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Boys and girls club of america Boys and girls club of america Presentation Transcript

  • Boys & Girls Club of America
    Nancy Arellano
  • I believe in God and the right to worship according to my own faith and religion.I believe in America and the American way of life…in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.I believe in fair play, honesty and sportsmanship.I believe in my Boys & Girls Club,which stands for these thingsBoys & Girls Club code
  • About Us
    In 1860 three women in Hartford, Connecticut: Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley; believed that boys should have a positive alternative.
    In 1906, the Federated Boys Clubs in Boston was formed with 53 member organizations.
    In 1931, the Boys Club Federation of America became Boys Clubs of America.
    In 1956, Boys Clubs of America celebrated its 50th anniversary and received a U.S. Congressional Charter.
    In 1990 the name was changed to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
    The Boys & Girls Club is fixated on building the character of children in order for them to increase their goals in life.
  • Our Mission
    To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.
    A safe place to learn and grow.
    Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals.
    Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences.
    Hope and opportunity.
  • Inputs
    A safe place for children to be at
    Donations of any kind:
    Supplies (pencils, pens, paper, art tools, etc.)
  • Process
    Provide a place for children to go that is safe
    Get enough volunteers to help
    Gather more material to know how to help these children
    Provide fun activities
    Provide good tutors
    Create fundraisers
  • Outputs
    Build character
    Encourage children to establish goals
    Help children get off the streets
    Provide a safe haven for children
    Educate children
    Make people aware of different issues in our community
  • Outcomes
    Children are safe
    Children have a productive new way to spend their day.
    Children have a place to go when they feel helpless
    Children are off the streets
    Test scores are increased
    Goals become aggrandized
  • Community Need
    On average 3 out of 10 kids will not graduate, however 90% of students who were in the club received a high school diploma or GED
    From 3pm-7pm is when crime escalates, so by placing children in a club it will keep them off the streets and in a supervised, fun environment
    3 out of 10 children are obese, but by keeping the children active 80% of children have founded a positive attitude towards fitness and health
    With 1 out of 5 young people living in poverty, the club provides a safe shelter for them.
  • How to Get Involved
    Donate to the Boys & Girls Club by logging onto
    Visit your local Boys & Girls Club and donate your time
    Visit some of our sponsors:
    VSP vision care for life
    Digital Arts Festivals
    PB Teen
  • Boys & Girl Club Vs. Shuttleworth
  • Critical Thinking
    By participating in the Boys & Girls Club children are taught to think critically in order to benefit their lives. From being encouraged to think ahead children are able to minimize their chances of miserable outcomesand increase their chances of being successful in life.
  • Critical Reading
    Children are also encouraged to do critical reading while attending the club. They are taught to seek meaningin what they do, so they know what they are doing it for. To ask questionsand never leave anything unanswered. But most importantly they are taught to know the consequences, so that they know what not to do.
  • Critical Action
    By being given all these tools to take informed actionand be successful in their goals growing up and vocational trainings.
  • Personal Connection
    When me and my siblings were younger my mother would drop us off at the Boys & Girls Club while she went to work. The environment was full of excitement and had a sense of safety. The volunteers dispositions were friendly. If we needed anything they were there to help. The best part though was all the activities that we were allotted to do. It was a great place to be.