Large scale solar power alternate book cover


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Large scale solar power alternate book cover

  1. 1. Large Scale Solar Power System DesignAn Engineering Guide for Grid-Connected Solar Power GenerationPeter Gevorkian, Ph.D., P.E.
  2. 2. A comprehensive engineering design and construction reference for engineers, architects,contractors and technology specialists. This book provides practical design and installationguideline for large scale commercial and industrial solar power projects. Engineering design andconstruction methodologies outlined cover step by step walk-through of all aspects of solarpower systems. Design methodologies outline all aspects of solar & electrical design andconstruction documentation in meticulous detail, which could readily be applied to groundmount, roof mount, building integrated (BIPV) and carport type solar power projects.Large Scale Solar Power Systems Design includes comprehensive coverage of economic analysisof solar power systems, including power purchase agreement (PPA) contracts. Appendicescontain valuable design tables, and national solar power incentive programs. [LARGE SCALE SOLAR POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM PHYSICS  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM COMPONENTS  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM FEASIBILITY STUDY & PRELIMINARY DESIGN  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM COST ANALYSIS  LARGE SCALE SOLAR POWER SYSTEM DESIGN  CONCETRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM MAINTENANCE & OPERATION  SOLAR POWER SYSTEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT  SMART GRID SYSTEMS
  3. 3. Table of Contents Introduction 1- Solar Power System Technologies Solar Cell Electronics Crystalline Solar Cell Module Production Photovoltaic Concentrator Technologies Thin Film Solar Cell Technologies Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Cells Dye-Sensitized Solar cells Multi-junction Photovoltaic Cells Polymer Solar Cells 2- Solar Power system Physics Physics of Solar Cells P-N junction Solar Cell Technology Comparative Analysis of Solar Cells Solar Cell Conversion Efficiencies Solar Energy Effects of Atmosphere on Solar Radiation 3- Solar Photovoltaic System Components Inverters Storage Battery Technologies Lightning Effects on Photovoltaic System Equipment Ground Mount Photovoltaic System Installation and Support Structures Roofmount Solar Power Installations Solar Tracking Systems 4- Photovoltaic Power System Feasibility Study
  4. 4. Feasibility Study Site Survey Solar PathfinderTM Shading Analysis SolmetricTM Shading Analysis Meteorological Data Energy Cost factor Solar Power System sizing Estimate Feasibility Study Report5- Solar Power System Costing California Solar Initiative Calculator NREL Solar Advisor Model Federal Tax Depreciation Annual System Performance System maintenance and Operational Costs Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)6- Solar Power System Design Electrical Drawing Roster Single Line Diagrams Solar Array Layout Fire Marshal Document Review Equipment Installation Detail Diagrams Solar Power System Feeder Schedules Solar Power System Equipment Grounding System Equipment Warning System7- Large Scale Solar Power System Construction Engineering Document evaluation Solar Power System Integration Avoiding Construction Negligence System Integration Test and Commissioning Equipment Grounding Field Test and Measurement Log Sheets
  5. 5. System Trouble Shooting and Test Procedure Customer Training Curriculum Solar Power System Hazard Mitigation8- Concentrator Type Photovoltaic Systems Principle of Photovoltaic Concentrator Technologies (CPV) AMONIX TM Mega-Concentrator System ConcentrixTM FLATCON CPV Technologies SolFocusTM Concentrator Photovoltaic Technologies9- Solar Power System Project Management Project Development Phase Critical Chain Project Management Technical Matters of Interest Contractor Experience Power Purchase Agreement Type Projects Project Completion Schedule California Energy Commission Rebate Programs Electrical Energy Cost Escalation10- The Smart Grid Systems United States Unified Smart Grid The International Smart Grid System Grid Power Control Surplus Power Management Types of Electrical Grids Peak Power Consumption Control
  6. 6. Smart Grid Services and Devices Load Control Switches Grid System Conductors Smart Grid Networks Smart Grids and Climate Change11- Solar Thermal Power Benefits of Solar thermal Concentrator Technologies Through Parabolic Heating Technologies Linear Receiver and Heat Collector Elements Solar Tower Technologies Solar Dish Technologies Concentrating Linear Fresnel Reflectors12- Solar Power Financing and Feed-in Tariff Programs California Solar Initiative Program Rebates CSI Incentive Payment structure PV system sizing Requirements CSI Reservation Steps Municipal Lease Solar Power Project financing Power Purchase Agreement Contracts California Feed-in Tariffs