Grubb & Ellis 2.0By Nancy DelgadilloTransaction Services, Grubb & Ellis Atlanta                                           ...
Getting StartedIn both professional and personal life, we                                                There is a wealth...
TwitterQuick Facts:                                  Listen to the conversations by search for    The key to Twitter (and ...
Visual Hubs                                Build a gallery of photos: property photos, event photos on sites like Flickr a...
About Grubb & Ellis CompanyGrubb & Ellis Company (NYSE: GBE) is one of the largest and most respected commercial real esta...
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Social Media for Commercial Real Estate


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This guide provides you with essential tips and platforms you need to explore to become active and brand yourself through Social Media/Networking.

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Social Media for Commercial Real Estate

  1. 1. Grubb & Ellis 2.0By Nancy DelgadilloTransaction Services, Grubb & Ellis Atlanta July 2011 Edition byOverview Nancy Delgadillo Social Media, email, and search engine optimization have become Inside this issue: the new and improved way to successful marketing. Getting Started 2 Social Media has been described as: “Word of Mouth on Steroids” LinkedIn 2 U.S. Internet advertising revenue hit a record $26 billion in 2010, Twitter 3 boosted by the popularity of online videos and social media. GIST 3 An estimated 2/3 of the global Internet population regularly visits Visual Hubs 4 social networks, and almost 70Source: Nielsen Media Research, Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, Audit Bureau of Circulations. million Americans are “online.” Other Portals 4What it means to you:If you want to stay in touch with your clients and Target Clients, you need to go where Special points ofthey are … wherever that may be! …with the information they want. interest:How? … Social Media!  Use LinkedIn toThe conversations taking place on these social networks can discover newbuild your brand, your reputation, leads, sales and revenue. connections and build your networkPopular and respected individuals in your networks can internationally.influence masses of friends and followers to enhance yourrecognition.  Discover GIST and stay informed onWith more than a billion tweets per month, 175million+ your contacts’ mostFacebook visitors per day, 1 new LinkedIn connection per recent updates.second — Social Media is a force too powerful to ignore.  Get in on the Twitter action. Followers will become your new database:  Explore other  LinkedIn – Rolodex social media resources to help  Facebook – Yearbook you become viral.  Twitter – Pulse of the Street  YouTube – TV The key is to get in early!
  2. 2. Getting StartedIn both professional and personal life, we There is a wealth of customer andnaturally form groups based on our af- Social Media should be viewed as business insight to be found in all thesefinities and expertise. We gravitate to interactions.others with whom we share interests. an opportunity to provide customers with a rich interactive Direct contact with customers andSocial media networking is no differentthan going to an event — you meet peo- experience. prospects who were previouslyple, you discover mutual interests, you unreachable. This means greaterbuild a relationship and you end up exposure, increased traffic and moremeeting each other’s friends & col- business opportunity. Offer options on media choice toleagues. receive info – pictures, PDF, video.Your presence across all social mediavenues accomplishes several goals – it Leveraging Social Networkingbrings in new customers, helps you build represents an inexpensive way to:better relationships with them, and keeps  Collect dataexisting customers very happy.  Generate leads  Create brand awarenessThe key to building real relationships  Stay in constant contact withwith social networking is by sharing customersinformation and interacting in regular  Market your Properties & Servicesconversations throughout your networks.  Provide content and guidance  Establish yourself as an expertSocial Media Currency = Lead w/valueLinkedInQuick facts: Getting Recommendations to Attract Connect with Fortune 500 Executives by100 MILLION Professionals More Clients: Recommendations are one using the new Fortune 500 App to see44 Million in the United States of the unique features of LinkedIn that who you know, narrow down by location, sets it apart from other networks. industry, and getting a full Co. profile.56 Million in the rest of the world What better way to really market your https://www.fortune500-app.comRoughly one million new members join business than by having your colleaguesLinkedIn every week, at a rate equiva- Use LinkedIn Events to organize profes- and clients share your expertise?lent to a professional joining the site sional mixers so you can introduce yourfaster than one member per second. In essence, people want to do business target market to your services. with people they know and people theirMore than 2 million companies have Use your LinkedIn Status Updates to friends can vouch for.LinkedIn Company Pages. draw traffic to your website, marketing Find others, be found and be introduced. pieces, and other sites and allow poten- tial clients to find your on the internet.What you need to know:Create a profile, join and/or create Use the searching feature to find peopleprofessional interest groups, partici- in companies, by name, in industries, etc.pate in discussions, find out what’s hap- Get Answers: Your network is full of in-pening in your customers’ worlds. dustry experts willing to share advice.Re-Connect: Find past and present Have a question? Just ask. Or give yourcolleagues and classmates quickly. insight on questions to establish yourselfDiscover inside connections when you’re as an expert in your field.looking for a new business opportunity. Use the Service Provider Directory toUse your affiliations in various LinkedIn target by industry. Even look for otherGroups to expand your reach and Commercial Real Estate agents to scopecreate warm leads. out the competition.Page 2 Grubb & Ellis 2.0
