Top 10 Funniest Billboards


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ou see them everyday on your drive to work. They’re something that every major city, community and highway has in common. Billboards. Some billboards are annoying, some are useful, but for the most part, they’re pretty forgettable, right? Not these. After much consideration and deliberation, we present the top 10 funniest company billboards (in no particular order).

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Top 10 Funniest Billboards

  1. `Top 10 FunniestCompany BillboardsSome billboards are annoying, some are useful, but for the most part,they’re pretty forgettable, right? Not these. After much considerationand deliberation, we present the top 10 funniest company billboards(in no particular order)
  2. 1Audi vs. BMWBillboard WarOK, admit it. This billboard battle between Audi and BMW is hilarious. It’s a bold marketingmove by Audi to call out a competitor like they did with this billboard. BMW definitely got thebetter end of this one. Awesome move by BMW to put their response right next to Audi’s sign.Checkmate.
  3. 2The Bic RazorIf this isn’t one of the most creative billboards you’ve ever seen, we don’t know what is. Part ofwhat we like the most about this ad is that there are no words, other than the Bic logo in thebottom corner. Bic is letting their huge, grass shaving razor speak for itself. Fantastic idea.
  4. 3Hot WheelsIf you told us that you never played with Hot Wheels as a kid, we’d either think you were lyingor that you just had a crummy childhood. This monstrous Hot Wheels loop-the-loop broughtout the inner kid in all of us. It’s OK to admit that you smiled and even chuckled a bit when yousaw this picture. We did, too.
  5. 4Ikea’s Stool SamplesOK, Ikea really brought their “A”-game with this ad. The Swedish furniture manufacturer showsoff their fine array of stools with a bit of comedic flair. Having been to Ikea, we can attest to thefact that their stool samples are great. Oh, and they have nice furniture too.
  6. 5PanasonicNose Hair TrimmerThis series of Panasonic nose hair trimmer billboards is not only amazingly comedic, it’salso unbelievably gross. One of the craziest things about these billboards is that themarketing strategy works! You’re now self conscious about your nose hair, aren’t you?That’s what we thought.
  7. 6SubwayWell, the old adage is “sex sells.” Subway decided to put that theory to the test with thisbillboard. Not only will it get everyone’s attention, but it’s bound to give you a good laugh too.This was a bold marketing move by Subway, but it is definitely one of the funnier billboardsyou’ve ever seen.
  8. 7Oldtimer RestaurantPut this billboard off the side of the freeway on a normal-sized advertisement and it wouldn’tbe funny, right? However, with the genius placement of the woman’s mouth being the tunnel,this advertisement gains an amazing amount of comedic value. Well played, Oldtimer.Well-played.
  9. 8Ford MustangThis billboard looks so realistic that if you don’t see the Mustang logo in the bottom corner,you’ll think your vision is going bad. Once you do see the Mustang logo, however, you realizejust how incredibly creative this billboard is. Whoever came up with this one deserves a raise.
  10. 9Pond’s clean poresThat’s right, you’re seeing a guy who is scrubbing out the inside of that billboard’s huge pore.Think about that. This billboard is incredibly unique and it shows what the product is going todo. Excellent idea that turned into an awesome advertisement.
  11. 10Tylenol“Get back to normal” was Tylenol’s theme for this gigantic billboard. Just looking at this willmake you laugh, then you’ll get a headache right after. Those who get constant headaches andmigraines can sympathize with this guy. We feel your pain, my friend. We feel your pain.
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