Career Counselling and Guidance Services by The Mentors & Enablers.


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Career choices for Grade 8 to 12 has become very important and stressful for the students as well as their parents. We offer a scientific solution to this very important question.

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Career Counselling and Guidance Services by The Mentors & Enablers.

  1. 1. Call@ 0265-6550561,098245093991 Career Assessment & Guidance Facilitated by :   The Mentors & Enablers Trainers and Management Consultants
  2. 2. Attention Parents & Young persons from Ixth to XIIth Grade who are concerned about Career Choice Call@ 0265-6550561,09824509399
  3. 3. • Are you in standard IXth Xth ??? • Confused which career to choose? Call@ 0265-6550561,098245093993
  4. 4.  Do you wonder whom to connect? Call@ 0265-6550561,09824509399
  5. 5. Interested to know where you stand ?... We take the Lead for You … Call@ 0265-6550561,09824509399
  6. 6. Why Career Assessment & Guidance? Call@ 0265-6550561,098245093996 Today Globalization refers to the flow of:  Capital  People  Culture  Knowledge  Technology  Values across national borders resulting in a more inter- connected, more inter-dependent and less diverse world
  7. 7. Why Career Assessment & Guidance?  Rapid pace of globalization is shrinking the distance and turning the world in to a virtual “Global Village” This had a major impact on education, thus Education today has turned into a tool for material advancement. Call@ 0265-6550561,098245093997
  8. 8. • Choosing a career today has become more important. • Moreover choosing a career is a difficult task. • Researches and experts opine that : “The fact is that they (students) don’t understand the diversity on offer.  Every student is different and they should embrace their differences when looking for a career that suits them. ” Call@ 0265-6550561,098245093998
  9. 9. Career Choices & Influences Factors influencing career choice  Awareness of right kind of information and right source of information  Parental Influence  Peer influence  Faulty ratings of careers  Influence of family background Call@ 0265-6550561,098245093999
  10. 10. Meeting Developmental Needs of Your Child Education alone isn't enough. Forward thinking parents realize they are preparing their children for a world that will be very different than the one they live in now. Call@ 0265-6550561,0982450939910
  11. 11. Career Counseling from The Mentors & Enablers Our Career Counseling Services : Help an individual gain greater self awareness in areas such as interests, values, abilities and personality.  Help individuals to become knowledgeable about jobs and occupations  Involve individuals in making the decision about choosing a career path that is well-suited to their own interests, values, abilities and personality and It assists individuals and empowers them to be active in managing their career paths. Call@ 0265-6550561,0982450939911
  12. 12. Your GAINS • We give you a scientific way which helps you to make a decision. • We expose you to various psychometrics insights which help you to take an informed decision. • Exposure to the world class psychometric insights. A detailed analysis about your strengths, your potentials, your developmental gaps and a way forward Call@ 0265-6550561,0982450939912
  13. 13. Frequently Asked Questions… Q: At a remote place/ Not living in Vadodara… How to utilize your services? Ans: We give online facilities. The student will go online and attempt career guidance online questionnaire. We can discuss the report over Skype. Q: How do you manage with large group? We are a few interested individuals to avail your services. Ans: If you are at a remote place, refer the above. If you are more than 25 students within 200kms range from Vadodara, our team of experts will visit and execute the project. If you can visit us we will complete the assessment and feed back in one sitting only. Q: What is the time I need to spare for assessment and feed back? Ans: Time for assessment for students: about 1.45hrs, time for discussing the report and feed back( with the student and his parents/ guardians): about 45mins. Prior Appointments are necessary. Call@ 0265-6550561,0982450939913
  14. 14. Take the first step to your success.. Fix your Appointment TODAY Call@ 0265-6550561,0982450939914
  15. 15. Call@ 0265-6550561,0982450939915 Office The Mentors & Enablers - Trainers & Management Consultants Suite 308 Sanket Avenue, Opp. M S Hostel ( Ambe Vidyalaya), Sama Savli Road, Vadodara - 390 024, Gujarat, India 0265 – 6550561 / cell : 91-98245 09399 Visit us @ for more information Contact :