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Math test

  1. 1. -# +r *-VAdvancetl AlgebraCalcrrlators Allorved _& 75 ?#2,"rffi SHOW ALL WORK!!! -J-LJ4J-Ar-l. Determine the value of a so that a line through the points with coordinates (0, 3) and (5, a) has a slopeofm=-5. j - -;zD+b A._<- ,-5 x f +1 )+ Y - z9+7 J -7-L ,/2. Write an equation of the line in slope-intercept form that passes through (1, 7) and is parallel to ) the graph of y - |x -3 5 ,l -€ +h J> 9;d+< ,/ +=b3. Graph the following equations on space provided and write downpoint of intersection. 2x+6y =r) 6g -- - L?< + la x-y=2 g-- - $X I Z :trtbxnqt -3= -XtL (47 J:q<*L4. Solve by elimination. Give exact answers. 5. Solve by substitution. Give exact answers. 7x+2Y = { 5x+3y =l!, 3x-4Y=J 2x+ y =3 tLl>{+ *J *{ -Zd+7-/ J--+ n<-+3 -5 - 54+)(-74 +7)=l+ *4 =# ll = 17 t-K -dd 4q = l$ --4--q-l- Z --+ tzJ--+;lt ? U --1otV 2y-- -T J ll l7 -_ l7 g-- -ffi d:fr i -,A-(1( 9=- / d =-{ J:,1?
  2. 2. Advaneed Algebra Unit One Test (A)Calculators Allorved6 Let ,=l: f] *r=[; 1] *u ,=l!ri i] Perform the following operations. Ifnot possible then indicate as1l{ot Possible" and explain. Give exact answer -*(r-::t)+ a. Fnd 2A+ B b. " Find l-t ({-*) - 6* ?) , (Y- ;*)+ (; Z) (? ;) -/ =l?* il /- = a- F4 -t-- rt r (t -;) (? q, What is the name ofthis matrix? =(;D/ c-o loamrts J;rl n ^-!c.l ,u/-& O )b ,ru,mbr.7. Solve the following system of inequalities by graphing. Clearly indicate solution region byshading and proper labeling of axes. x-y<5_JS_X+5 l,l.+ ,l d -S 9t, JM "w6
  3. 3. Advnnced Algebra Unit One Test (A) Page 3Calculators Allorved SHOW ALL WORK!!:8. Solve the following system of inequalities by graphing. Clearly indicate solution regionlc4,,shading and proper labeling of axes. br+Xl gS4*+( ./ y < 4x+6 x+4y<7 429-"1+r) <7 t!- txr 4 2x+ y x-6y <10 JL-ad+rl -63 9 -d+ /0 I a= 6"<-z ^a) t I 7 / a/ 4 7/ 7 ,l ,/-9sto 7,, /+b{rl uI I 7 I l,# I I I t I I I 9. Solve this system of equations by any methld. Give exact answers only. _#t -ffiy-+ l+y-r x*z=-2ffi=V- _o x*y=u 9--Z I +Z-- -L )t* z =2 a*z *9Z= / I 4-t /, J=5o^,/ z*- -/10. The sum of three numbers is 100. The last number is the sum of the frst two numbers. Twice thefirst number is l0 less than the last number. (*Hint: Write the three equations and use matrices tosolve.*)4+?tZ=ld .{+y+ ?>t 00z --d+y -<,-.y+&-a , ;/- ?.xZX=/-tb -10 ?t;),) (il=(,f) v & .?A (ii= A :?,-A q :50 !!i!},,t:) Y E0,/ G
  4. 4. Unit One Test (A) Ptge 4 Advanced Algebra SHOW ALL WORK!!! Calculntors Allorved At a firrn, there are three workers that are supposed to work a combined 110 hours per week. ll. Worker 1 is supposed to work 5 hours more than worker 2, and worker 2 is supposed to work 15 and hours more than worker 3. How lo;rg should each one work? (*Hint: Write the three equations Xi t + t - i (b use matrices to solve.) ,/ .. r ---" /*2+7 =ito X;_*z+tg -,a 4-1 =5- J+, / J i,=1_lf -/- ui !) (g):WL (*)-(,*:, i:) <=ry 1; J= 4 ?o *=q t{ 12. The table below shows-":[*/ number of people in the U.S. that are age 100 and over. Source: U.S. Census Bureau Draw and clearly label a scatter plot of the data to show the relationship. Let x represent the ^. years since 1990. ,/ttJ, * he r ud, ,{ ,0l}/?* ogb Q$, *4, qq 6A 50 qrll0tttLl b. Find a pr"ai"kftu"?", ,f,J*f*tr?* ,rl? fl{*e number orpeopre aged r00 and over are related. Estimate values to two decimal places. Draw this on thg4raph. c. 3= t A E 1.1+* - tzo37 ?Lf. s? -/ Predict the number of p9gple aged 100 and..over in the year 20A7 (Round youranswer to a whole number). -/ t 274_ql d. Predict the ygar in which approximately 129,000 people will be aged 100 years and over (Round your answer to tfu-nearest year). L00{ a
  5. 5. Advancctl Algebra Unit One Test (A) Pnge 5Calculators Allorved SHOW ALL WORK!!!13. Given triangle A(2,3), B(4, -1) and C(-1, -2).(a) Show how triangle ABC can be translated 3 units righlg and one unit down using matrices. Write lated righ-t !,down the coordinates of A. B and C. :L)r(3 l, :,) -/ 7 -a" ("" (s l L l - z -z -7/ -/ A" (7- , j) Br(,-z) i=(U 4)(b) Show how triangle ABC and be reflected across the y-axis using matrices. Write down thecoordinates of A, B and C. Gffi(3 !, 1 )= r; t L ch -r) ( l, -=, tJ :) A,; (?t)rt B,= t ,r, il c -- (2, -l)BOIYUS [2 pointsJ to football, there are two ways to score: by the run or by the pass Team ,i*it* A a sport pass 21 times, and scored 244 points,while Team B scored 273 points. Team A scored by the r* il times. Team B scored]trthe pass 27 times, and by the run 6 times. How many-6 by the [r/rl";-?7;]"7tb "4t a-*{{b -*&r! plittt is each score worth? , -/ zqZ =-zrt )4tb <lq ,+6{ h = vtoT /a U9 r^. n" l{.t{ tl b:Z*q,ql b;; r:a; fiy /f 7 r u, n z?- ? {*7 P*ls*1eil€{ { Useful Eouations Ax* BY=( *-lz- lt xz- xt ! =mx+b (y-v")=*(*-*.) rcM=1, fa 1],,0., M-=hl:, :)