  3. 3. TwitterQuick Facts: Listen to the conversations by search for The key to Twitter (and other socialNow 175million users keywords (“looking for office space,” media) is the number of followers,New users – rate of 300k per day “commercial real estate”), hashtags and friends, fans (or whatever) the55million tweets a day trending topics, monitor competitors, etc. business / your brand can attract.600million searches on Twitter per day37% of users log in mobileWhat you need to know:Engage in real time conversationsAdd your contacts through email syncFollow people who interest you (you’d besurprised who’s on Twitter)Comment / interact, retweet, participatein conversations, twitter trends # (chats),use the “suggested follow” feature, sub-scribe via RSS and/or by text, auto wel-come (no pitch) & auto follow via sitessuch as SocialOomph.comDon’t be afraid to follow as manypeople as you “need” to, you must followpeople you share interests with to tapinto and interact with their followersOffer guidance, humor, perspective,expertise whenever possible. Focus onsharing information that would be valu-able to a consumer or potential buyer,but be human (don’t just hard sell).GISTAdd Contacts AutomaticallyYour contacts are everywhere. They are inemail, social networks, on your mobile phoneand many other sources. Gist brings yourcontacts into one place to give you a full viewof your network making it easy to find anyone,anytime.Get News & UpdatesAutomatically get the latest news, blog posts,and tweets for anyone in your professionalnetwork delivered where you want it, when youwant it. Always keep up to date with all of yourcontacts.See the Broadest ViewAll your contacts across all your inboxes, socialnetworks, and lists assembled in one place foreasy access and use – no invites to send orfriends to request.July 2011 Edition by Nancy Delgadillo Page 3
  4. 4. Visual Hubs Build a gallery of photos: property photos, event photos on sites like Flickr and Picasa. Videos and pictures add life to a story and help your followers better understand what you do. There is a reason that YouTube has exceeded 2 billion views a day. To stay active with YouTube, it’s recommended that you share at least 1 video per month. Start with no more than a 2min clip. See how became viral through their YouTube videos. Then share these links through your various other networking sites to bring traffic. Other Portals / Resources It’s understandable that social media may fee like a new responsibility to take on. With Social Oomph, you can set up automated messages, schedule updates when you want them. BOOST Develop an email communications program to your clients/target clients by provide informa- tion, links to white papers, blog excerpts, “follow me” “like me” buttons to drive followers on other sites, deliver news/info pieces, information relevant to their industry, etc. Email Add your social networks on your signature line. Think of how many emails you share a day that get traded back and forth and how many followers/new connections you can make by having new people add you on LinkedIn, follow you on Twitter, etc to get a large number of prospects, leading to sales conversion. Is the link you’re trying to share too long? Use this tool/site to shrink your URL’s. Sign up for a free and easy account, and track how many clicks your links actually get. Customize your links, i.e. for sharing via email, Twitter, etc. Foursquare is a social media application that allows you to check into the locations you’re at. • Over 8 million users worldwide, adding around 35,000 new users each day. • Over 2.5 million check-ins per day, with over half a billion check-ins in the last year You can use the Merchant Platform, to access your Venue (buildings) stats dashboard, where you can track the customer foot traffic over time at your various buildings. Great tool for your tenants to get more visibility, offer deals, coupons, etc. by allowing peo- ple to check-in their location. Meetup is the worlds largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 2,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.July 2011 Edition by Nancy Delgadillo Page 4
  5. 5. About Grubb & Ellis CompanyGrubb & Ellis Company (NYSE: GBE) is one of the largest and most respected commercial real estate services and investmentcompanies in the world. Our 6,000 professionals in more than 100 company-owned and affiliate offices draw from a uniqueplatform of real estate services, practice groups and investment products to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions to realestate owners, tenants and investors. The firm’s transaction, management, consulting and investment services are supportedby highly regarded proprietary market research and extensive local expertise. Through its investment subsidiaries, the com-pany is a leading sponsor of real estate investment programs that provide individuals and institutions the opportunity to in-vest in a broad range of real estate investment vehicles, including public non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), mu-tual funds and other real estate investment funds. For more information, visit additional information please contact: Tel: 770.552.2425Nancy Delgadillo Email: Nancy.Delgadillo@Grubb-Ellis.comTransaction Services www.grubb-ellis.comGrubb & Ellis Company