My double page spread analysis for Word Up


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My double page spread analysis for Word Up

  1. 1. MY DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ANALYSIS<br />By Namibia McLean<br />
  2. 2. My final double page spread<br />This is the final product of my double page spread and overall I feel proud of it. This is because it took me a lot of time to do this page and I struggled a lot with how the layout of the magazine was going to look like but to see this is as my final product is an amazing achievement. I believe also that this double page spread is conventional to the rest of my pages because it carries on with the colour scheme and it brings a twist to what a normal hip hop magazine double page spread is suppose to look like. However I have included many conventions from real media products for example I have a standfirst and a masthead which I’ve seen magazines like Vibe and Hip Hop Connection have. I also have graphics to illustrate my article and I also believe that the graphics are of a good quality too.<br />
  3. 3. Here are some of the steps I took to make my final front cover:<br />STEPS<br />This was my original flat plan idea and I chose to make it like this on the basis of hip hop magazine conventions. As you’ll see I have changed some conventions along the way of making the double page spread<br />Not much has changed from the last print screen of my double page spread. However I have added page numbers so that it would be conventional like other magazines. Additionally I have made the ‘I’m not your average girl’ <br />This was my final double page spread for a while. I changed many conventions for example I didn’t include the shooting stars because I felt it was a bit childish and I felt that it wouldn’t appeal to my male audience therefore I took them out. Also I put the ‘Tiana’ title to the left and in the middle because I did the rule of three and realised that the my audience’s eyes wouldn’t divert to there first hence why I moved it. Additionally I took out the three graphics at the side because I realised that there would be too many graphics presented on the page and I wanted my audience’s attention to go to one main long shot graphic which is in the middle so I took them out. ‘Word up’ and ‘Meets’ have been moved to the middle so that it would grab my audience’s attention.<br />
  4. 4. Double Page Deeper Analysis<br />Here are the main conventions I changed from my original flat plan to my final front cover:<br /><ul><li>The long shot graphic is now placed on the left – I did this because of the way I took the image. I realised that my model was quite short so to place her right in the middle would mean I would have to stretch the image a bit. Additionally I felt that the image took up too much of the page hence why I cropped the image a bit and then placed it nearer to the bottom.
  5. 5. No three graphics at the side – Again no three graphics at the side as this would take up too much space and I wanted this page to be less visual
  6. 6. Background – I did originally want a background so this is not really a change however I was thinking more of a white or black background instead I used an image from Google. I did this because I generally liked the image, it went well with my article and with my colour scheme.
  7. 7. Button has been moved up – Originally I did place the button where it was suppose to be however it looked quite random and out of place there so I then moved it up by chance and it suited my article.
  8. 8. Image has been changed to a mid long shot instead of a long shot – Like I mentioned before the image was taken up too much space on the page and I needed space to put other things so I simply cut it to save space.
  9. 9. Edited graphic placed on the bottom right – I decided to edit around this image to show off my Photoshop skills and to show that I wanted to stand out from other Hip Hop magazines as they don’t do this convention. I placed it at the bottom left so that the audience’s attention doesn’t divert there first.
  10. 10. Glow for both pictures – I put a glow around the images to get rid the sharpness and to add more yellow to the page.
  11. 11. Word up and meets are at the top right instead of the top left – I changed the positions simply because I didn’t like it in the middle as I didn’t want my audience to see first so by placing it to the right it blends in with the pages.
  12. 12. ‘Tiana’ masthead and the pull quote has been moved to the left – I didn’t want to have text on this image because I think it would have looked messy and I wanted to make use of the space that was around that image so that’s why I moved it.
  13. 13. Black border– Black stands out better than purple and I was beginning to use purple too much for the double page spread so I replaced it with black.
  14. 14. No shooting stars – Again as mentioned before it looked childish and it wouldn’t have appealed to my magazine.</li>