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Brain dissection pictures
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Brain dissection pictures



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  • 1. The meninges cover and protect the brainFrom outer to inner they include:1. Dura -tough outer layer we took off2. Arachnoid -The Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) Frontal Lobe flows between the Arachnoid and Pia layers and serves to nourish and protect the brain & spinal cord.3. Pia -pearly layer extends into Parietal Lobe Parietal Lobe the sulci This opaque covering is the dura LOBES of the BRAIN Occipital Lobe Cerebellum
  • 2. Cerebellum Brain Stem: Midbrain (we won’t differentiate this) Pons Medulla
  • 3. Gyrus SulciLongitudinal Fissure
  • 4. The Pia Mater is the innermost meningeal layer. It extends into the sulci.The shiny coating is the Pia Mater Transverse Fissure Separates cerebellum and cerebrum Cerebellum
  • 5. Lateral View: Left Hemisphere of theCerebrum and cerebellum with brainstem Left Parietal Lobe Frontal Lobe Transverse Fissure Temporal Cerebellum Lobe Pons
  • 6. Underside of Brain Brain Stem This usually gets pulled off(Pons & Medulla) Pituitarywith the dura. Gland Olfactory Optic Chiasm Optic Nerves Bulbs Capillary Bed
  • 7. Posterior (rear) viewshowing cerebellumbeing pulled down to Occipital Lobe of Cerebrumexpose the Superiorcolliculi, inferior colliculi,and the Pineal Gland. Pineal Gland Superior Colliculi Inferior Colliculi Cerebellum
  • 8. Mammillary Body Optic ChiasmOlfactory Bulb Pons Medulla Infundibulum Stalk of the pituitary Hypothalamus Deep to the infundibulum Occulomotor Nerve
  • 9. Corpus callosum Fornix Arbor Vitae Of Cerebellum Thalamus Pons Medulla Spinal CordOptic Chiasm
  • 10. Lateral view, hemi section of lab brain model. superiorposterior anterior Cerebellum Pituitary Gland inferior
  • 11. Olfactory Tract Pituitary Gland pons
  • 12. SPINAL CORD ANATOMY Keep in mind that our models are HUGE. The spinal cord Is really only about the thickness of your pinky finger! Posterior Spinous Process of Vertebrae Posterior White Column Central Canal: contains CSF Posterior Gray Horn Lateral Gray Horn Contains Sensory & Interneurons Axons of Sensory NeuronsDorsal Root Ganglion Anterior Gray Horn: Contains cell bodies of somatic motor neurons Axons of Motor Neurons Anterior
  • 13. This is the URL to a sheep dissection lab created by five students inthe bi-college (Haverford and Bryn Mawr) community: Jessica Kuhn,Jessica Magid, Karen Revere, Elizabeth Caris, and Gray Vargasthrough science education at Bryn Mawr College. It is a fantastic siteto explore the brain. Not everything you will learn will be on a testBUT remember that educating yourself in your field is NOT aboutwhat is going to be on the test .