Analysing a movie poster


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Analysing a movie poster

  1. 1. 3286125-657225Analysing a Movie Poster: The Dark Knight<br /><ul><li>The film title is ‘The Dark Knight’. It suggests that the protagonist of the film is a hero of some kind but that they are a hero in a different way to normal; they do things in a different way that people might not approve of. Because of the main image it also suggests that the ‘hero’ is dark in appearance.
  2. 2. The main image is of the supposed protagonist side on to the camera but head turned towards the camera although we cannot tell if they are looking at it because their face and most of their body is in shadows. There is a ruined brick wall behind them and there is bats and mist everywhere. Through the window we as the audience can spot a burning city. The question raised by this image is what the significance of the burning buildings is. We realise the significance of bats because the figure is easily recognisable as Batman and the mist is obviously to give an ominous, impressive effect. It is clearly multi-layered but only slightly. One layer involves Batman and what we know about him, that he is a hero and so clearly he is supposed to be ‘the dark knight’ and the other layer is the background of smoke and fire which is clearly a connotation that Gotham is going to ruin and Batman is the only one who can save it.
  3. 3. This poster certainly employs the iconography of the thriller genre and the action genre because of the threatening and ominous feel of the picture, plus the fact that the protagonist is Batman so we will know that it is an action-packed, hero-villain movie.
  4. 4. We are not told the film’s movie stars as though it is meant to retain an air of mystery and displaying who would be in the film would ruin the effect of the poster.
  5. 5. Only one of the main actors is shown and they are partly obscured by shadows. We also cannot recognise the actor because they are dressed up as Batman. We cannot see any facial expression but the body language makes the protagonist seem very serious and threatening. Their dress style connotes a kind of superhero and someone ready for action.
  6. 6. There are no credits or tagline on the poster, just the title, the year it should come out, a website for the film and the producer (WB).
  7. 7. The target audience seems to be wide for this movie for it would be for all those who appreciate Batman and also those who love thrillers and action films, ones with plenty of action, something always happening. Plus I would think that a target audience of 12+ was meant for this film too. The film’s main appeal seems to be that it is Batman and that is what helps to sell the film to a particular audience.