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HR Titbits -------------


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Have a feel of the situation  Have an ear to the ground  Be proactive all the time  Reach out to all stakeholders  Do more with less  By Nandu Warrier (
  • 2. He is able and willing to go the extra mile He is a good corporate citizen He creates an aura of indispensability around him  He keeps looking out for new opportunities to showcase himself  He is eager and willing to learn all the time    by Nandu Warrier
  • 3. In today’s environment, one’s career depends directly on the ability to network globally By Nandu Warrier 
  • 4. Position and power is given to a person in order to serve those working under him better- not to practice one’s idiosyncrasies, whims and fancies by Nandu Warrier ( 
  • 5.  Why the big deal about diversity management? Be fair, equitable and just to all, irrespective of caste, creed , gender, religion and colour- diversity management will take care of itself. By Nandu Warrier
  • 6.  A good coach should possess equanimity both in professional and personal life- a healthy mix of both enables him to transmit his equanimity to the coachee- with positive and desired results. By Nandu Warrier  
  • 7.  The first requirement of a good leader is to be a good follower- when a follower is elevated to the status of a leader, others will go by the examples he has set as a follower and will follow him accordingly By Nandu Warrier  
  • 8.  To be an effective manager look inwards first--- determine whether you are really passionate about what you do and are able to transmit that passion to those who work under you. By Nandu Warrier  
  • 9.  The effectiveness of any HR intervention will depend on two things– the need of the intervention and its relevance to the context By Nandu Warrier  