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Ppt 2011

Ppt 2011






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    Ppt 2011 Ppt 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • NanoSynergy ® Worldwide “Setting the Standard in Nanotechnology” Strategic Technology Overview Russell Van de Casteele, Inventor
    • The “Nano” Revolution Text Text Text Text “ All forms of technology, including information technology and biotechnology, will become passé with the advent of nanoscience. It is a precursor to the next wave of pervasive technology.” Robert Curl Jr. Nobel Laureate
    • Many Claim Nano ...
    • Only 13 out of 212 really are
      • Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs analyzed all 212 claims of nano in the NY Times article ...
      • Only 13 products in all categories ... out of 212 products named were rated as “nano”
      • Spray For Life's Vitamin B-12 was the only health product that actually was rated as “nano”
    • Organizations, Publications & Journals
      • NanoSynergy Worldwide has been acknowledged for its’ technology through:
      • The Smithsonian Institute
      • The Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
      • The Woodrow Wilson Institute of Nanotechnology
      • The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)
      • New York Times, LA Times, Palm Beach Post, Nutraceutical World, Nutritional Outlook, Drug Store News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nanotechnology Now, and many other publications & journals globally.
      • NanoSynergy Worldwide has been featured in:
      • Hugh Downs National Medical Report
      • 28 minute infomercial
      • Home Shopping Group 60 second commercial
      • Genimation Marketing Report
    • Tablets Often Don’t Dissolve MAYO CLIN PROC. 1998;73:516-519 Conclusion : Numerous commonly prescribed medications in their undissolved, undigested state are visible on plain x-ray films, as are mineral supplements, which have high radiodensities. At times, the appearance of these medications and supplements may be confused with organic pathologic conditions.
    • The NanoSynergy ® Process Text Text Text Text NanoSynergy ® developed technology to accelerate fluids faster than the speed of sound to 1500 ft/sec for 3-5 nanoseconds to create extreme shear and impact forces necessary for molecular dispersion without excessive heat or breaking chemical bonds.
    • Standard Manufacturing Issues Nano Micron Dehydration and Compaction NanoSynergy ® Hydration and Molecular Dispersion <1nm
    • Nano Juicing – Restoring Nature NanoSynergy ® Restoring Nature
    • Intellectual Property Portfolio Text Text Text Text Approved Processing Patent: A Method of Delivery of a Biological Active Agent For Humans And Animals (U.S. Patent Number 6,861,066 March 1, 2005) Patent Pending Applications: All Delivery Methods of Delivery a Biological Active Agent For Humans And Animals (U.S. Patent Application Number 20050147688 July 7, 2005) A B-12 composition for the Treatment of Pernicious Anemia (U.S. Patent Application Number 20060280761 December 14, 2006)
    • NanoSynergy ® Trademark… Text Text Text “ The combination of applied nanotechnology with any compound, molecule, mixture or fluid to deliver an end product of smaller particle size to yield greater bioavailability and efficacy .”  ~1000x ~1000x
    • NanoSynergy ® Production Text Text Tex t Text
      • Fast and efficient flow rates
      • Meets all standards for sanitary and sterile
      • manufacturing requirements
      • Utilizes cold processing technology platform
      • Breaks apart aggregates , but does not break covalent chemical bonds
      • Customizes particle size of various compounds at the Nano and Micro scale levels
    • NanoSynergy ® Sprays Text Text Text NanoSynergy ® sprays are water based with natural stabilizers to maximize cellular bioavailability. In contrast, dry nanoparticles aggregate during hydration. Spray for Life ® Private Labels New Products – Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Sex Enhancement, Energy, and Neurological Health YOUR BRAND
    • Spray For Life ® - Nature is Nano 2nm human hair dust mite mosquito bacteria virus cell receptor human cell insulin DNA <1nm
    • Health Experts use Spray for Life ®
    • How much better (smaller)? Spray for Life ® Nano-B12 (0.8nM) Text Text 450 times larger 2,700 times larger 80,000 times larger Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C
    • 1,000 Times Less Value
    • Comparison of “Nano” Products “ Nano” Competitors 100 to 100,000 Larger than NanoSynergy ® Products < 1nm
    • Lifepak nano – Not Nano
    • NanoSynergy ® vs Nano-Diffuse Nano-Diffuse “patent pending” by Iovate Health Sciences and MuscleTech
    • NutraMist versus NanoSynergy ® Particle Size = 5 to 100 Microns 5,000 to 100,000 times larger than Spray For Life Nano B-12 Mislabeled Product – Not possible to be 2,003mg/ml < 1nm
    • Breaking the Absorption Barrier 200nM Filter Only Spray for Life ® B-12 was small enough to pass through the 200nM filter.
