Do’s and don’ts of using linked in to grow


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Why should I use LInkedIn For My Business?

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  • Bring up a new connection
  • Go to linkedin
  • Do’s and don’ts of using linked in to grow

    1. 1. Nancy Becher Chief Everything Officer Business Success Unlimited
    2. 2. Thoughts?
    3. 3. It is a B2B program that creates a dialogue between you and those you want to influence: Hire you Work with you Invest in you Mentor you Partner with you
    4. 4. People buy from those they: Know Like Trust You want to show people what you know and help them decide they want to do business with you. You build your brand recognition as an expert.
    5. 5. Most people do all they need with a FREE LinkedIn account
    6. 6. Headline first!
    7. 7. Default headline is your present job title and company name – CHANGE IT Nancy Becher Small Business Coach | Consultant | Mentor | Certified Mastermind Facilitator -- what are your business dreams?
    8. 8. This is a benefit oriented headline. You can also make it a benefit statement headline. ie: Helping small businesses in Michiana grow their companies through networking, education, and collaboration. REMEMBER: GET SPECIFIC AND THINK WIIFM (What’s in it for ME -- For the customer)
    9. 9. In your profile you tell people: Who you are Who you help How you can help And how to contact you Using Word, create your profile using bullets and scannable text What are the benefits you provide? How will you provide them?
    10. 10. Example: (Nancy’s Profile) Example: (Ed’s Profile)
    11. 11. Make your URL memorable so that people can find you easily
    12. 12. Levels of Connections Level 1: Those you are directly connected with Level 2: Those your 1st level connections are connected to Level 3: Your 2nd level connections’ 1st level connections Be careful not to spam!
    13. 13. Recommendations Requests to connect Join groups Share information Endorsements
    14. 14. Whether through recommendation or asking to connect always write a personal note instead of the generic default. You need at least 500 connections to show people you are someone they want to know. Many people are called LIONS (LinkedIn Open Networkers). They accept all requests. Others are more selective.
    15. 15. Invite people you know, use email connections, past jobs, school, etc. Look for people that are in fields you want to network with: Service providers Experts Those in your industry And more
    16. 16. There is a people search function where you can search by name, zip code, industry, etc. You can connect with non-connections through asking your 1st level connections, using In-mail ($) and through groups.