Led phosphors market forecast 2014- 2021


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This presentation talks about how the LED phosphor market is likely to grow in the coming years. This presentation is a part of NanoMarkets' report "LED Phosphor Markets-2014"

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Led phosphors market forecast 2014- 2021

  1. 1. wwwecisolutionscom Opportunities for LED Phosphors NanoMarkets, LC January 2014 www.nanomarkets.net © 2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  2. 2. 2 ABOUT NANOMARKETS • NanoMarkets provides industry analysis of advanced materials markets in the energy and electronics sectors. We have been covering these activities for a decade. • Our work includes market, company and technology analysis, market forecasting and due diligence. • Offerings include reports, custom consulting, seminars/webinars and in-house training. NanoMarkets is based in US, with extensive contacts all over the world. www.nanomarkets.net © 2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  3. 3. 2 ABOUT THE REPORT The LED and LED phosphor markets are growing considerably, and this growth is expected to continue in the upcoming years However, both LED and phosphor firms must quickly address consumer perceptions that LEDs are dull, cold, and not affordable if they are to maximize growth and thus their potential profitability NanoMarkets believes that current consumer concerns over the cost of lighting could end up driving LEDs and phosphors down the same path CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp) have gone. Therefore, LED lighting and phosphor firms must offer lighting technologies that encourage consumers to embrace LED lighting because of its efficiency gains and differentiating feature, thus making cost inconsequential The rapid growth of the phosphor market presents real opportunities for phosphor firms to innovate and establish novel IP. While the LED market may take a little longer than originally thought to achieve true maturity, it will get there as long as phosphor firms continue to offer novel yellow, red, and hybrid phosphor solutions at affordable prices www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  4. 4. 2 RELATED REPORTS Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots in Lighting and Displays Smart Lighting Markets and Opportunities 2013 Markets for Smart Lighting Driver, Controller and Sensor Chips LED Phosphor Markets 2014 www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  5. 5. wwwecisolutionscom OPPORTUNITIES FOR PHOSPHOR FIRMS • LED bulbs manufacturers are in search of cost effective phosphor solution to replace existing expensive lighting solutions • Fundamental IP owned by Nichia, Osram, ATMI and other related firms • Other than general lighting, cell phones, laptops, LCD TV displays are the segment likely to be addressed • Phosphors with better color rendering index finding application in general illumination and LCD backlighting markets • Application specific solutions with increased quantum efficiencies, thermal stability, and light uniformity can be developed through new deposition techniques • Remote phosphor technology can help in reducing the LED components count and hence over all cost of fixtures and lamps www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  6. 6. wwwecisolutionscom OPPORTUNITIES FOR LED FIRMS • Regulations on use of mandatory efficient lighting products, and subsidies are driving demand for LEDs across the globe • Efforts being made to bring down the cost of LEDs to the level of conventional lighting • Growing demand for LEDs in automotive, display applications, signals, and flashlights • Novel applications like indoor plant lighting and medical equipment on the horizon • Firms taking interest in other new phosphor related technologies such as flip chip and “phosphor on die” • Intelligent lighting and wireless LED lighting can give LEDs an advantage over other competing technologies • Opportunity for phosphor firms and LED firms to create their own brands and benefit from the brand value • Rather than competition, co-operation and downstream relationship needed to bridge the development gap between components and lighting www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES FOR START-UP FIRMS What Can Start-Ups Do? Build library of new phosphors and investigate their potential use Develop unique phosphor solutions to be used with deposition techniques www.nanomarkets.net Mix new red/green converters with yellow/red or both to obtain high CRI Use computational chemistry to identify and synthesize molecules with designed properties Investigate entirely new geographical markets like India and Africa ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  8. 8. LED PHOSPHOR: MARKET FORECAST 2014 - 2021 Summary of Market Forecasts for LED Phosphors by Application 600 500 Audiovisual, Theater, and Specialty Lighting 400 $ Millions Indoor lighting to see highest growth followed by outdoor lighting Automotive Applications Outdoor Illumination 200 Display backlighting will experience decline 300 Indoor General Illumination Display Backlighting 100 0 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  9. 9. PROJECTED TREND: LED PHOSPHOR MARKET Total LED Phosphor Market Likely to have CAGR of 6.4% in revenue terms 550 500 Revenue to reach 510 million dollars by 2021 $ Millions 450 400 350 300 250 2014 www.nanomarkets.net 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC
  10. 10. 3 CONTACT US Address: NanoMarkets, LC PO Box 3840 Glen Allen, VA 23058 Telephone / Fax 804-270-1718 804-360-7259 facebook.com/pages/NanoMarkets/ twitter.com/nanomarkets Email / Web info@nanomarkets.net www.nanomarkets.net linkedin.com/in/nanomarkets nanomarkets.net/rssfeeds www.nanomarkets.net © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC