Film magazine front cover planning and construction


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Film magazine front cover planning and construction

  1. 1. Film Magazine Front Cover Planning and Construction<br />Planning: The planning for my film magazine front cover consisted of a flat plan and the taking and planning of one photo that was needed.<br />The photo was taken against a one colour wall so what I needed to cut out using the magic wand tool would be easy to. The picture taken was of the protagonist and the antagonist together, they faced each other in a threatening way and the shot was a close-mid-shot. <br />The flat plan was done in pencil and I used the principle of thirds to help me construct the poster and what ideas I had for it. Using the principal of thirds ensured that I used every bit of the page ro make sure there were no large blank areas.<br />Construction: The whole of my construction of the front cover was completed in Adobe Photoshop CS4 where there is a suitable array of tools available for a creation such as this.<br />Before copying and pasting my images, I first made the background for the poster. I made it another gradient background much like the poster except the colours/tones this time were black and dark red. Also to signify the destructive nature of the film I added reddish smoke to the background so that it would symbolise how the two main characters destroyed most things they came into contact with.<br />I then cut out the images from the picture I took. I cut the two characters out separately as they would be easier to free transform and edit as I pleased. I selected both images separately and cut them out using the magic wand after opening them up into Photoshop. I then pasted them onto the A4 size page on Photoshop that I was using to create my poster.<br />First, I free transformed the image of Tony until he was the right size and proportion that I wanted for the poster. I then layer styled the image. I put on an outer glow and a bevel and emboss to outline Tony more and make him seem more solid and noticeable.<br />Second, I free transformed the image of The Boss until he was the correct size and proportion. I then layer styled the image. I put on an outer glow and a bevel and emboss to outline The Boss more and make him seem more solid and noticeable as well.<br />Next came the magazine name: THE REEL SCENE. This was three lots of text for each word. First I did ‘REEL’ in huge block red letters that I then layer styled with an outer glow to stand out and seem more solid. ‘THE’ came next which was done in much smaller lettering and in a pale yellow colour to be able to be placed over ‘REEL’ and still be seen. This text was free transformed and rotated so it sat diagonally on the top left of ‘REEL’. ‘SCENE’ was also in the same colour but slightly bigger than ‘THE’ and simply placed at the bottom right of the word ‘REEL’. This was all to make the name very noticeable and memorable.<br />The tag-line for the magazine read ‘ALL THE NEWS ON MOVIES BROUGHT STRAIGHT TO YOU’. This was to sound enticing and it was done in smaller lettering than the title and bright yellow letters to still catch attention.<br />Next I inserted more text, the title of the film: MADE. This was displayed in the same colour and style as the magazine name. It was just slightly smaller so it didn’t totally dominate the front cover but still grabbed attention. The word ‘EXCLUSIVE’ was put on ‘MADE’ in the same diagonal way that ‘THE was put on ‘REEL’.<br />The tag-line to the film was inserted beneath the text ‘MADE’ while the information on what was exclusive to the magazine about that film ‘INTERVIEW...’ was put beneath that. Both pieces of text were black and layer styled to have a light outline to be easily seen.<br />I then Photoshopped a barcode into the bottom right of the cover to make it seem realistic. I also inserted some text which displayed the date above the barcode like most magazines do. Finally came the price, but instead of simply inserting the text displaying the price onto the background, I Photoshopped a film reel onto the cover, free transformed it to my liking and put the price onto that to give it a bit more style and relate it to the name.<br />