementation criteria, with the development of new technologies and with testing in laboratory equipment and also with a development of product lines Project Managers NAFIGATE Core Team
    23. 23. Martina Kutíková • works as specialist for Intellectual Property and has gained experience in the whole IP life cycle - from application preparation, to application filing and patent granting • is also responsible for the NAFIGATE portal „Nanofibers Gateway“ and for the visibility of the company through social networks Other Specialists NAFIGATE Core Team
    24. 24. Lenka Vrtišková • has almost 10 years of experiences in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, green economy and energetics • worked 6 years at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic gradually as Director of Climate Change Department, Advisor to Deputy Minister and Advisor to Ministers • is responsible for the data processing and the preparation of presentations, working documents and agreements Other Specialists NAFIGATE Core Team
    25. 25. NAFIGATE Corporation CORE COMPETENCE
    26. 26. NAFIGATE Core Competence …our approach optimizes costs and reduces the risk of failure:
    27. 27. NAFIGATE Core Competence Model of Cooperation NAFIGATE Know-how Process optimalization - Recipes - Know-how NanospiderTM Technology - equipment Subsequent technologies (after treatment) Plasma Lamination Chemical treatment Manufacturing Final adjustments - folding - welding Final products Optimalised NF Membrane Material Joint cooperation Solution owned by national enterprises Defined parameters - Fiber diameter - Pore size - Surface …. Defined properties - hydrophobic - antibacterial - mechanical strength ….
    28. 28. NAFIGATE Core Competence Know-How Subsequent technologies (after treatment) Optimalised NF Membrane NanospiderTM Technology - equipment Process optimization - Recipes - Know-how Plasma Lamination Chemical treatment NAFIGATE Know-How Joint cooperation (NAFIGATE & partners) Solution owned by national enterprises
    29. 29. NAFIGATE Core Competence Joint Cooperation NAFIGATE Know-How Joint cooperation (NAFIGATE & partners) Solution owned by national enterprises Joint cooperation NAFIGATE & partners (institutions, enterprises…) Solution owned by national enterprises Final adjustment - folding - welding …
    31. 31. NAFIGATE Business Strategy …brings solutions with the key potential for low carbon economy Solutions for China: • Solutions for Low Carbon and Green Economy • Technology Sovereignty • Stimulate Local Economy • Technology for Global Market
    32. 32. Nanofiber applications for Air & Liquid Filtration NAFIGATE Business Strategy Air &
    33. 33. Nanofiber applications for Energy NAFIGATE Business Strategy
    34. 34. NAFIGATE References NAFIGATE = World‘s No. 1 …From Idea to Market
    35. 35. NS 4W1600U Production Line NAFIGATE References NAFIGATE = Industrial Solution
    36. 36. Contacts NAFIGATECorporation,a.s. Pod Pekárnami 10 190 00 Czech Republic Phone: +420 734 201 242 +420 483 034 516 E-mail: Queries, suggestions, ideas: Sales department: NAFIGATEInc. c/o Elam Pte Ltd 10 Anson Road #21-02, International Plaza Singapore - 079903 Phone: +65 97386915 email: Representativein China Mr. Chu Guo Feng Company: Graham C (Hong Kong) Limited Address: FLAT/RM 9, 12/F, CEO TOWER 77 WING HONG STREET CHEUNG SHA WAN, KL HONG KONG Mobile:(HK) +852 9188 2506 (China) +86 131 8911 0462
    37. 37. Do you want to find out more? go to © 2013 Nafigate Click on icons to go to our profiles Click on www to go to our portal