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A2 Media Studies (Evaluation) - Question 4 - Research & planning
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A2 Media Studies (Evaluation) - Question 4 - Research & planning






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A2 Media Studies (Evaluation) - Question 4 - Research & planning A2 Media Studies (Evaluation) - Question 4 - Research & planning Presentation Transcript

  • Question 4: How did you use media technologies in the Research and Planning? By Tanya McDonald
  • WordpressWordpress is the free blogging website which I have used all year to blog, keeptrack of and present my work.For my research and planning in particular it was very useful as I could embedvideos from Youtube and images from Google and then analyse them.Pros: Because Wordpress is a well known website other websites like Youtubesupport it making it easy to embed videos and images.Cons: Before the new ‘slideshow’ feature it was very hard to arrange photos inthe posts as each photo had to be done one by one. Also, the size of the post isalways slightly different to the size of the ‘new post’ box so you often have topreview the post before posting it to make sure that text and images end up inthe right place.
  • YouTubeYouTube is a well known website in which users can upload, view andshare videos.YouTube has been an unbelievably useful resource when researchingtrailers as it has always been easy to find information on the trailers andthen analyse them thoroughly by playing and pausing the video player.Pros: Youtube videos are easy to search and also easy to embed in otherwebsites.Cons: YouTube often takes a long time to load and it was also possibleto find ‘fake’ versions of real trailers.
  • GoogleGoogle is one of the most popular websites and search engines on theinternet.Google was particularly useful as I could easily look up images of postersand magazine covers to then analyse them. I also used it to look forlocations for filming by using GoogleMaps and then using Street View.This was a great feature as I could useit to look at locations without actuallyhaving to go to them and I could alsouse it to give actors directions to thelocations.
  • FacebookFacebook is a Social Networking Service which has becomeincreasingly popular over recent years.Facebook was very useful during the planning stages of my projectas I was able to easily contact my actors, discuss my ideas, createevents with the time and date andeven use Google Map throughFacebook to show the exact placeI would be filming.
  • iMovieiMovie is a video editing software for the mac or other Apple products likethe iPhone and iPad.This software was particularly useful when I was doing research andPlanning as I was able to cut out parts of the film ‘Tekkon Kinkreet’ inorder to highlight which shots I particularly liked.Pros: The software makes professional looking videos quickly and easily.Cons: I often experience issues with uploading videos and getting them inthe right folder to then use them in the software. There is a limited amountof editing and precision in the software (especially compared with AdobePremiere Pro CS5).
  • WikipediaWikipedia is a free, collaborative, multilingual Internet Encyclopediacontaining information on nearly every subject ever searched.I have used Wikipedia throughout the research and planning of mytrailer (sometimes without even realising I have). It has been airreplaceable source of information on films, trailers and all otherinformation I have needed.Pros: Provides easy access to any information just by searching onGoogle.Cons: It can often be debated whether it is reliable as anyone canprovide or edit the information.
  • Microsoft Office Word / PagesMicrosoft Office Word is a Word Processor Software designedby Mircrosoft. Pages is a Word Processor and Page LayoutSoftware designed by Apple for the mac.Both of these programmes have been very useful in the researchand planning of my trailer, depending on whether I was workingwith Microsoft Windows at school or on my MacBook and usingPages at home. Mostly I used these programmes to write outideas and to pre-write trailer, poster and magazine cover analysisbefore copying it into a post.
  • Thank you for Reading!!