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A2 Media Studies Evaluation - Question 1 (Poster) - Part 1

A2 Media Studies Evaluation - Question 1 (Poster) - Part 1






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A2 Media Studies Evaluation - Question 1 (Poster) - Part 1 A2 Media Studies Evaluation - Question 1 (Poster) - Part 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Evaluation Question 1: (Part 1) How does my poster use, develop orchallenge the conventions of real posters? By Ta ny a McDo n a ld
  • The conventionalstructure of a film poster
  • These are two examples of classic layouts for conventional posters I created -despite their different arrangements a classic film poster will nearly always havea structure containing a title, a tagline or Unique Selling Point, a credit block,actor names, a release date, logos and a website.
  • Conventions of SocialRealism Film Posters
  • ‘Shank’ Posters
  • Tagline: Straight to the point USP: Immediately appealing to Actor Names: Well known actors (for their of the film - time of the plot the target audience who have previous work in similar films) are credited to and the focus on gang wars. enjoyed their previous work. grab attention. Film Title: Photo: The twoBright red colour gangs are stands out from introduced, the the rest of the main charactersposter which has and his gang and generally dim then the rival gang colours. The superimposed over figure cut out the sky. The sheer from the ‘A’ also number of gang reinforces the members istheme of the film emphasised in the surrounding background. The gangs. location is given away by famous London landmarks. Parts of the plot are given away as the main characters seem to be running from the other gangs. Credit Block: Matches the colour scheme Websites, Logos and Release Date: All The lighting on the poster draws all with white and is easily seen but does conventions of a classic poster. Placed attention to the centre of the poster not dominate/distract from the rest of neatly beneath the Credit Block while and the figures running towards the the poster. still clearly seen. reader.
  • This is a good example of This version uses greater how rearranging the text use of Unique Selling Points can create a different as it uses a quote and a impact. This example is rating from a magazine. quite strange as the USPand tagline have been put in The black boxes seem to black boxes, making them echo the film itself asstand out yet seem separate widescreen can often have from the poster. The credit black borders at the top and block is gone completely as bottom. The black boxes this poster seems to focus have the effect of separating on advertising the from the main image,soundtrack and the website. however, they also seem to make the main image stand out more. There is much less of a focus on the main The red (in the title and the characters in this poster as rating) stands out the most they are much smaller in from the poster as the rest comparison with the is quite bleak and grey (a landscape poster. Because feature which I’ve also used of this it feels like there is on my poster). less impact because the impression that thecharacters are running right Overall, this version of the at you is less clear. poster seems to have less of an impact in comparison with the landscape version If looked at from further of the poster. There is too away it would actually be little focus on the actualquite hard to tell that these characters and film and too are figures in the much focus on the date of background. It is also less release and website.clear where the story is set.
  • While this poster is also landscape, it is quite Overall I think that this poster has less of an impact different to the first poster. The immediate than the first poster because it is quite plain (and evenActor Names: noticeable difference in the colour scheme of the the characters who have been cut out and put together The actor poster - by using white instead of black and grey it seem quite boring when put on such a background). names in this makes the poster much brighter. poster are The title is bigger and slightly brighter than different to the in the other other versions poster so but is still attention is bright red,drawn to them making itmuch more. In stand out but comparison not as much as the USP is it did against a quite small black and hard to background. read. Having the main characterThere is much jump over themore attention title has a on the main different characters in impact to thethis poster, in other two particular, in posters and this poster attention is they all look immediately fierce and drawn to him ready to fight because of it.whereas in the other poster There are more girls in this poster, however, while Credit block: The credit block in this poster is they looked still looking quite fierce, they also look somewhat much bigger and takes up nearly a quarter oflike they were like accessories to the guys (as they’re sat at their the poster, while this may be good because itrunning away. feet) so this poster (more than the others) would draws attention to it, it also draws the question attract guys and probably put off girls. of who would actually stop and read the credits.