    • B-12 Absorption Comparison Text Text Text Text
    • Practitioner's Testimonial Text Text “ In my 30 years of evaluating manual red blood cells, I've never seen such rapid and positive change in my patients, not only in test results, but symptoms. Normally using a typical sublingual tablet or injection of vitamin B-12, it would take much longer to correct.” Ellie Cullen, RN Your Future Health, Tampa, FL
    • B-12 Human Blood Studies Text Text Text Text Abnormalities of size and shape of the red blood cells in a patient with pernicious anemia induced by vitamin B-12 deficiency. Results after 30 days of treatment using Spray For Life Nano B-12
    • CoQ-10 Comparative Studies Text Text Text Text
    • Spray For Life ® is More Stable Nature's Answer Sedimentation Comparisons What Would You Buy if You Knew What was Inside? SFL Comp A Comp B Comp C
    • Why NanoSynergy ® ? Text Text Text Text
      • Features for Manufacturers
      • Enhances existing products & formulations by creating stable NanoSyzed™ solutions, emulsions, dispersions
      • Reduce amount of raw materials and increase the absorption of nutrients into the body by stable biophysical “digestion” of agglomerates
      • Competitive marketing edge with efficient integration with existing processing to create superior, stable, and patentable products
      • Benefits for Consumer
      • No water or large tablets ( 40% of Americans experience difficulty )
      • Exceptional product performance – faster acting (e.g. B12 Spray vs Shot)
      • Prevent wasting of money on useless aggregated products
    • Revenue Streams for Liquids Text Text Text
      • Market Opportunities for Premier Products
          • Nutraceuticals
          • Sports Nutrition
          • Personal Care
          • Branded Functional Ingredients
          • Functional Beverages
          • Pet Nutrition
          • Over the Counter (OTC)
          • Pharmaceutical
          • Biologicals
          • Veterinary Medicine
          • Agriculture
    • Future - NanoSynergy ® Inside
        • Nano Liquid Compatible Delivery Methods
      • Sprays and Droppers (oral, eye, nasal)
      • Liquid and Gel Caps
      • Functional Beverages and Foods
      • Dissolving Mouth Strips
      • Transdermal Patches
      • Creams, Toothpaste, Mouthwash
      • Gummy and Confections
      • Hydroponics
    • The Business Strategy Text Text Text Text NanoSynergy ® Worldwide, Inc. is a life science pioneer that develops and markets science-based formulations that utilize our proprietary trade secrets and patented nano-processing platform. Through strategic partnerships we license technology to create effective and patentable health and wellness products for diverse therapeutic areas.
    • VITAnanoMIN Pipeline Text Text Text Text TEXT R&D Begins Product Concepts Feasibility Study Product Development Production Marketing and Revenue From Idea to Revenue in 3 to 9 months
    • Diet and Energy Marketplace 25 cents $3/day
    • Summary – Smaller is Better! Text Text Text Text
      • Our particle size analysis of 100’s of leading nutraceutical products shows that nearly the entire industry could benefit from the patented technology developed by NanoSynergy Worldwide, Inc .
      • The lead technology platform, NanoSynergy ® , is already proven as a commercially viable system that works effectively for a variety of water soluble and insoluble nutraceutical compounds.
      • Our patented technology can be incorporated into common dosage forms for substantial improvements in product performance.
      • NanoSynergy ® has the potential to dramatically improve the marketability of a vast range of products that have issues with solubility, stability, bioavailability, and efficacy.
    • Text Tex t Text Contact us… NanoSynergy Worldwide, Inc. 1301 W. Copans Road Bldg. E, Suite 1-6 Pompano Beach, Fl 33064 Phone: 954-590-2706 Fax: 954-590-2707 Websites: www.nanosynergyww.com www.sprayforlife.com www.sprayforlife.org Contact: Russell Van de Casteele, Inventor Email: russ@nanosynergyww.com